Practical Ways To Unlock Genuine Happiness With Brandi Mechele

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Entrepreneurs are laser-focused on unlocking the most rewarding opportunities and earning huge profits. Unfortunately, many sacrifice genuine happiness just for the sake of their wealth-building efforts. Happiness Coach Brandi Mechele is here to put an end to such a self-sabotaging mindset that actually makes your life more miserable. Joining Yanet Borrego, she shares three recommendations and a ton of actionable tips on becoming truly happy and grateful. She explains how to raise your happiness set points and achieve so much in life by relinquishing control. Brandi also presents her proprietary process called BASE, her effective foundational to gaining a beautiful life.


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Practical Ways To Unlock Genuine Happiness With Brandi Mechele

In this episode, I have a special guest. Her name is Brandi Mechele, and she's an intuitive empowerment and happiness coach, energy healer, and pattern of human potential. Our episode will be all about fulfillment, happiness, and purpose. I'm so excited. How are you, Brandi?

I'm also so excited to be here. Thank you so much for having me.

Where are you from? I know you're located in San Francisco, California. Was that always the case? How did you discover your purpose of being a coach? How did that look like for you?

I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I lived there for most of my life. I then went to school for university about 45 minutes away in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I have a short stint in Georgia where my dad is from. Now, I've spent the last several years in San Francisco. In terms of becoming a coach, I have an interesting path.

I spent under twenty years in Corporate America and ran, towards the end of my career, large sales teams and sales organizations for medical device companies. In that role, I covered the United States and Canada. I had this successful career and achieved quite a bit, but I still found that I was always seeking and searching for that purpose and fulfillment. There came a point in my career where I took a step back, and because of the travel and having a little guy, I decided that wasn't for me.

There wasn't this real immediate pivot into coaching. There was this organic time where I was doing my own soul searching, working with myself using energy healing and modalities, as well as thinking about what I wanted in my life that I was up-leveling personally. My friends started reaching out to me and asking me if I would work with them and, “What are you doing? I see that you feel happier and brighter.”

When they were reaching out to me, I felt that was the universe saying, “This is what you are meant to do. This joy that you found and identified for yourself, you can make that available to others.” Interestingly enough, as I looked back over my corporate career, I realized that was part of the job that I loved the most. I loved mentoring young people coming up in their careers. I loved running ERGs and making sure that women and people of color understood how to navigate Corporate America and how to think about their careers holistically. It's this beautiful next step in my path, on my own journey

That is so beautiful. We have similar backgrounds in terms of being in corporate and then feeling that there was something else for us. Going through this journey of reinvention, this journey of getting clarity, I love what you said because it sounds like you went within and you started to explore. You started to ask more questions to get to know yourself, and then the universe met you halfway because you took the leap of faith. That's powerful, Brandi.

I love that. How did you decide that was the moment to take that leap of faith? Many people sometimes have this idea of they are meant for something more, but it takes a lot of courage and connecting to your why in order for you to make the decision or the transition. When that moment was for you and what was your mindset or tools that you utilized to determine that you needed to get to know yourself first?

When I think back to being a little girl, I've always been obsessed with human potential. How do we maximize that which we are capable of doing in this lifetime? Few people do it. We have this limitless potential that we're tapping into a modicum of it. There was a point in my life when I realized that I had done a lot of research, a ton of reading, and not a lot of implementations. I wasn't embodying the work. I could quote lots of things and tell you about consciousness, evolving, and all of this, but I hadn't lived that. Before my son was born, I embarked on it. That was several years ago that I was going to go deep and wide and embrace it fully.

The real tipping point was when I was pregnant, I read this beautiful book called The Conscious Parent, and she says right at the beginning of the book that you can learn all that you want. You can have these desires of your heart for your child, but the best thing you can do to raise a happy and whole child is to be happy and whole yourself. Not much else mattered.


The best thing you can do to raise a happy and whole child is to be happy and whole yourself.


