Your Word is Your Wand with Andrea and Carrie

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WCP 69 | Stress And Anxiety


Our words hold more power than we thought they would. In fact, they are the very barriers that often keep you from embodying your purpose in the world. Without realizing it, they trap us in stress and anxiety. This episode’s guests believed in the power of words. Yanet Borrego welcomes Andrea Alexander and Carrie Muchaw, hosts of Your Word Is Your Wand Embody Podcast, who share their tips and techniques to overcome these forces that are weighing us down, find clarity, and embody our purpose in the world. Anxiety and stress are the controlling factors that stop us from growing. By transforming our words, we change the energy around us and, consequently, our behaviors and mindsets. Find out the steps to effectively do that as Andrea and Carrie dive deeper into freeing yourself from stress and anxiety through language. Tune into this conversation to not miss out!


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Your Word is Your Wand with Andrea and Carrie

I am beyond excited because I have two special guests. This is the first time we are bringing two guests at the same time. These women are a powerhouse. They are Andrea Alexander and Carrie Muchaw from EMBODY Coaching. They are anxiety coaches and co-hosts of the podcast, Your Word Is Your Wand, which I love. How are you doing, Andrea and Carrie?

We are awesome. Thank you.

I’m excited to have you here because I resonate with your content and know our audiences will too. We know what anxiety and stress are about. I cannot wait to know about your journey, your daily routine, and the techniques you use. That’s what we are here for, to add value to our audiences. Thank you much for being here.

One of the original purposes of the show was to highlight stories of people who have had unconventional paths in the area of career who have gained clarity through experimentation, and are operating in their purpose and potential. Honestly, when I look at both of you and read your stories on the website, you guys are inspirational but aspirational, which is the next stage because you have gained clarity. You are embodying your purpose in this world, which is what Embody Coaching is. I want to start by knowing your stories. Who would like to start first?

I’ll go first.

Carrie, I love it.

When you said clarity, I’m like, “I remember, this is my very first movement, was clarity.” I owned a yoga studio for nine years. When I first went to a retreat for pure speech, I didn’t know what I was getting into. I knew that I had been to a one-day event and something was different, and I said, “I require clarity on what I’m supposed to do next,” because I could hear that it was time for me to shift from the studio, and yet there was much fear in me about what that would look like. What’s going to happen if I’m not doing the studio? This is what I’ve been doing. All I know is yoga and meditation. That’s what I believe.

This is funny. I remember going to retreat. I sat there. I signed up for this retreat, and I was like, “I’m going to go.” I had so many signs. When I look at my clock, it says 3:33 and 2:22. Anytime I was thinking about, “What should I do?” all of a sudden, I’d have all these symbols. I was like, “I’m going.” I’m sitting in a circle in the beginning and thinking, “I’m here for clarity.” She went around the circle and asked people. She would coach them, and they would have these great moments. I was like, “Yes. It’s my turn.” They get to me, and she goes, “What do you choose to put on the altar?” I’m like, “I’m yet to know where I’m going. I want to know what’s happening next.” She says, “Thank you,” and she moves to the next person.

I was like, “What is happening here? Everybody else is getting clarity.” She knew that I was on a mission. We know that when we are on a mission, and we want clarity. My coach could read me, and she knew that if I stayed, I would get my clarity, but if I tried to force it, she wouldn’t participate. She moved. At the time, I didn’t know what she was doing. I’m mad. I kept going. By the time we got a lot on day 4 or 5, I was like, “Clarity is not for me. I’ll do something else to get my clarity and choose to know what that’s going to be.” We did body electronics on the table.

That’s a modality where we all hold space and acupressure points in on one another. You have all these memories come up. I had memories play like a movie, which gave me all this clarity on what I believed in life. It was all the clarity of taking on my mother’s fears. All this fear that I had at the moment of, “What am I going to do?” was what my mother had taught me.

