“We don't have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.”

- Brené Brown

Kim Le, Executive Recruiter

The last six months with Yanet have been life changing. I was going through one of the hardest years of my life and felt I was ready to take my life back into my own hands. Before Yanet’s program, I was riddled with self-doubt, feeling like I was never enough, and unsure of where I wanted to go in life. I was constantly hard on myself and felt like I was never going to achieve consistency and reach my goals.

Through working with Yanet, I’ve was able to radically shift my mindset in a way I never thought was possible. I am now able to make healthier choices and habits, better prioritize the things I care about, be less hard on myself, and most importantly, build trust, belief, and resiliency in myself. I have more clarity around who I am and what I want in life, thus enabling me to ride the highs and lows of life more effortlessly and effectively. Each day, I wake up feeling excited about my future and actually BELIEVING in my potential. Yanet treats each session with full of care and encouragement, never any judgement or shame. She walks side by side along your journey and helps guide and pushes you where you need her the most.

I can say unequivocally this was the best investment I’ve made for myself and I’m so grateful for us to have cross paths with each other. Her guidance has improved my life in every facet, and I can see positive changes within myself and the influence I have with the people around me. Every success that I have going forward, I will always attribute it to Yanet who helped me rebuild my foundation in life.

Kristen Bartel, Engineer & Scrum Master

I faced a mountain of limiting beliefs and low self esteem. I was also not confident and was allowing other people to control the narrative of my life. I was scared at work, scared in my relationships and fearful of the future. My experience working with Yanet was ground breaking for me. I quickly began seeing the world differently with only two sessions of work. I began exercising my boundaries, reforming my own identity rather than letting others form that for me. I began standing up for who I am and loving my self in so many new and beautiful ways. My confidence has grown and my ability to speak out when others cross my boundaries has yielded amazing results. I realized I am a actually a leader at work and now own that and have begun leveraging that for future success. I realized I am an asset in my relationships and bring a great amount of value to others when I am authentically myself. I am finding that relationships that were once full of uncertainty are now either rightfully gone from my life or have had major shifts in the dynamics, sending far more respect and love toward me. Yanet shifted my perspective on life and my challenges very quickly and these shifts were not trivial or ephemeral. She has had lasting impact on the way I view the world and view myself. I can honestly say that Yanet helped me change my life for the better. I have a renewed health and love for myself that I had always dreamed of.

Paola Gutierrez, Management Consultant

School years grant us the comfort of having a defined path with a checklist to track towards. Adulthood is a blank canvas whose art depends uniquely on ourselves. Ever since graduating I’ve struggled with finding my path, figuring out how to be successful and feeling some control over my career and future. Serendipity brought Yanet and I together right when I needed her guidance the most. Thanks to her, I’ve learned to own and accept responsibility over my decisions. I feel empowered to go after my dreams and I’ve regained my confidence to make those dreams happen. I used to put myself down even before starting a new challenge but now Yanet has given me the tools to find within myself the strength and courage to go after what I want. She is gentle, compassionate, and caring but most importantly continuously challenges me to seek answers within me and take consistent action even on what one would think is insignificant. Change takes work but the ROI is infinite. I feel more energized, happy, fulfilled, courageous and accountable to myself than I ever have. I’ve gained a new level of respect for myself, no longer making excuses but feeling brave enough to face my fears, enjoying a new found curiosity to explore what I previously thought were unrealistic goals and having the determination to make them real. It’s a state of mind everyone should have the privilege of experiencing. I feel like my old self again. Had I known coaching could bring me back so quickly and easily I wouldn’t have let so much time go by. You can read all the self-help in the world, but having a coach, especially Yanet, to talk to, to brainstorm with, to guide me and help me clearly see what’s been in front of me this whole time is priceless. I haven’t been this excited about life since college.

Diana Rapp, Consulting Manager

As someone who previously identified with being an “anxious over-achiever” and who has dealt with feelings of “imposter syndrome” throughout my life, the journey towards greater self-confidence and clarity with Yanet has been truly transformational.

Having a scientific and a consulting background myself, I am a strong believer in the power of the process and I was thrilled that Yanet used proven methodologies that truly worked. From releasing my limiting beliefs to creating my compelling future that now I’m so excited about, to taking action and focusing on what I want, Yanet was able to masterfully guide and coach me through the process to allow me to realize that all of the resources I need are already within me.

