The Theme For 2023: Finding The Courage To Choose Yourself

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WCP 66 | Choose Yourself

Join Yanet Borrego as she shares the theme or vision for 2023 and that is to find the courage to choose yourself. It’s okay to be a people-pleaser, but if you start deprioritizing yourself, your self-worth will be at an all-time low. Because how you choose to show up in this world will reflect on your actions. So start making sure that you are a priority today and show the universe that you matter.

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The Theme For 2023: Finding The Courage To Choose Yourself

I cannot believe this Saturday is the last day of 2022. I’m so excited to be welcoming 2023. As we welcome the new year, we also intentionally and proactively show up for the energy that we are bringing in terms of our goals, our dreams, and our projects. This episode is all about your theme for 2023, and there is a specific formula I follow with myself and with my coaching clients.

The first step is setting your long-term direction, and I have an episode on this already. Direction is so important. You can move fast and go fast and take quick action, but if you don't have a direction, you may end up nowhere. Direction is way more important than speed. It’s having that North Star. After you have the long-term direction, it’s working on your one-year goals. What are those things that you want to accomplish in this case in 2023 to get you closer to that long-term direction?

You can move fast and take quick actions, but if you don't have a direction, you may end up nowhere.

I'm having a virtual goal-setting workshop on January 11th, and it is going to be a game-changer. I did the same workshop in person in a yoga studio called Loveland a few weeks ago. When this episode gets published, it would have been four weeks ago. It was on December 4th and we had a full house. Everyone got a lot of value from it. If you can show up on January 11th to work on your goals, direction, and strategies to implement these goals so that in 2023, you follow through with what you said you were going to do, I truly recommend you show up. It is going to be super powerful.

After you set your one-year goals for 2023, I always choose a theme for the year that incorporates that bigger vision for the year that I'm working on, in this case, 2023. The theme is the main goal or the one thing that if you do, you are going to be happy, fulfilled, and successful that year. It's high level. The one-year goals are super detailed in terms of what exactly you want to achieve and how you know when you have gotten that thing.

It needs to be specific and measurable. It follows a certain framework, but the vision is more high-level. I'm going to give you a couple of examples right now. This vision, what I do is I also include this in my vision board because the vision board is all about having a visual element that incorporates the big-picture goals that you have.

My theme for 2021 was building the foundation. In 2021 was when I transitioned from my nine-year corporate career to full-time entrepreneurship. For me, it was so important that year to be solely focused on building the foundation. Having my website set, making sure I have a consistent stream of clients and making sure that I'm working my referrals.

The business was a big priority for 2021, and it will be for the next few years, to be honest with you all. For me, 2021 was building my foundation. Last year, I was working so many projects. I launched this show. I launched my Discover Your Purpose Program digital course. I raised my one-on-one coaching prices. There were many significant things happening in 2022. I know I'm someone that sometimes can focus on many things at the same time. I was like that in my corporate career. I was doing twenty things.

I am like that still in my business and something that I proactively recognized was that for 2022 to be successful, I needed to focus on a few things, master those things, and after I master and I do my best, just surrender. It means letting go of the attachment to the outcome because the only thing that's within my control is doing my best, giving my best, focusing, and maintaining a positive focus.

For this reason, my theme for 2022 was focus, master and surrender. For 2023, it is going to be all about building community because I have many foundational elements. I have a couple of offerings in my businesses and I've been working one-on-one with people. This year, I have several speaking engagements, which are all about community. In 2023, I want to amplify that community feeling because the community is where we get to collaborate and get to give back.


When I say give back, it's not from me to others, but others to me too. I learned so much from my clients. I learned so much from my digital course students and from the mentees I’m mentoring through the coaching program that I’ve been hired to mentor. I learned so much from my audience when I speak. It's giving, and when I say giving, it is going both ways.

Now, 2023 is building community, but I wanted to make this episode about another theme that has completely revolutionized my life. As I'm working with my one-on-one coaching clients and with the students of the digital course, and even in the audience, I see that many people are trying to focus on this theme more and more, which is important.

If every single day we all focus on this theme and this higher vision, our world would be a more compassionate, kind, forgiving, and empowered world. The only thing we can control is ourselves so let's focus on showing up like this. The theme that I'm talking about is finding the courage to choose yourself. There are many times in life, and I see this with my clients all the time. We are prioritizing other people over us, other people's needs, other people's schedules, or other people's times above us.

It is so important that in everything you do, you start assessing the trade-off that you are going to go through if you continue people-pleasing and prioritizing everyone else. You let yourself be deprioritized over and over. There are moments when we get to prioritize our kids. Cody had passed away more than a year now and when that happened, I have coaching calls, but I need to reschedule these coaching calls because I want to be there for Cody.

I'm not talking about these kinds of scenarios. I'm talking about the everyday scenario of prioritizing yourself, the foundation. The more you deprioritize yourself, you don't realize it immediately, but you start to manifest lower self-worth because you start realizing, "I'm not important. Everyone else is important."