My coach said to me because all I was talking about on the table was how my mama felt in every memory, “Are you going to feel your feelings? Are you here for you?” I walked completely new from that. I knew instantaneously that all of the signs to sell my studio were there, to move on and yet to know what I would do. When I completed that retreat, I signed up to be a coach the next week and went back for com training to be a coach, and here I am.

It’s a massive clarity, but what I learned was if you’re trying to try and force clarity like, “I got to know,” you’ll miss it because you’re fogging it. It’s a contraction, and nothing flows in a contraction. We all know that. It’s for me to be able to be and go through the process, whatever that process is, and you may not even know what that is, yet I had much clarity. I believed I was going to close the doors to my studio. I decided to say that I was going to sell it. Five people showed up, and I had people asking all about it, sold it and made a great return for my family. It was a great start for my coaching business.


There are many concepts you illustrate with your story. I love when you talk about waiting for your coach to tell you what your clarity was about because, many times, we want other people to tell us what to do. Since childhood, we get programmed to be told what to do, “Tell me what to do.” I love that your coach was wise and that she knew that, at a point, you were going to get those answers for yourself, which you did. That’s such a beautiful thing. The other one is blaming like, “This retreat is not for me. Forget about it.” Many times we fall into the trap of being the victim, but if we take responsibility for that change, the answers will show up. That’s a beautiful story. I love that. What about you, Andrea?

My experience stepping into this was for me to find my purpose. Initially, I went to a class called Sacred Body Language Translation. I had this experience of being in this room with these women, and they were talking about consciousness, our words create our reality, and our bodies speak to us. I was like, “What? My body talks to me?” I had the experience. They called on a volunteer, and I raised my hand first. She asked me, “What hurt?” I said, “My thumb.” She said, “How long?” I said, “Since college.” She said, “Repeat after me.” She says, “I willingly let go.” I did. She says, “Say it again. I willingly let go.” I felt this shift in my body that I had yet to ever be able to explain and was unaware of in the past. The pain in my thumb completely dissipated in that instant.


Our words create our reality, and our bodies speak to us.


I didn’t know what this was. All I knew was that there was something in this for me. I began to look at the book. I got the book and videos and read everything. I took myself as far as I possibly could, and then I hired a coach. I have the experience of repressed sexual trauma as a child that I finally gave to myself in my late 40s, lots of therapy and different types of things, believing if I knew what happened to me, I could fix it. After that, I remembered my experience was a massive upheaval in the way that I felt. I felt like I was having 10 to 15 panic attacks a day. When I began to do this work and jump in when I did my first retreat, my first experience in body electronics was the same as Carrie’s.

My experience was feeling supported. There was much love available for me beyond my knowing. To have eight women stay with me at a table and hold points for two and a half hours while I rebirthed love in me was amazing. Because of my childhood, we all desired to have to forgive or let go. When I discovered my purpose and reason in the experience I created as a child, no matter how yucky it was when I began to be able to let go and began to walk into self-love and forgiveness.

This experience and stepping into consciousness have put me on a mission, purpose and life. What I’ve discovered is I am here to be with women and men who have yet to be able to say or remember what happened to them. I am the evidence of what we can do in ourselves when we will love the experiences and find the reason we’re here. All of this seemingly yucky has put me on a mission and purpose so that I can support me and others. It’s glorious.

I read in your bio also that you spent twenty years in hospitality before becoming a coach. That’s amazing. I can identify with that because I study Engineering, but now I’m a coach. There was a journey of gaining clarity and experimenting, which is a lot of the clarity tool. How was that for you of letting go of that past identity and welcoming this new beautiful identity for you?

I loved cooking. When I went to college, art and cooking were the two things that I felt I was good at. The possibility of a cooking career had never entered my mind at that stage. I loved what I was doing. I worked in Corporate America, in kitchens and sales and also in Culinary education. I remember it was during COVID that I was having a discussion with my boss, and he was like, “You can’t quit. This is a pandemic.” I said, “I have 401(k),” which was something completely different for me to say. I grew up believing, “We don’t touch this. We don’t do this. We stay with the company that provides us support.”