And while there is a set of frameworks and tools that were used, I also always felt completely cared for as a human being by Yanet. She is truly one of the most authentic and inspiring individuals that I’ve had the privilege of knowing, and having her guidance and support in this journey has been essential.

Among other positive results, I have now gained greater confidence, increased my comfort with public speaking (I actually feel excited to do it now), reduced feelings of anxiety, my sleep has improved and I began mentoring others.

Roberta Marr, Director of Partnerships

Yanet has guided me through the process of understanding what I truly need and want out of a relationship to be fulfilled. Leading me in the process of releasing limiting beliefs that were holding me back to being my best self independently and interdependently. I have struggled with anxiety for most of my life and I feel the Mental and Emotional release work has given me the liberty to understand that I am in control of my thoughts and emotions, my anxiety has been tremendously more manageable and I feel I have the strength to continue on my path toward my higher self. I have so much gratitude for Yanet and this experience and would recommend to anyone in search of clarity and guidance in their overall self-development.

Nilka Rodriguez, Consulting Principal

Last year I went through defining life changing events in my life, including becoming a new working mom with no family nearby to support. I was at a point where I felt that my emotional, mental, physical and relationships health were at risk. “What should I do?”, “Where should I start?”, “How would I find the time if I can barely sleep?”… These were some of the questions I asked myself with no real idea on what to do next. In sharing these challenges with my husband, he suggested reaching out to Yanet, and on the very next day, I stumbled upon a reel she posted that inspired me to quickly schedule a Clarity call with her. Fast forward 6 months, I’ve never been better in my whole life – and, no, I’m not exaggerating.

Working with Yanet has been an extraordinary experience. Yanet enables a safe environment and uses highly effective techniques that have allowed me to overcome so much in record time. Today, I can attest that my emotional, mental, physical and key relationships health are healed. I feel highly connected to myself and core values. I have a clear vision and direction, have greater confidence in my decision-making, have a new ability to establish and sustain healthy boundaries, and have time to not only sleep, but to also prioritize my overall wellbeing. Working with Yanet has been the best investment I’ve ever made for myself.

Holly Barton, Consulting Sr. Manager

Working with Yanet has been life changing for me. She has coached me to better manage my career, helped me set personal boundaries (and stick to them), guided me to document and actively work towards goals, and helped me establish healthy habits. During my time with Yanet, I discovered my purpose / my ‘why’ and met my work / life balance goals, my sales targets, and personal aspirations. Would definitely work with Yanet as a coach again in the future and would highly recommend her to friends / family! Thanks, Yanet!

Narmeen Kapadia, Product Manager

I am truly so so so fortunate that the stars aligned in the way they did to give me the opportunity to work with Yanet as my coach.
Yanet worked with me so patiently and with such care and actually helped me release so many things that were mentally and emotionally holding me back in the area of career. At times, something new would surface after some of those previous layers of the onion had been peeled back, and Yanet would be so present - there with me with such a loving, understanding spirit to help me release those too.
She additionally helped me concretely identify what my values are and what brings me joy in this particular aspect of life and helped me nail down tangible, realistic goals to continue to move forward towards my newly realized vision. I love this because I feel grounded in the area of my career unlike I have in years and I have so many things to reference now if I ever lose my solid footing and need to feel anchored again.
I am now in a new role and I’m happy to report that it aligns with all 5 of my deepest values in the area of career. Additionally, one of the future visions Yanet helped me install prior to even hearing about this particular job has fully manifested here at my new workplace! I’ve felt full of gratitude every single time I’m reminded of that.
Thank you so much, Yanet - for working with me to get to this place of alignment within my career. And shout out to the Universe for lining everything up so that all of this could take place exactly the way it did.

Naomi Amparo, Sr. Manager

In the last couple of years, I became a mom, moved to a foreign country, and stepped back from my intense 10-year corporate career. After these personal and professional changes, I felt lost in identity and struggled to recover from postpartum depression. During these defying times, discovering Yanet’s coaching program was not only a life saver, it was a rebirth! Yanet provided me with techniques to understand the root causes of my emotions. She guided me through a journey of self-exploration and growth where I was able to release limiting beliefs while extracting the lessons needed for advancement. Today, as I stand more grounded and more focused, I have relaunched my career, rebalanced motherhood, and improved my overall well-being.

Lindsay Fox, Consulting Sr. Manager

I was feeling a bit lost in my career - didn’t have much direction in what I wanted to do, who I wanted to be and what I wanted to accomplish. I felt dependent on others for confirmation of my work quality and effort - I was easily shaken and felt unbalanced and insecure. I felt that I was often causing self fulfilling-prophecies due to my projects and negative thoughts.