Every time you choose others over yourself, you're saying to the universe and you're saying to your subconscious mind, “I'm not important. I'm not good enough. I'm not loved.” This may manifest in different ways for many people. For example, there are times that we feel like the people at our work are not seeing us. We are not being seen. Our partner is not hearing us. We are being rejected. In business, if you are a business owner, you know that rejection is the order of the day. You get rejected pretty frequently. It's okay.

Here's the thing to remember. No one can reject you if you don't reject yourself. Many times when we are feeling rejected by other people, we need to turn inwards. We need to ask the hard but necessary question. Are we accepting ourselves or are we rejecting ourselves? Everything that we perceive on the outside is a projection from our inside.

No one can reject you if you don't reject yourself.

This applies to everything. The person who is triggering us is not triggering us. We are triggering ourselves with the wound we have, and they just open that up. The work of an empowered person, and I'm sure you're here to learn from this and become even more empowered, is to own responsibility for your thoughts, reactions, and everything that is happening in your life.

Recognize that you don't have control of others, but you are willing to put in the work to be in control of yourself. To give the love you are looking to get from the external. To give the confidence in yourself that you're looking for others to give you. Everything that you are looking at on the outside, you got to give yourself. That's rule number one of empowerment and even manifestation. You got to show up yourself how you want to be treated.


If you think others are not respecting you, you got to respect yourself and set those boundaries. If you think they are not seeing you, you got to see yourself and allow yourself to show up empowered and positive every single day. There are days when there are going to be ups and downs. The more time that you’re spending the downs, the more you work on yourself, and that will be reduced because it's the law of the universe. It's the law of yourself investing in yourself. In the beginning, it's not easy and it's not comfortable, but it's compounding interest.


The more you get to do it every day, the more you get to show up empowered. This is not something that once you do it one day will last for the rest of the days. Everything that we are talking about here, including choosing yourself, working on your mindset, and your self-worth, are everyday practices. You wake up in the morning, “Am I choosing myself?”

It is so interesting because when we start choosing ourselves and we start honoring our authentic truth and who we are, there are moments when we are making hard decisions. Leaving my corporate job to go to full-time entrepreneurship was super hard and super challenging, but the more you get to recognize that you are the foundation and what I'm investing on, it is not short-term satisfaction.

What I'm investing on for myself is long-term fulfillment because I know that creating an impact on other people to see their light and show up empowered is my purpose in this life. That's what I'm here to do, but in order to coach others through the process, I got to practice what I'm teaching, what I'm coaching, and what I'm mentoring every single day.

Also, recognize that the struggles and the challenges you face are your biggest lessons. We must take them as such because the universe is here to conspire for us to be better, to be more authentic, and to live more in integrity rather than to conspire against us. Every single thing is happening for you.

Recognize that the struggles that you face are your biggest lessons.

You are here for a reason. You're here alive. What a big miracle. Being born into this beautiful life where you are the creator of your reality. Choosing yourself is recognizing that you are the creator of your reality.

Choosing yourself is recognizing that you are the creator of your reality.

I give this example of corporate entrepreneurship because I feel you may understand it a lot easier than sometimes any other example, but when I transition from corporate to entrepreneurship, I knew that I was going to trade off my six-figure salary for something that I was building up to that and even more.

It's so important that you focus on the long-term direction. I'm here for the long run. This is not something I'm doing for 2 or 3 years, and then I go back to corporate. I'm here to stay and this conviction and this commitment, you got to have for yourself. You are here for yourself because the more you take care of yourself, the more you show up empowered, and the more it will benefit your partner, your kids, your coworkers, your boss, your employees, or your clients. Everyone else will benefit.

Choosing yourself is good for you, for others, and for the environment. Thinking that choosing yourself is selfish is what we have been programmed to believe, and it goes against the laws of the universe. It goes against the laws of life. You deserve to live a happy, fulfilled, joyful, and successful life, full of abundance, money, happiness, and everything you want.

At times, there are trade-offs that we need to make in order to get the longer term. I wanted to discuss this topic of choosing yourself because this is a message, a pattern that has been coming up over and over through conversations with clients, and when this happens more than once or twice, I know it's something that is important for me to share. In 2023, you can choose another theme, but I want you to fully embrace this theme of choosing yourself, not for 2023 only, but for the rest of your life.

I hope this episode was impactful and helpful. If you know anyone who may benefit or anyone who would be impacted in a positive way, please share with that person. Let's spread the light. Let's spread the love because, at the end of the day, we are here for that. We are here to continue growing and to continue giving. I love you all. Thank you so much for tuning in. I cannot wait to hear about your 2023 theme. Connect with me on Instagram @YanetBCoaching. I'm on LinkedIn and Facebook. Tag me. I want to hear your theme for 2023. Have a wonderful new year. Have a wonderful rest of the week. I'll see you in the next episode.


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