That was something for me to explore. Because Carrie and I are language coaches, when something new comes out of our mouths, there’s something in that for us to hear. I began to look at the possibility of, “What does this look like?” I thought, “This is doable and possible.” I got busy doing the things that I required doing that I could make that transition and it was frightening. To go from what I knew, could count on and be reliable to stepping into completely supporting and caring for me and myself doing what I love felt exciting and scary at the same time.

When I was doing all of this, because of listening to my parents and their beliefs, I stayed in sacred silence with myself. I did all of this. I created all the plans and did all those things. After I gave my notice to my boss, who was enthusiastic about me, then I shared it with my parents. They are delighted at the things that Carrie and I are doing and hearing about how much I love what I do and what my people are doing. I’m seeing all my stuff and them. It was scary. I made a conscious choice to walk by faith, follow my heart and give me what I choose.

I love these stories of reinventing yourself. Carrie, you with your yoga studio, and Andrea, you going from twenty years of hospitality to becoming a coach. Why anxiety coaches? Why do you both decide to focus on that area?

My big movement was I had what the world calls epilepsy. I had seizures for many years. After I got off the table of my first retreat was my movement in being able to stay in love with how I felt. The act of fear that I took on my mother’s fear and that my mother taught me to go straight to fear, believing I couldn’t handle how I felt, my body produced seizures as a way to leave because then I could check out 24 hours of recovery, sleep all day and yet every day I woke up in fear if it was going to happen again. For me, there was this massive movement from fear and being able to stay and love how I felt. After a year of doing that, I’m now three years seizure and medication free.

I have transformed my pattern. Anxiety is fear and overthinking because I would think about, “What about this?” Even when I was going to move the studio, “What about this? What if I do this and that?” People will often say I don’t have anxiety, yet it’s all the thoughts that fill our heads. That’s what my mother had taught me. Does everybody have seizures because they have anxiety? No. This is my experience. What Andrea and I were able to land was that anxiety is the fear that consumed me. Who better to coach people on anxiety than somebody that’s moved from 32 years of seizures? After that retreat, I used to nap for two hours a day for 32 years.

That’s a lot of hours. After that retreat, all of a sudden, I didn’t require a nap anymore. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I was like, “That’s all much energy in here.” I believed that maybe it was going to dissipate, that it was an energy high, but it stayed with me. That’s when I knew it was a permanent transformation. I was yet to know that in a year, I would move through that. I believe that qualifies me as an expert because I have walked and lived in it. I’m aware that there is a bigger meaning to why we are having fear than what we know. If you would’ve told me, “You took on your mother’s fears,” I’d have been like, “Okay, quacky.” I discovered it myself.

What people don’t realize is most of our beliefs are formed from age 0 to 7. If you believe in generational baggage and past lives, that plays a big role also in your life. I love that you pointed that out because we are not aware of most of the things we execute and think about in the background. I appreciate that story. That’s awesome.

All anxiety is fear of the future. What happens is that we have an experience that creates some kind of feeling of fear in our bodies that gets stored. There are two hemispheres in the amygdala. There’s a left and right. All fear gets stored in the amygdala. The amygdala is what exacerbates or excites the ego portion of our brain.

The ego portion of our brain’s sole responsibility is to keep us safe. It’s a perceived sense of safety. We’ve had the experience at some point where we were worrying and what we worried about had yet to come true. There’s a dopamine reward in that. What we were worried about is an unconscious belief that we will make us okay, yet the worry over worry sends us down the rabbit hole, and we continue to worry.

It is a massive detriment to our emotional and physical bodies. Anyone who is overthinking, “What if?” is thinking based on anxiety experiences stored in their body from the past and whether they belong to them or the ancestral DNA, the subconscious, the collective of men, women, and generational. It’s in there. What we’re remembering is that we get to question every thought that we have, “Is it true?”


Anyone overthinking is thinking based on anxiety experiences stored in their body from the past.