After working with Yanet, I feel a lot more clear on who I want to be. I am less dependent on the small, transient things and much more focused on moving in the direction to where I want to go. I feel more balanced with my emotions; more rooted and aware. I am able to appreciate people for their individual contributions more and not taking comments, or lack of praise, personally. I am more focused on serving others, my clients, my friends and my family and the importance of teamwork and feedback. I am aware of my projections, how they affect how I think and act, and how to manage them to remain clear headed.

Although I still have work to do, and always will, I have moved in a greatly positive direction with Yanet and I look forward to the journey ahead!

Sabrina Moani, Enrollment Director

Yanet is an amazing coach! Over the course of coaching with her, she was able to help me navigate any resistance I had to work towards my goals. She assigned me tasks that moved me forward and held me accountable for those tasks. Ultimately, she helped me find the internal resolve and confidence to achieve my goals. As a coach myself, I have high standards as to what I expect as a coach and Yanet far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Yanet if you’re serious about achieving your goals.

Jordan Marr, Sales Director

Yanet is a bright light that this world needs more of. Through NLP she has shifted my life perspective drastically (for the better). She has given me the tools to allow me to figure out my own unique path. That is a true gift. She has a balanced approach that provides all the right energy like she is your best friend and coach that keeps you focused on your goals. I am almost a year into working with Yanet and I can confidently say it's the best investment I have made for myself. I am now in a beautiful committed relationship with the best communication I’ve ever experienced, I’m more mindful in my day to day, and I’m at peace with myself. I would highly recommend these coaching sessions to anyone.

Trang Cockrill, Director, Global Partners & Alliances

I knew that I needed to take control of my career and where I wanted to grow but wasn’t sure how. That’s when I decided to make a change and found Yanet through a friend and embarked on the journey to finding clarity for myself. Before working with Yanet, I was unclear of my values, struggled with maintaining a positive mindset, anxious about taking on any challenge, and was working non-stop. I was doing all this while not having a clear direction of why. Yanet helped me navigate the values that mattered to me most and put them to action by creating SMART end goals. She taught me techniques on how to reframe challenging situations to positive outcomes. Yanet also helped me navigate targeting things I wanted to work on like creating boundaries in my calendar, finalizing my elevator speech, and preparing me for speaking engagements in front of large audiences. I know now what I want to achieve in order to get me where I want to be in 1 year, 5 years, etc. I have confidence in my path that I have set for myself. This will of course evolve/change but I have clarity and am up for a challenge!
I’m so glad I made this decision to invest in myself, it has been a life-changing journey for me!

Carlene Homer, Real Estate Agent

Yanet is an incredible person who showed so much care and an unwavering commitment to getting me the outcome that was most effective to my situation. She assigned me tasks that were linked to my issue and contributed to the successful outcome. It has now been a full year and the incredible results of my time with Yanet are still a huge and effective part of my life. She delivers you your individual results and it lasts!! I am grateful everyday because I got to work with Yanet!!!

Liad Shabtay, Medical Assistant

With the start of my senior year of college, I realized I was unsure about my future career and what path I wanted to take after graduation. Through weekly sessions, Yanet and I worked on my personal development - we came up with my values, passions, and got to the bottom of what I felt my purpose was in order for me to make a decision about my future career. Yanet found the perfect balance between motivating me to do better and be better while also building a relationship where I felt comfortable talking to her about things I have never told anyone before. Although I haven’t graduated yet, I have come up with so many goals and have consistently been achieving those goals with her support. She has made such a difference in my life in the short amount of time we have been working together and I know that I can only go up from here with the foundation Yanet helped me build. I highly recommend her to anyone who is feeling stuck in their life or like they aren’t living life to its fullest potential!