When I read that, it was so motivating to me that I couldn't drink soda and wanted him to drink water. I couldn't be easily triggered and wanted him to be cool, calm, and collected. There was too big of a disconnect between these things. Instead, I doubled down on being the best version of myself and also realized that I can teach him also that you can have grace with yourself that you make mistakes, and that it's always a journey. There will be ebbs and flows, but I wanted him to see that his mom was striving to be the best version possible.

I got the chills when you said that story. I'm like, “That is so powerful.” You're leading by example. Even though I don't have kids yet, I would love to have them. I learned a lot from you, from my clients, and most of them have kids. It's such a beautiful process of embracing a new identity and showing up with more integrity with yourself. I love that for you. That's beautiful. What do you think were the gaps that you needed to bridge in order to be happier? What were those needle movers that you were like, “There is something that I need to do more of?”

I wouldn't say that I could pinpoint it to one thing, but what I do believe is that I was in this constant rat race for achievement. I always felt as if I achieved the next thing if I won the next race. If you look over the course of my life, I was a high achiever. I always got great grades and I was on all of the different activities at school. I was an athlete and I continued that in college. I then was a sales leader, which is always driven by metrics. I'd always been motivated by these goals and achievements. As I hit them, I anticipated that would bring fulfillment, purpose, and happiness. It brings that excitement to the moment.

Stepping back, I realized I always get to the goal, but there's this friction along the way and what is causing that friction? That, I felt, was the disconnection from self, this lack of understanding of who I was meant to be in this lifetime. For me, my personal evolution involved what these patterns are that I'm circling around, why friction is showing up in my life, and how I could heal in a way that allowed life to be easier.

Now life comes to me instead of me pushing for it, and I have this deeper sense of peace that I didn't think was possible. I thought that all of the friction and the strife that I was experiencing in life were natural parts of life. That's the unfortunate reality of what culture, community, and society teach you. It teaches you that it's part of life to have friction. While there are ebbs and flows, you don't have to circle around these same patterns and have lots of friction in your life. That, for me, is the beauty that life gets to be easy. It gets to be fun.

It sounds also like it's more leading with that feminine energy versus the masculine of, “I got to make it happen. Let's go.” It's all about competition. It's more about stepping back and allowing space. Brandi, you have amazing things here, a wealth of knowledge. I love that. I identify so much with your story about the rat race.

I also realized that if I don't work also on this consistently, it can show up in entrepreneurship too. Entrepreneurship is like the PhD of personal development in terms of how much light you share in those blind spots and how much light you’re shedding in those areas that you still need to grow. In a sense, you got to be more present. You got to be able to handle more stress and your mental, emotional, and energetic game inside of you has to be in flow as much as possible. Do you feel the same way as you transition from this corporate career to entrepreneurship?

Yes. I believe that when you're working on something for yourself and with yourself, and you have this beautiful vision of it, it is easier to lean on those old habits that you previously had because you're now doing this for yourself. This is your life's purpose and your life's work and how you want to be of service in this world.


You can get into this place where you're holding onto it so tightly because you desire to manifest it so much that all of your shadows are going to show up in this big way. That's the beauty of it because it is through that experience that if you're willing to, you can take a step back and say, “This is something that I've always been navigating, but it's showing up in such a big way because I'm so much more beholden to this outcome.”

There is no level of magnitude in life. You have to approach it in the same way. You have to take a step back. You have to have this depth of knowing that you are going to be successful, that it is inevitable for you. When you can come to that place through probably lots of work, it isn't just like, “I know that this is going to work.” If you do the work to get to that place, then you can have a beautiful experience.

To your point, you are going to be in the spotlight in terms of your healing and what you need to address, and where there are these areas of opportunity. The converse that it's important that we share with the readers is that you can rapid-fire your growth because you will uncover so much so quickly. Being an entrepreneur allows you to reconnect with yourself, go deep, and learn. You can have this fast track both of healing and also being of service.