I always share with my clients, “Anxiety is a sign from your body and mind that you’re focusing on what you don’t want,” which is exactly what you said of this what ifs scenarios projected into the future. People need this so much. I’m grateful you are both focused on this because you have gone through the journey yourself. You are definitely the experts on this topic. You two talk a lot about body electronics. Tell me more about it. I want to know about these. I have never heard of it. I’m super curious.

It was magical. When we’re on a retreat, we’re on a massage table, and we have a women’s circle. Each woman takes their thumb and places it in an acupressure point. We find the points that align with their movement. We’ll have one if they’re yet to engage will or if they’ve left joy behind. We’ll be on the point of enthusiasm. They lay there and breathe. As the person on the table is breathing free breath, all of a sudden, in their mind, memories start playing like a movie. It is exactly like a movie. It goes one to the other, and the person at the table narrates what they are witnessing. The first memory that I had was I was like 3 or 4. I was riding my bike down my driveway. I fell off my bike. I rushed myself off, and I realized I was okay.

My mother came screaming out of the house, “It’s okay. Mommy is here.” Would I have pegged that memory? No. This is the first time I remembered that. I shared what was what I saw, and then it moved to the next memory. I was in the hospital. My mom was round in the corner, and she was screaming, “Mama is here.” I was giving birth to my first child. I shared that memory, and then it played to the next one. They share each memory that comes up. What happens is there’s a theme. If they are yet to understand the theme, we will ask, “What’s coming up? How does this feel?” because we bring all of our feelings back.

This is where we’ve left our feelings behind. We’ll ask, “What are you feeling? How does that feel?” They continue to move through it. When they’re complete, we wrap it up with what the theme is in, allowing them to see that they’ve moved through it because this is the moment that they’re moving through it. All of these memories are where we left ourselves behind and where we left part of ourselves. I left part of myself on the curb when I was three because I was scared, then I left part of myself in the hospital room. It’s for us to return because we are secure and remembering and can speak into what we had believed. We transform it right then.

The moment they sit up, they look completely different. We say, “Made new.” When I set up, I remember looking around, and everything was different. When I drove from there, I remember thinking, “Should I be driving?” I feel I’m a 15-year-old or maybe a 13-year-old behind the wheel. The cows and sky are new. Everything is new. We always say, “You walk new,” because that’s where we left our bodies. Now you’ve returned in your eyes and see the world differently. I’ll let Andrea share with some of our clients what we’ve witnessed as they’ve walked off the table because of the miracles that we have seen. My life was completely different after that, and I was completely made new at that moment.


I remember after my first driving home, I felt like a baby bird with no feathers. That’s how tender it was. When we have been out of our bodies for long, it is literally a rebirthing and coming home in us and glorious. We’ve had a client that showed up at our retreat. She had much on deck. I remember saying to Carrie, “God knows we can do this because we’re the ones for this.” When she sat up from the table, she looked at her hands and smiled. She says, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen me before.”

We got back to the house, and she was in the mirror. We could see her down the area. She was looking at herself and amazed. It was cute. We see ourselves as brand new. Carrie talked about the light coming in behind our eyes. One of the things that she and I both do is eye readings from the perspective of the divine masculine or feminine feeling rather than what’s wrong where you might see that in iridology. I took pictures of my eyes. The changes we experience in our bodies show up in the photographs in our eyes.

I was with a group of people, and I was standing next to a woman who was blonde and blue-eyed. Our eyes are the same color in this photograph. I’ve experienced my eyes as green for a very long time. The color of my eyes has been shifting even. In our sclera, which is where we have our blood vessels and things are coming in, all of the stuff that used to be coming into my iris is receiving.

I’ve had the experience. I had my glasses on so I could see far away, then all of a sudden, everything got blurry far away. I took my glasses off, and I could see. I was like, “Okay.”

I’ll need to go to these retreats. I truly believe in it because I’ve seen it myself with other techniques. What I love about our connection is that we operate in the same concepts but with different techniques. It’s very similar because even in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, we understand that the subconscious mind operates. It stores memories in pictures. I’m not surprised that everything comes in terms of pictures, even though there is a process that I follow with my clients even before we start coaching, which is a breakthrough session and timeline therapy to find the root cause of that negative evolution, which they want to release.