Jackie Hernandez, Consulting Manager

I came to Yanet when I realized I was unsure of what my 5 and for sure 10-year plan looked like in the area of career. I was afraid of waking up one day, the time has gone by and I am stuck doing something I may not be passionate about.
While we defined a path for my career short term and I have more clarity on what my future may hold, Yanet helped in areas that are just as important in my life and I didn't even realize I needed the help. My perspective in my daily routine, in the importance of little things, in defining a plan and taking action has changed completely, not only in the area of career but in my active life and with my family.
I know I still have discovery and additional growth to do but without Yanet's help, I wouldn't have been able to know where to start and that is a HUGE win for me. I am at peace knowing in 5 years I would've already explored other areas of my career, and I won't wake up feeling stuck because I took action to make sure the path I am walking is the one I have defined for myself. I am so grateful for you Yanet and so thankful I decided to invest in myself! I will most likely be back one day ;)

Sally Beredo, Entrepreneur

Yanet was my guide through a breakthrough session on the area of family. It was about 8 years after I lost my father and my family was turned upside down, divided, and fighting for years. I was at a point that I did not want to participate in family gatherings. Yanet was able to elicit all my baggage and assist me in clearing it out, therefore changing my perspective. I immediately felt better and no longer had anxiety when thinking about family, heading to a family event, or when in an environment with everyone together. The exciting awareness and learnings came in when she asked me to write a testimonial of my experience working with her. Reflecting on the year after the session I realized that I had been able to navigate difficult conversations with family members and I was able to process my own emotions through release and hold my boundaries. I have been able to create new connections with family members and even hold space for others to begin their journey of releasing. Yanet is an amazing guide, and she brings attention, energy and insights to assist in one creating the change they desire. I am forever grateful for Yanet’s assistance in creating changes that have made such a positive impact on me and my family.

Yael Shabtay, Pre-Med Student

I have had an amazing experience working with Yanet! I met her when I was at one of the lowest points of my life. I was so unhappy and honestly didn’t think NLP was for me because I’d never been through anything I’d consider traumatic. But through our weekly sessions, I have discovered parts of myself that I didn’t even know I had. I now understand myself so much better and can therefore handle situations that may arise in a much healthier way. With the help of Yanet, I have completely rearranged my life and accomplished so many personal goals. I am happier than I have ever been now and can truly say that I owe that to Yanet. She is the perfect mix of an amazing listener but will also hold you accountable and keep you on track. I recommend working with Yanet to anyone who wants to change their life and find happiness!

Farida Oestensen, Director - Technology Strategy & Advisory

Working with Yanet has been action-oriented, solution-seeking, and a beautifully creative and self-loving experience. She has coached me to better manage my career, to be smarter and intentional with my "to-do" list - better known as - documenting goals. To achieve them, helped me learn how to set personal boundaries, and the importance of accountability that goes into breaking down nebulous ideas into actionable steps. As a former "self-help" or "meditation" skeptic, I have found much value in everything we have done. Unequivocally equipped with NLP and coaching expertise, her contagious and loving nature will make you want to keep her as a coach in your back pocket forever.

Aryani Montes, Consulting Sr. Manager

Before working with Yanet, I was all over the place. It was very difficult for me to understand what actions I needed to take and where my career was going. It was as if I lost my footing in my career after I became a mom and wasn’t sure how to get my stride back. Yanet was the grounding force I needed to say 1) You need to take the time to prioritize yourself in this space and 2) Let’s evaluate the plan and path together to get you where you need to be. She is always neutral in her sessions, has an amazing way of making you feel accountable without feeling like you’re failing, and will always celebrate the wins with you! I now carry the tools I need with me every day to tackle what I face and am driving my career again with my newfound priorities and goals at the core of it all.

Geno Gonzalez, MBA Student

It has been 6 months since I started my coaching sessions with Yanet and I cannot believe the progress I have made in such a short time frame. During this journey of personal development I was able to get to know myself better and grow, by releasing limiting beliefs, defining the person I want to be and steps to get there, managing my stress better, and increasing my productivity. I was able to incorporate great habits into my daily routine that have helped me manage stress and organize myself better. Lastly, I overcame a phobia about pigeons that I had since I was a child, something I thought I would have to live with. After finishing my coaching sessions I now feel empowered to live the life I want, knowing that I have the power to create my reality.

Jamie Hawkins, Consultant

At the start of my time with Yanet, I was pushing through a very transformational period in my life: graduating college, starting my career, losing close family members, re-establishing pivotal relationships, moving to a new city, rebuilding community, suffering from burnout and learning to truly care for all parts of myself.  I was so overwhelmed with the gravity of things that I was developing that I couldn't grasp the concept of focusing on what I wanted and I had no understanding of limiting beliefs and how to change the way I was thinking. 