It's an accelerator to your growth. We are both entrepreneurs, so we love it. There is so much creation energy to be able to serve people and step into that purpose that you feel in your heart and your soul. You can be who you are without having that tension or that resistance. You can go into flow. I love that so much, Brandi. What about happiness?

I know you're a happiness coach, and finding your purpose relates to happiness. Being in the press relates to happiness. All of the things we are talking about relate to happiness. What are the key traits and characteristics of people that are truly happy? What are some actionable tips? If someone reading is like, “I'm not there yet,” what is the work they got to do to start creating change towards that goal of happiness?

I call myself a happiness coach, and I focus on that, but I love to take a step back and say, “Everyone has some level of happiness.” It's not like, “I am happy. You are not. You are happy. I am not.” I coach clients around this idea of what your happiness set point is. We have a set point that we are spinning around. Some things will happen. You may take this beautiful vacation for a month, and then your happiness rises. You may have a significant change in your life that impacts you negatively, and then you fall below, but you're always moving back to that set point.

The work that I do helps people raise their happiness set point so that when they do have transitions in their life, they're able to bounce back much more quickly. When you think about the average human, we have 70,000 thoughts per day where 80% of those thoughts are negative and 90% of those thoughts are repetitive. What is happening in our brain and how does that direct our life?

As you know doing the work that we do, our brains are so powerful. The work that I am committed to is the subconscious capacity building where you shift your thoughts and beliefs so that you are inviting more happiness and joy into your life. Ultimately, all that we are all seeking in this lifetime is because we believe it will bring us joy. You think that, “If I were prettier, that would make me happier. My experience in the world would be happier if I was healthier or skinnier, if I had more money, if I had this job, if I had this car, if I lived in this neighborhood.”

All of those things that we are seeking, if we were to simplify them, we are seeking because we think that it will make us happy. The unfortunate part of it is we go about achieving those things, usually the average human, through this stressful process. We worry if it will happen. We'll ruminate if it's going to happen. We wonder when it will happen. We fear that we're going to fail on this journey.

There's this real big disconnect. The feelings that you're having don't align you with the outcome that you're seeking. I implore people to change that paradigm. If you focus mostly on increasing your happiness set point, your ability to align with what you're seeking will happen so much more quickly because you're going to be on the same frequency of what you want.

Also, you won't get to that achievement and feel like, “What's next?” because you're seeking happiness again. You're always going to be in this beautiful space. That's why I am a happiness coach. I believe fundamentally that you'll have ease and flow in your life. You'll start to see these beautiful synchronicities. The unintended consequence of being happy is that you will have all the success you've ever been looking for.

As we heal and increase that happiness set point, we then can see that many pillars. I think of life as this three-legged stool. One is health and wellness. One leg is a financial abundance career. The third is relationships, both platonic and romantic. It's only through this process of healing and increasing our happiness set point that we can ensure that all three legs of the stool are well-balanced.

When they aren't, what we often see is people are focused on achieving money. One of those other legs has to be less well-supported because your happiness set point is only going to allow you so much available energy to give. That's why I'm fiercely committed to people prioritizing happiness. There's so much science about it. We won't be able to talk about it all, but there's so much data that supports that happiness positively impacts all aspects of our lives.

There are three things that people can do. They can work with coaches like you and me, and it's beautiful to have someone hold space for you in a way that helps you to more quickly up-level your life. Let's say you have no money and you don't know what the first thing to do is. I always recommend three things. The first is to have this beautiful and authentic gratitude practice. The more that you can see all the beauty that is already in your life, the more you're going to draw that to you.

We so oftentimes are focused on what doesn't go well, and we don't spend a lot of energy holding on to that emotion of gratitude. For me, I try to stop every day, every time something great happens. Before I got on with you, I'm excited that I get to have this conversation. I'm so grateful that this opportunity came to me. Genuinely feeling that way about all the things that are happening in your life will start to change the trajectory of your life.