Readers, we haven’t talked about this at all until now. Clearly, you can see the similarity of the concepts, but we are using different techniques. Based on my experience, I can validate your techniques even if I haven’t gone through them because we operate in the same universal concepts, which is the beauty of it. We’ll share your information here about your retreats and everything. It sounds powerful. That’s something I’m looking forward to in the future.

I love that you do the timeline because, in our retreats, we do a similar activity, and it is What I’ve Yet To Love In Me and all of the experiences that they’ve had. People take many things off the book and say, “That happened so long ago. I didn’t even remember that.” That’s where the subconscious ego is hiding our glorious little things that come in because we believe it’s all the big experiences. There’s much in everything that we can translate, move and decree ourselves brand new through and then the support of what we do with the body electronics.

We also incorporate MFR into our retreats. MFR is glorious, which is Myofascial Release because the issue is in the tissue, and the body holds the memory. Fascial goes down to the cellular level. The beauty of MFR is there’s no memory required. When you put your hands on it, it will move after a short period of time, and it’s absolutely phenomenal. We do all kinds of fun things to support our bodies and the memories that are stored there and allow them to let go. We do some dancing, winding and all kinds of things. It’s amazing. Our women are awesome.

I want you both to talk to us about words or language. I know that’s a huge emphasis in your practice and even in your podcast, Your Word Is Your Wand. What you both are saying is your word creates your reality. Tell us more about it when it comes to anxiety.

First of all, words and thoughts are the same, and it carry energy and vibration. If we speak, we have this vibration that comes up through our voice, where the sounds begin to come out. Everything is energy. All energy is either born on the day of the big bang, and it never dies, nor does it renew. It only transforms. Every time we have a thought, a feeling, or we say anything, there’s a new brain peptide that is created. Why is that important? Because peptides make up DNA strands. We have feelings that have hormonal releases. There are life-deprecating and life-sustaining hormones. How we feel, what we say, and the energy of that is coming into us at all times. If we’re speaking in, “I can’t have. I don’t want. I need to have,” this is the energy we’re attracting. Our words are prayers.

When people say, “I’m sick and tired. I’m exhausted. I only want this one little thing.” the word I is the universe, God, and love. The word am is action. When we’re saying, “I’m tired,” this is what we’re receiving. The energy is being returned to us that we are creating. When we begin to shift our words, I can’t, and I choose to, “I choose to be able to with you.” What we’re doing is we’re shifting the energy in our body, and we’re creating new brain peptides that are happier. We’re changing our hormones to life-sustaining. We’re changing the energetics within our body by shifting one word. Yanet, say, “The money.”

The money.

Now say, “My money.”

My money.

Do you feel the difference?


What we’re doing is we’re taking ownership, putting ourselves in and saying what we do choose rather than what we don’t want. New peptides and new hormones change the energy. When we’re saying what we choose, we’re creating this whole new dynamic that creates an opportunity for abundance and other things to come to us in a brand new way. The five simple ones are I can, I have, I will, I choose, I love, and I enjoy. It’s those simple little shifts from the, “To my,” that completely changes the energy of what we speak into.

Even saying the money, “My money,” feels like I am that already. It is present tense. It is active. I can feel the energy. It’s now. It’s happening already. I love the example of I am because when we say, “I am a procrastinator. I am tired,” that becomes our identity. When it becomes your identity, it’s hard to change any behavior. What I always tell my clients is, “You are not your behavior. Your behavior can be changed. You are inherently good, abundant and all the good things.” What we want to focus on is behavior. I love this concept also of I am because energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It is transformed. I am is pure creation energy.

I remember getting certified in panic healing, which is energy healing with your hands. I heard something from this teacher, Stephen Cole. He teaches with Tony Robbins in his training. He was saying that, “I am is a universal sound of nature when it’s in pure silence.” When nothing is in nature or there is not any noise, naturally you hear am. Even in Buddhism or other practices is the same of I am. Am and I am are the same of Amen. All of these words that we have adapted to ourselves are all tapping into that creation energy of the universal intelligence within us and outside of us.