A key takeaway from the past 6 months is that if you haven't truly established clear and measurable goals, then it's difficult to identify what's in your way. Through the release of multiple limiting beliefs, I was able to see clearly that what was in my way was me.  Yanet has superhero patience and is always reinforcing the idea to accept and trust my own process and not compare the "could've, should've, would'ves" with what actually is.  I've established trust and honesty with myself, which has allowed me to explore empathy, grace and vulnerability from a positive perspective.  The activities we completed during coaching enhanced my overall confidence in who I am as a human, who I am as a daughter, who I am as a sibling and who I am as a friend. 

At the close of my time with Yanet, I am kicking off another transformational period! I feel great about the tools and methods that I have learned and am excited to leverage them in my upcoming life challenges.  I am so fortunate that our paths crossed and am looking forward to continuing the hard work that we've started here!

Aileen Tapia, Consulting Manager

Working with Yanet has been such a gift. In 6 months I’ve been able to work on many aspects of my life that I've been trying to work on for years! Having her to guide me and coach me has been absolutely transformational - week after week. She coaches you with so much tenderness & care while keeping you accountable to ensure you have the right tools to unlock and achieve your maximum potential. I feel the most energized, empowered, and happier than ever. Over the course of our time together, I’ve gained so much clarity, validated that I am so aligned with my purpose, and unpacked years of emotional baggage that will allow me to continue my emerging business with the right mindset, tools & community. I am grateful for Yanet’s leadership, coaching style & NLP practices - cannot wait to continue working with her. The ROI of investing in myself through her is priceless.

Raquel Werner, Management Consultant

Working with Yanet has allowed me to take control of my professional development, to prioritize my needs, and quickly identify if opportunities will serve my long term goals and values to avoid burnout. I wouldn't have been able to progress as much as I did or it would have taken me years to achieve what I did in 6 months through Yanet's coaching program.I was able to identify my top 10 career values that I now use to lead the work I do day to day and long term. Before working with Yanet I knew there was a greater journey for me to discover and I was able to find the path that I’d like to continue on in order to further develop my entrepreneurial skill sets. Yanet has given me tools to improve my response to difficult situations, procrastination, and living with purpose and clarity.
Working with Yanet has taught me lifelong practices and techniques I can use in a myriad of situations and conversations both personally and professionally. I would (and do) highly recommend working with Yanet, listening to her podcast, and connecting with her. She has allowed me to uncover my direction and I’m so thankful to have worked with her.

Nikki Rineholt, Health Transformational Coach

Where do I begin? I met Yanet in July of 2019 at an NLP training in California. I could sense she was a very unique human being. She possesses the qualities of kindness, compassion, caring, love and she is extremely encouraging.
When I was struggling in 2021 with an area of my life I knew I needed a coach to help me to reach my goals. I needed to find a coach that would meet me where I was, have compassion and understanding of my challenges. I knew exactly who I wanted to have as my coach, I knew Yanet was the one.
These last 6 months she has been by my side every step. She knows exactly what questions to ask me to help me see when I am in my story and help me to realize my truth. I am forever grateful for all the steps that have led me to this point in my life and to coach Yanet. In the future if I need a coach I know who I will be reaching out to. If you want to reach your goals and have a coach that will hold you accountable and support you from a place of love and understanding, Yanet is the coach to hire. Thank you Yanet for being amazing!

Liz Buhay, Reclaim Oslo Founder and CEO

In December 2021, I went through a pretty big life change, I resigned from my secure corporate job and permanently moved from the U.S. to Norway. I’ve always loved travel and adventure, so the decision to move was an easy one, but not having that security blanket of a well-paying job was giving me major anxiety. I decided to use this break as an opportunity to invest in myself and delve a bit more into my creative side, something that I was burying for decades because I never had time to dedicate any time to it.
I started with a vision board and then asked Yanet (my former colleague and now coach) for help. Yanet helped me to let go of some solidly held limiting beliefs about myself. I always thought that I was a consistent procrastinator, incapable of self-discipline, but through her NLP approaches, she made me realize that I am NOT my behavior and that I have the power to change my future self.
I’ve always struggled with the thought that I was never good enough. Through her coaching process, I realized that this ingrained belief pushed me to try harder and excel in everything I did. Whenever I doubt myself and my capabilities, I look back at my past accomplishments to remind and validate myself that I am fully capable of accomplishing everything and anything.
The exercises that helped me the most was building my ideal self. It was a bit challenging thinking about who I wanted to be and what I wanted to accomplish in the next 5 years. As a child growing up in an immigrant Asian household, my parents always dictated who I needed to be and I never had the chance to explore what gave me joy and pleasure while growing up. Writing down my career aim and my action plan, helped me to focus on all of the tasks I needed to accomplish this year to set the foundation for my overall goals. Yanet taught me the tools to carry forward this process year-after-year.
In only three months, and with Yanet’s guiding hand, I have gained clarity and focus on what I want to do going forward. I am dedicated to continuously living a creative life and have joined a ceramic studio here in Oslo where I am able to practice pottery and strengthen my knowledge in this craft. I have also established a company called Reclaim Oslo where I plan to sell handcrafted functional items (from ceramic dinner and drink ware to light fixtures) made from reclaimed, organic materials.
You are your biggest investment. It takes time and effort and it can be scary and challenging on occasion, and you think you can do it all on your own, but asking for help and using a coach to walk you through the process has been THE BEST decision I’ve ever made.

