Making the Decision to Live at Your Highest Potential is not an Option, it is a MUST.


Embarking in this journey takes courage, determination, and guidance of a successful Coach that knows how to get you there.


How do you know you are ready for Coaching with Yanet?

You feel stuck and are in need of direction and clarity

You want to be and do better but do not know how

Your thoughts and emotions are taking over you

You are trying your hardest without any results

You feel unfulfilled or complacent with your career

You want to align your career to your purpose and be intentional about it

Jordan M.

I am almost a year into working with Yanet and I can confidently say it's the best investment I have made for myself.

What are some of the benefits of Integrative Coaching?


Using cutting-edge approaches to Integrative Coaching, I guide my clients through accessing their innate wisdom so they can be who they want to be, do what they are meant to do, and have the life they deserve to have.  I engage in proven, practical, and effective strategies to create sustainable change and empowerment.
Some of the benefits and results you will experience when coaching with me are:
  • Release of baggage, limiting beliefs, phobias, and negative emotions at the unconscious and conscious levels
  • Discovery of your core values
  • Alignment of your decisions with your values
  • Confidence on being your bold authentic self
  • Clarity and direction on your purpose
  • Decisiveness on taking empowered decisions
  • Greater understanding and level of awareness of how your mind works
  • Self-regulation of your mental and emotional bodies
  • Alignment of the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies
  • Consistent results on achieving your goals
  • Improved time management
  • Effective boundaries setting and enforcement
  • Fulfillment and empowerment 
  • Improved communication with others and yourself
  • Learning how to forgive others and yourself
  • Replace sabotaging behaviors with empowered ones
  • Calmed, centered, and balanced approach to challenges
  • Trust and inner knowing that you already have the answers within

Yanet is an incredible person who showed so much care and an unwavering commitment to getting me the outcome that was most effective to my situation. She delivers you your individual results and it lasts!!!

Carlene H.

How does the Integrative Coaching process work?

The coaching process is designed for you to achieve your highest potential and live with greater empowerment and resourcefulness. Your potential can be only discovered within you and therefore, the approach is inside out rather than outside in.
As a coach, I act as a guide to help you get to the answers you may not be aware of that are already within you. Through the process, I help you bridge the performance gap between "knowing" and "doing", so you can get the results you are seeking.
I have studied the language of the mind for over a decade, I guide and support you in getting your desired outcomes by leveraging cutting-edge techniques and helping you develop an understanding of how your mind works.
We will do this through a 3-step process.
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