Robert Tennyson Stevens wrote the book Conscious Language developed from the Hopi Indians.

He’s the one that wrote the book that has all the different languages because what he discovered was in the Hopi Indian tribe, they had no stress. He said, “Let’s investigate and learn more about their language.” There is something in their language that is allowing them to stay in the present moment and have no stress. As he examined the language, that’s when he wrote this book. He wrote in it all the different words that they don’t have. They have don’t, can’t, later, want and need. He had a list of all of these different words. They were yet to be in their vocabulary. That’s what we’re here to do, is to transform the words, so we no longer require removing anything.

We transform the word into the power that gives it action. The word the is a separator. It separates us from whatever’s next. I used to be a yoga instructor. I remember, “Put the foot. Step into the foot. Move the foot.” I would hear instructors say this over and over again. I said, “Why is it that people keep coming back to class and feel like they have to have the instructor do it?”

They have no ownership. You haven’t asked them to move their foot, “Step into your foot, step into your other foot, feel your feet,” and then I give them a decree. I feel my support. That’s where we are shifting thes to the mys so that everyone owns their own experience because when you own your experience, you empower yourself, and you’re aware that you are the masterful creator of your experience. You can transform it by simply owning everything with my.

I remember in corporate, men generally are good about saying, “I did this or that.” Women usually say like, “We.” There is this a shame element of saying, “I did this,” even if you did it. I understand there is a team behind the effort. I support we, but if it was you, which is the truth, like many people feel shame in saying, “I followed up with this. I did this.” Women, due to these people-pleasing element that at the end of the day causes stress and anxiety because you are giving your power away, that’s why I love what both of you do because you are giving the power back to the individual, which is the foundation.

When Carrie was speaking about the foot, I’m remembering how many people say, “Love you,” and have yet to put themselves in the equation. I love you. We’re bringing those things back up on deck. Robert Tennyson Stevens, in this development, you may use mantras and affirmations. We use what we call decrees, which are based on a lot of scripture.

The reason is there’s a lot of similarity between scripture and quantum physics. It’s the duality of we can have and be at the same time. The Bible scripture says, “I am that which I say I am.” It also says, “The power of life and death is in the tongue.” We have the power to change and create our lives, days and world when we will speak from the heart, choose what we desire and shift all of these things, and this is how we begin to create the reality of the life we love.


We have the power to change and create our lives, our days, and our world. When we speak from the heart and choose what we desire, we begin to create the reality and life we love.


Thank you so much for being here and bringing all your wisdom, experience and the change that you have gone through yourself and your clients. That’s such a beautiful part of this journey. I’m happy we get to connect because I feel we have a similar purpose, and that’s why we are here. I always like to conclude with my guest with a rapid-fire question. I’m going to be asking you quick questions, and I want you to answer the first thing that comes to mind. Are you ready?


We can start with Andrea responding and then Carrie. What’s your favorite book?

Jay Shetty, Think Like A Monk.


You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.

Who is your biggest role model?

My mother. Now that I’m aware, I see what my mother’s courageous love has taught me.

My mother. She taught me a massive tender love. It’s very powerful. When you do what I do, when you work with other people, you begin to realize how powerful my mother’s love was and what that gave me.

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

Remember your purity.

Slow down. You are enough.

That’s powerful. Thank you so much. I’m inspired, energized and ready to tackle this beautiful day. Where can our audience find you?

We have our website, On our website, you will find our podcast that is listed there. We have an upcoming book coming out that will be there as well. You can find that. At the top, it says Start Here. You click there, and it’s going to take you to where you’re going to be able to find all of our retreats and our monthly classes. We do monthly classes where we have a different topic because we believe everything happens in consciousness. We find fun ways to play and discover your pattern. We have a different theme each month. We’ve done where we’ve cleaned out your closet and found the patterns in your closet so that we have these sheets where we can find our patterns and playful ways of things that are happening around us that we may have fluffed off in the past.