Susan Gomez, CEO and Founder of Sugopetite

The breakthrough session with Yanet was transformational because I learned the root cause of my internal limitations: fear of abandonment and vulnerability, being disguised in my daily life as “perfectionism”.

Learning to be aware of these two things has changed my life. I am now aware of my triggers, and I can regulate myself before reacting. Being aware of my perfectionism helped me get results faster in my business and in life, because I’m no longer waiting for the right moment, or the right opportunity, or the right time.
Before working with Yanet, I struggled in romantic relationships. After working with Yanet, I have clarity of what I want in a romantic relationship.
This clarity on my path and confidence on myself have allowed me to remain centered during challenging moments and effectively communicate my boundaries.

I have clarity for the future of my business and I’ve become more assertive and confident in my decision making. I no longer hesitate to make a good decision.

Elena Gonzalez, Marketing Strategist and Leader

I was going through a phase of significant change in my life and felt stressed and discouraged. Enlisting Yanet’s help has given me confidence and a brand new outlook on life to take charge of the things I can control and make the best of what life brings. Her care for clients and enthusiasm is contagious, but it’s the effective tools that she shares that have really changed my life for the absolute better! I couldn’t recommend her coaching services more and will be forever grateful for all she has done to help me in my journey.


Janice Mirigliano, Nurse

I had reached a breaking point in my life and started asking myself "why am I not happy with a lot of things, my relationship with my husband , my mother and , especially my career"?

I am a nurse and felt like from the outside it looked like I had it all together, but I felt I was succeeding at the wrong thing and was burnt out. I have lots of other ideas of things I wanted to do for a career but didn’t know why I could never get change the trajectory of my life. I didn’t understand why even though I tried so hard so many times I still hadn’t made anything come to fruition.
I randomly found Yanet on the internet, and we had an instant connection.
Honestly it was a struggle for me to come up with the money and not have my husband find out, but I knew I had to do something because I felt like I was about to have a mental breakdown between caring for my parents, my relationship with my husband and my job.

I’m so glad I did go through the breakthrough session because it has been the catalyst that has led me down a path of self-discovery. Yanet was excellent at mentally guiding me to the root cause of my deep seeded subconscious that has been steering my boat my entire life, a feeling of I’m not good enough. I realized that there is more than one new career path, I just realized that I needed to believe I could do it.
My results have changed my life, as I said it started me on the path of, knowing thyself.

After the breakthrough I continued to research my subconscious mind, how to vibrate at a higher level and am not looking back. Since the breakthrough I have made serious changes in my life, I started sticking up for myself, setting boundaries, and working in a different type of nursing, I and am creating the life I want, not being the doormat and caretaker for everyone else and started taking care of me. I still care for other people on my life but am no longer neglecting my needs.


Gabby Dunn, Talent & Organization Manager

Coaching with Yanet has changed my life! Yanet helped me break through the most difficult period of my life. Her coaching is an extremely worthwhile investment and has been the most effective self-help modality I've tried. I can't overstate how much I recommend working with Yanet!


Monique Carnino, Change Management Advisor

Yanet was great at helping me to define my long-term vision of where I wanted to go and who I wanted to be. She worked with me to break though old patterns and limiting beliefs and to create a short-term action plan toward my longer term vision.

She helped to keep me accountable and to work through unforseen challenges in our weekly calls using empathy and various coaching techniques. I was able to achieve much more this past year than I ever thought possible, and I believe her coaching was definitely an important part of that success. I was so impressed by the results that we are now going for round 2.

I recommend her coaching services to anyone wanting to make a significant step change in their life or even just to get that clarity and forward momentum.