The second thing, which sometimes people push back on, but I always encourage them to start small, is meditation. If we can be in this place of meditation where we're learning to quiet our brainwaves to not be in this hyper beta state where it's always on the go, then we can send these beautiful signals out to the universe. Even if you start for five minutes, what that does allow for is our lower primitive brain, which is probably oftentimes guiding and directing our life. It allows for this beautiful connection with our high brain, our intellectual brain, and that's going to allow us to have these much more beautiful and deep experiences.


The third one that I love to offer to people to help quiet their minds and increase their happiness set point is morning journaling. You're going to wake up and have one million thoughts in your head, all the things that you have to do, all the places you have to go, the things that haven't gone well, what you're worried about, what you're concerned about, and let those go. If you get it out onto paper and then start your day, you start your day with a clean slate. If you do those three things consistently and nothing else, I promise you your life will be better in 90 to 120 days.

That's beautiful. I can attest to that because meditation has been incredibly helpful. I'm like you. When people haven't meditated, I start small and I remind them of consistency over perfection. It’s not going to be perfect, but be consistent. Even if it's 1 minute or 5, whatever it is, have a consistent practice. Journaling is one that I hadn't embraced in the past. Now, I've been writing every single morning, and I've been truly loving it. Journaling has been here forever, and I always hear people, but I was never drawn to it. For the first time a few months ago, I was writing. I can tell already that I'm seeing a huge difference in me.

I love that.

I love that, too, Brandi. One that I practice also is visualizing because people sometimes think visualizing is woo-woo in a way, but the reality is that we are visualizing all the time. As you said, most of the time, we are visualizing what we don't want. We are visualizing our limitations. We are visualizing the worst thing that can happen.

It is having that awareness to notice when that's happening and recognizing that the other side of the coin is also possible, the possibility, the positive outcome, and associating yourself with that while feeling it in the body. We want to make sure that we embrace all the emotions and the state of being there already. There are so many great things. I love it. What do you think prevents most people from raising their happiness set point?

It's awareness. There's this beautiful opportunity to bring greater awareness to the fact that the average American’s experience doesn't have to be the norm. We're so indoctrinated to believe that friction and challenges are a normal part of life. I'm not saying that you won't continue to have things show up for you, but there's this beautiful journey that you can go on where you're like, “I know that when something shows up in my life that there's a lesson for me, I'm going to get that lesson, and that lesson in and of itself is going to help move me forward.”

That too is a different way of thinking about life. If you're like, “This thing just happened. It's a coincidence. This is how life is,” you're not getting the best part of the challenge, which is the lesson. There's wisdom in challenges, but we're not taught that part. We're taught, “The challenge comes,” and you're like in a boxing ring, taking it instead of saying, “This must be happening for a reason.” Everything happens for a reason. There are no coincidences in this lifetime.

When I take a step back and say, “This showed up for me and something similar to this showed up for me before. What am I supposed to take from this?” you take it and you realize it doesn't show up anymore. It's this beautiful awareness that there is infinite intelligence that's guiding life, and this infinite intelligence is trying to get your attention. When you align and tune into it, then you realize that there are so many gifts that you're being given. Oftentimes, it's our lack of awareness that doesn't allow us to blossom in a way that can, as you mentioned earlier, increase the trajectory of where we're going.

That is so beautiful. I love what you said about the lessons because it is true. Things will keep repeating. You keep seeing the same pattern and issue with a different person. You are getting the same partner or boss with a different face. That's such a good indication that we haven't learned the lesson yet. We are like in spiritual school on this physical earth. As you said, the universe is allowing us all these amazing opportunities to learn.