In January 2023, we have our money class. It is our biggest class because everyone desiring to understand why they have the money situations that they have is based on patterns in their subconscious that they’re yet to know. It’s a beautiful way. If you jump onto our website, you’ll find recoding your money and our retreat at the end of January 2023. That is in Canyon Lake, Texas.

This is in the Hill Country at my lake home where we placed ourselves where we are right on the lake and by a creek where we do walks and have beautiful food as Andrea used to be a chef. We have blessed ourselves with amazing food for the week. It’s a great place to play, stay out in the country, and be amidst all the body electronics and movements. It greatly supports us to be together in the community. This is where you can find all of our information. It’s the best resource.

Our retreats are very small and intimate. We’ve only got three spaces left for January 2023.

Thank you so much. Amazing food, energy and transformation. I cannot wait to hear about it. Thank you, Andrea and Carrie. I appreciate you being here. To our readers, please share this episode if you found it inspiring or helpful or if it can help anyone you know. We are thankful you were here with us. Thank you, everyone.


Let’s tackle this weird sound, Andrea. It was between you and me because it didn’t happen when Carrie was talking. I wonder what that is.

I choose to know, and how did you feel about it?

I felt like, “How are they going to edit this sound out?”

What’s the feeling of, “How are they going to edit?”

It’s like nervousness, in a way.

Was I speaking about anything that was touching something in you?

Maybe a sign on a message I’ve been getting is, “Slow down.” When you said that, I was like, “That’s for me.” That’s all I can think of.

It’s not going to come through your head anyway.

It will come, for sure.

What we’re aware of is everything in consciousness is translatable. We may have yet to understand what it is, but when there is a wonky noise or something fuzzy, there’s a disconnect of some kind. That disconnect typically may be like our ego and little self going, “I can’t hear that.” There’s something about the way we’re hearing or what we’re hearing that’s touching things that we’ve yet to understand. I always giggle when those things happen because it means something great in this for me is coming in connection and power. Did you feel it interrupted everything?

I felt like an interruption or magnifying something.

Where have you felt you’ve been interrupted in life?

Rest is interrupting my productivity. That goes to slowing down even one time I’m not feeling great. I got to keep pushing through. I rested but not really. The guilt is you have many things going on. You got to show up here and there.

Here’s what I heard that I found was extremely powerful for me, and it resonated at a whole new level. I was listening to Gabby Bernstein. She was talking about when we rest, our subconscious does all the work.

I was reading about that.

As business owners, what we always say is, “We got to pursue. We got to keep doing.” I heard somebody else on the holistic chamber the other day. She said, “Every time I meditate or rest, I am serving my business.”

I need to speak like that to me, “I am serving my business.”

Resisting rest is one of the ways we take ourselves out of life. It’s one of the ways that we keep ourselves less productive. When we give ourselves the ease we require, everything else will come in exactly as it were. Most of the stuff that we are “stressed” and pushing through is stuff we made up that we got to do. Andrea was doing it at night, and I was doing it in the morning. We are going over a checklist of everything we had done that day or the day before to support ourselves. That was loving.


Resisting rest is one of the ways we take ourselves out of life.


It’s like, “I gave myself a walk.” What I heard from this message was when we are business owners, we’re focused on our business because we believe that our business supports us. It’s our greater mission in life. It’s our glory. All of us are living in consciousness. What we can do is we can remember because when we wake up, “I’ve got to do these because those are all the things that serve my business,” we can already say, “My rest is serving me. It is serving my business. This is how I raise my business. I give myself rest.”

If you believe the rest was not getting anything done, why would you do that? Instead, change how you are about rest. What I was getting was, “When I am taking ten minutes to stretch here and there, I am serving my business because stretching is stretching past my known reality and is allowing myself to stretch in how I move and do things.” We’re collapsing what we have known about business and how to be in business, and it’s been a great awakening for me to put it down, close it, walk away, and everything is okay.

The most impactful moments in my business have happened when I’m resting or not thinking about my business at all, then I get that email or text, and I’m like, “Oh.” It makes total sense.

We’ll have to give it to ourselves because it’s how we were raised. We’ll come back and be like, “Do you remember me? It’s comfortable here. Come on,” then we go back in, and we’re like, “Ah.” We wonder why we don’t enjoy it when we do it because we no longer resonate with it. We are pushing ourselves into a space that we no longer vibrate with.

Andrea, what is that thing behind you? It’s an image. What does that image mean?

When Carrie and I were discussing one day about divine mother, she talked about Mother Mary being a divine mother for her and I was talking about things about the body. She said, “Who’s a divine mother for you?” I said, “My grandmother.” She said, “Did she have body issues?” I said, “Yes.” She says, “I empower you to find another symbol.” I did all this research and playing, “Who is the divine mother? What is she, and what does she look like?” I had this experience when I was at the gym. The best way I can describe it is a golden snowflake and all of this light coming through in the openings. What I experienced was massive light coming in for me. That’s my reminder of my divine mother. That’s some of the artwork that I do.

Thank you so much again.

I’m excited to know you.

You both did amazing. I cannot wait to share your stories. Should I read this book, the Conscious Language?

This book that he has out has everything.

I imagine, at this stage, that is beyond what she would be interested in. Robert Tennyson Stevens’ Conscious Language, they have it on Amazon.

I’ve learned about similar things through the Hawaiian energy that I study. I love it. I’m going to check that out.

This book has been in the water. It went everywhere with me in the very beginning. It’s the only book that I have read. I should have said this was probably my favorite book because this is the only book in my life far that I have read from beginning to end in one day.

Have you read The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind?


He talks a lot about prayer. He calls it prayer therapy. Everything you are telling me reminds me of that. Thank you so much for being here. I love you.

We love you too. We got to figure out how we could all play together.

Let’s play and have fun.

We’ll talk to you soon. Thank you.


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About Carrie Muchaw

At the age of 15 Carrie began having stress-induced seizures. And for the next 32 years, Carrie lived daily in fear that it would happen again. She decided she would find a cure. She tried fitness, diets, energy work, yoga and meditation. Carrie even masterfully owned a yoga studio for 9 years leading yoga and meditation certifications. Even though life seemed better, she still had seizures. In 2019, she discovered Pure Speech.

Carrie learned that her daily words were keeping her stuck in her seizure pattern. And once she changed her words, the root of all her seizures was reveled and transformed. Through Pure Speech and the tools of Body Electronics and Myofascial Tissue Release Carrie is now seizure and medication free. She feels so blessed with returning to enjoying her everyday life, having more energy, and feeling the love of her family bigger than she imagined.

In 2019 Carrie became a Certified Life Coach and Anxiety Expert. Her mission is to support others in returning to ease and joy in life by transforming their deep-rooted patterns that can be found in their daily words.


About  Andrea Alexander

In my 20’s during a meditation I felt something very scary - it was too dark for me to remember. My question became “What happened to me?” For the next 28 years, I did everything that I could to try and remember what had caused me to feel so weighed down, heavy, sad and frustrated in all areas of my life. When I was 48, I remembered. I was traumatized by an uncle when I was five years old. I began to experience 10 to 15 panic attacks a day. I could barely leave the house. When I did I found myself driving in circles. I felt lost. My world was spinning out of control, and I was keeping myself together with spit and toilet paper. I just wanted to feel better, but how do I heal wounds this deep?

One evening I went to a class, Sacred Body Language Translation. The women spoke about how our bodies hold trauma and dis-ease; our words create our reality. Consciousness … I did not understand and yet I knew there was something in this for me. Using these tools, I immediately began to feel better, even happy. I have remembered my inner security and purity. I have transformed my experience of trauma into my triumph. Today I speak to, with and for women who have yet to say or remember what happened to them. I am evidence that we can reclaim our wholeness and heal the past.


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