There's this beautiful opportunity to take radical responsibility for your life and realize. I tell people all the time, “Everything I do is because of me and everything someone else does is because of you.” I know that my actions and my experiences are a direct result of my choices of where my brain is at this moment. Even if it could appear from the outside looking in that something is being acted upon me, there is something in me and about me that is drawing that experience to me. There is wisdom in that lesson. More importantly, once I learn it, I don't have to learn it again.

That is so true. I call it perception is projection. What we are perceiving from the outside is a projection from the inside. If not, you wouldn't have noticed it.

You have so much grace around it. You would see it, but you'd be like, “That's showing up for them because you'd have so much empathy and grace,” but the judgment comes from the inside.

Three people can be in the same situation, and the three of them would respond and interpret the situation completely differently. That's how we know this is a thing.

I say that to my clients all the time. I have this little analogy I give. The two of us could go to dinner. We could both have chicken. We could both be in a room full of people, and I could walk out and I'm like, “I went to a restaurant and I had chicken. It was dry and the server was slow. There were lots of people and it was too noisy.”

You could go there, and you'd be like, “I had chicken. They cooked it perfectly. The server gave me lots of time to enjoy my meal. I loved the atmosphere around me. It was so amazing.” Now, nothing about that story is different. The circumstances are exactly the same, but you and I have a completely different outlook on those same set of experiences, and that's the lens with which we see the world. The beautiful part is you can change the lens. I know that I can do the work to see the world the same way you see the world. That's a gift.

That's powerful. I love the example around food because everyone understands food. I'm going to steal that one, Brandi. I love it.

We can share it, for sure.

Do you think people can have it all? Do you think people can have fulfillment, achievement, financial success, and also the capacity to be happy? I've encountered that. I work mainly with women. A lot of women sometimes think that they got to sacrifice their fulfillment and happiness in order to make others happy and have financial success most of the time so they can help others. We are a community of human beings. What are your thoughts on that? Do you see it all also in your clients?

I do. First and foremost, there are two things about having it all. The first thing that I think is who defines what it all is. If you define having it all as something that you cannot achieve, you'll inevitably not achieve it. We take a step back and we say, “First and foremost, I get to have everything I want in this lifetime. I believe that in my soul, and I invite everyone else to have that same belief.” It's beautiful. It's empowering. It allows me to then dictate what my world looks like and the world isn't being acted upon me. First, define what it all is for you.

Secondly, we have this beautiful opportunity to outline a plan that will work for us to get there. For example, I try to outsource all the things that don't need me to do it. I don't have this crazy belief that no one else can do anything as well as I do. I am not a unicorn or else we're all unicorns. It’s one or the other, whichever way you prefer to look at it.

In my life, for example, there's some work that I'm allowing other people to do. There are things in my personal life, there are things with my family, and then there are things with my company that I outsource and say, “Other people can handle those things so that I can give my attention to what's most critical.” No one else can get on the show and give my answers to this interview, but someone else can put it on my calendar, someone else can make sure that I show up, and all of those things.

If I were to try to do all of them, that would be my definition of having it all that I can do every single thing. I then would fail and I'd be setting myself up for failure. Control because control is usually our number one challenge, especially for high-achieving humans. If you relinquish control and believe and know that other people can support you in this beautiful way and that is their gift in this lifetime, then you can get to this place where you have it all.

That's beautiful. Relinquishing control and allowing yourself to be helped is a huge challenge, which is the same as receiving love. This is a lifelong journey, all of this personal development. How do you relinquish control? Is that the same things that you share? Do you practice meditation, gratitude, and journaling? How do you create that awareness to let go of the attachment to control?

I'm clear. I've always been a good delegator. Oftentimes, women are told we're not good delegators. When I got my first promotion, some woman is looking out for me. She sat down with me was like, “This is what female leaders have problems with. They have problems with delegation.” I was like, “Not me.” For me, even when I had teams, I would spend months and months if I needed to interview people because I wanted to know that when I hired you to do the job, I didn't have to do it. I would tell my team, “If I start micromanaging you, it means I have lost all trust in your ability to do it because I do not believe that I need to do anybody else's job.”

I have a team. There's a team of 4 of us, and the 3 of them have full autonomy. They check-in. I've always been good at delegating. I've had many other challenges in my life as we all do, but that has not necessarily been one of mine. I do like to have this big-picture vision for what I'm working on. I then spend a lot of time identifying humans that can come in and do well to support me in my home, in my business, and across life.

It comes from this place of not trusting yourself. Control is a lack of trust. If I don't do everything, it won't be done well. I do like to be a leader. I love being an entrepreneur because I have a vision for what my life will be, but I don't need to control every single aspect of it. To your point earlier, perception is projection. Once you trust yourself, then you'll trust that you'll be well-supported in this lifetime.


Once you trust yourself, you can trust that you will be well-supported in this lifetime.


It is so counterintuitive in a way. Once you trust yourself, you can trust others. It makes perfect sense. When someone thinks about it, it can be counterintuitive.

It's so funny. I will tell you this. When I was growing up, I had a couple of boyfriends that cheated on me. The moment they asked me, “What were you doing?” and they started not worrying about what I was doing, I was like, “He's cheating on me because why is he worried about what I was doing?” You can relinquish control when you know that I trust what I tell you I'm going to do.

The way that I say that I'm going to show up in the world, I do that and I then trust that other people will do that for me. I'll go to the grocery store and leave my handbag in the basket. I've done that since I was little. People will come up to me and be like, “Someone's going to steal your purse.” I said, “No because I've never stolen anyone else's purse, so no one's going to steal my purse.” They are like, “That's so weird.” I'm like, “That's not weird.”

I love that so much. That's so genius. You made me think about so many things, but it is true. What we lack from others, we got to give it to ourselves first because clearly, that's an indication that we don't have trust, patience, or whatever it is. That is on point. I'm so happy to be talking to you.

One thing I do want to say because I haven't said this on this show and is so important is we share a lot about radical responsibility and knowing that you can change your life. It's also important to know that most of who we are isn't our fault. We are shaped by so many outside influences, most of which happen between 0 and 7 years of age.

You want to go through this journey of healing, evolving, and up-leveling from this beautiful place of, “I have complete control over me and who I get to be in this lifetime. It's not my fault who I am.” Have so much grace with yourself because you don't want to get to this place where you're being hard on yourself and you're blaming yourself because that is counterproductive and doesn't allow you to up-level. While we spend so much time in these sessions and on the show talking about how we can take responsibility to change our lives, we have to do it from this place of grace and ease and loving ourselves.

Also, being present. I went to this ten-day Vipassana meditation retreat.

I haven’t done it. Have you done it?

I did two months.

Where did you do it?

I did it in Kaufman, Texas. There are a couple of centers.

There's one right here in California.

The teacher talks about the causes of suffering. Vipassana is a technique. Part of the cause of suffering is feeling aversion, which means that you're reacting towards a certain emotion towards the back pain I was feeling. I was meditating for ten hours a day. To all of these things, we are so reactionary. As you mentioned, this is a process of unlearning what you have learned so you can find yourself, but with grace, compassion, love, and neutrality in terms of, “I'm experiencing sadness.” If you don't allow it to happen and you don't feel it, there is no movement or flow of that sadness, and the healing is not happening. I'm so happy you made that point because it is so true. Sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves, and allowing that space to be human beings which we all are is such a big enabler.

It's so good. I love that you did that. My cousin has done it, and we have some friends that have done it. Before I had Charlie, my son, there was nothing in me that thought I could do it. Now I think I could do it, but I would not want to, at this point, be away from him for ten days, but it's amazing.

You could do it. I thought to myself I'm happy I did it before having a baby because I don't think I could leave my baby or my kid for so long. You don't have communication with anyone. You are cut off completely for ten days to yourself meditating in silence.

It's such a beautiful experience. It teaches us this loving process of reconnecting to who we truly are because we can easily become disconnected from our true selves.


Meditation is a loving process of reconnecting to who you truly are.


That's beautiful. Brandi, you have shared so much wisdom. I feel I got to reflect after this show on everything we have talked about. Before we conclude, is there anything we haven't talked about that you want to communicate to our readers here?

I created this proprietary process called the BASE. I will quickly share it because even if you're not working with me, this is a great way to think about whatever you're working through. I call it BASE because I believe it's foundational to having a beautiful life. The B is around Belief. It’s taking a step back and understanding what are the beliefs that you have that are creating your life. We talked a lot about the A, Alignment. How do you get that alignment to be on the same frequency as that which you're seeking, and what's the alignment that you have?

The S is Self-Awareness. How do you get to this point where you don't need one of us to tell you what's going on? You just see it and you're like, “I see this pattern. I see what's going on.” The E is about Emotional Resistance. How do we think back over the course of our lives to these big situations that we've had that had some level of dense emotion associated with them and how we release the emotion but keep the memory? When you keep the memory, then you're not drawn back to that past state and you're not circling around it.

I believe that everyone can think about their life through that lens of the BASE process and seek to up-level. I am launching a four-week course that centers on BASE. It's a program where you'll get twenty days of content at the start of every week and a little bit of work so that you can reframe this paradigm from happiness being an outcome of achievement to making it a goal unto itself.

It is Belief, Alignment, Self-Awareness, and Emotional Resistance. It is deprogramming ourselves and reprogramming ourselves in a way. I love that. We're going to conclude the interview with a rapid-fire question. Ready?


What's your favorite book?

My favorite book is called Power vs. Force. Do you love it?

WCP 84 | Genuine Happiness

I bought it. That book is huge. I started reading it and haven't finished it.

It's so good. It's my favorite book. Hawkins is brilliant. He talks about consciousness and our ability to think about life from this perspective and how our level of consciousness informs how our life flows and where it goes. He's brilliant. I've read it many times. Finish it and then text me about it.

I'll text you. I heard it from Kyle Cease. Do you know Kyle Cease?


He's a spiritual teacher. He is good. I love everything he shares. It’s good. You would love it. Who is your biggest role model?

My biggest role model is my grandfather. My grandfather grew up in a time when there were a lot of challenges for Black people. He drove a bus to put himself through college and created this beautiful life for our family. To have three generations of our family who's gone to college as Black Americans is rare. I'm grateful to him for setting that standard for us.

I love that so much. What does Brandi stand for in one word?


Last question, where can our readers find this amazing woman here?

It's and you can see all of my work. For those of you who want to hear from me, I do a newsletter that comes out on the first and fifteenth of every month. It's a free newsletter. I'd love for people to meet me there as well. Thank you so much for having me. This has been such an enlightening conversation.

Thank you so much, Brandi. I appreciate you. I appreciate everything that you're doing and how much you're contributing to people's lives. Thank you so much for being here with us.

Likewise. You're welcome. Thank you.

Thank you, everyone. If you love this episode, which I'm sure you did, please share it with your friends and family, and I'll see you in the next episode.


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Brandi Mechele is a happiness, intuitive, & empowerment coach who currently spends her time coaching others and doing energy healing with a focus on subconscious capacity building. Brandi has extensive experience working with women entrepreneurs, helping them align with financial success while staying true to their values and purpose. Her depth and passion for human potential have lit a fire within her to inspire others and to find the intersection between success and personal fulfillment. She inspires her clients to live according to the resonance of their own souls, to live their most authentic lives, rather than according to the ho-hums of this created societal paradigm. She is bringing spirituality to the mainstream and supporting those who want to live a life of purpose to connect with themselves truly. Brandi’s core focus is to support female entrepreneurs who have a lot of success but are unable to scale their businesses financially to the extent that they would prefer.


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