Feeling Jealous or Envious? 3 Reasons Why You Should Bless Others Accomplishments

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WCP 79 | Feeling Jealous


Feeling jealous or envious when other people are doing well in life is only a natural human response. But if you let these emotions overpower you, they will eat you up from the inside. In this episode, Yanet Borrego discusses three reasons why you should bless other people’s accomplishments instead of drowning in envy and jealousy. She explains the dangers of endlessly comparing yourself, the best way to escape the unhealthy scarcity mindset, and the law of cause and effect.


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Feeling Jealous or Envious? 3 Reasons Why You Should Bless Others Accomplishments

I hope you are having an amazing day. We are getting ready to go on vacation to Puerto Rico and I'm beyond excited. I lived for twelve years in Puerto Rico after living in Mexico City. I'm originally from Cuba if you don't know me well. I’m from Cuba. We moved to Mexico City and then Puerto Rico. I finished high school and college there, Chemical Engineering. I was then recruited by a big oil and gas company to work here in Houston, Texas. That was ten years ago.

I haven't been back to Puerto Rico since 2018 when I was recruiting engineers for that big oil and gas company. I'm excited to see my high school friends and enjoy the Caribbean vibes and the music. It is going to be amazing. Cody, my husband, hasn't been there except he went there on a cruise once, but I told him that one day on a cruise is not the same as one week. We are going there for one week and two days. I'm doing this episode before we leave for the airport. I want to make sure that while I'm on vacation, you'll have amazing content to be more empowered, and live a more peaceful and happy life overall.

This episode is going to help you live that way. I've been wanting to do this episode about this topic for a long time. Every time I shower or walk, I'm thinking of this content and how relevant it is. The topic for this episode is all about feeling jealousy and envy in regard to other people's success and accomplishments, and what to do when you are feeling that way. For me, it's important at the highest level when you're feeling that way to recognize that you are jealous or feeling that envy because that's exactly what you want.

I remember when I transitioned from my full-time corporate career to full-time entrepreneurship, I was getting more active in social media. I was going through Stories on Instagram. I started seeing all these coaches with 25,000 followers, 500,000 followers, and 1 million followers. I'm like, "I want to be that." My first response was not to bless that they were at that level, even though they had less experience than me. My first response was to feel this jealousy because they had something that I didn't have, and that's something that I wanted, to be able to reach and impact more people.

I started realizing this feeling of jealousy and envy. By the way, I felt it too when I was in corporate because I'm a human being. At some level, we all experience this. Part of human growth, evolution, and development is to start blessing other people's accomplishments and success. Sometimes people may make it look easy how they have gotten there. It doesn't matter what the accomplishment or success is. If they are there, it’s because they have put a lot of work behind the scenes.

I love this quote from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People that says, "Private victories precede public victories." There is so much that goes in the background or behind the scene for you and the rest of the people to get to where they are and where they have been. It's also important to bring that perspective that they probably have worked hard to achieve that or have that vacation.

It's important to start blessing others' accomplishments. I'm going to give you three specific reasons why. If you're tuning in to this episode, even in the examples that I'm giving, you may feel identified because every time someone achieves something that you want or you’re around people that are doing amazing, you start questioning yourself, "Am I at that level?" Being with those people is a good indication because it's allowing you to get closer to that level which you desire.

From Scarcity To Abundance

Let's talk about the three reasons why we all should bless everyone's accomplishments and successes. The first one is blessing others' accomplishments shifts your mindset from scarcity to abundance. When you feel jealous or envious, it often comes from a belief that there is only a limited amount of resources or success to go around, which is not true at all.

If you have been following this show for a while, I've brought so many coaches in this show and I'm a coach myself. I've brought mindset, business, and career coaches because it is important for me to provide you with resources, stories, and people because I trust you can make the best decision for yourself. If you resonate with me, my style, teachings, testimonials, and clients, you can decide to work with me.

Maybe you resonate with another coach that I've invited to the show. I'm totally at peace with that because it doesn't matter how much I try to alienate other people, which I'm not about that at all. Alienating other people and not inviting people like me or coaches to the show is also limiting the potential, resources, and options that you have. It's transitioning from this scarcity mindset. Naturally, our ancient brain is going to kick into the scarcity mindset because it's seeking to protect us.

In ancient times, we had to hunt to get food. Food wasn't as abundant as it is now. Even though we are not in ancient times anymore, we still need to work on reprogramming that scarcity mindset. Many times, we feel wired to think that way. This belief that there is a limited amount of success and resources is not true at all. There is a pie for everyone. There are resources for everyone. The more you start thinking that way, the more you start noticing the opportunities. The more you focus on the limitations and the scarcity, the more you see and experience what you're focusing on, which is that scarcity.


The more you focus on the limitations and the scarcity, the more likely you are to miss opportunities.


Blessing others' accomplishments helps you see that there is abundance everywhere you go. Not only that, there are good things in life. Someone else's successes do not take away from your own. You can be successful, the people around you can be successful, and everyone on social media can be successful. The cool thing about this world of success is that you get to define your own success. Sometimes, we may be in situations where we are scrolling through social media. We are like, "I want to go on that trip. I want 2 million followers. I want $1 million revenue in my business," and all of these things. It is important for you to ask the question, "Is that what success is to me?"

Sometimes we may form an illusion of what success is, but do you want that? If you want that, are you willing to give up what you need to give up in order to get there? For example, in my business, I always say this and this is my vision. I don't see myself having a team of 100 people. I want a relatively small business where maybe in the future I have 10, 15, or 20 employees, and that's it. I don't want to have 100 employees or become a huge corporation, and that's okay for me and my success.

A big part of what is going to help you also in this journey of self-development is defining what success means to you, and being courageous enough to differentiate success for other people versus success for you. The success that you're expected to have versus the success that you decide to have is such a huge point in this journey of comparing ourselves to everyone else. Many times, these comparisons are not even realistic for what we want. They are not even aligned with our values and goals. It's a mindset shift for you to tune in more like meditating and journaling about what success means to you. It is important in life to have this intersection of success and fulfillment. That's the sweet point.

When we are successful at what we do because we love it so much and we want to give back while prioritizing ourselves. It's also a balance of giving and receiving. What does success mean to you? That's the most important question. When you start living your truth, you start honoring other people's truths because you don't feel the need to compare anymore. You realize that each one of us is living in our authentic truth. We are living the lives we have decided to live, consciously or unconsciously.

Part of this episode and the whole purpose of me talking about this topic is for you to make the unconscious conscious. That's the way that you start creating new patterns and new empowering behaviors. When you start realizing that judging, comparing, envy, and jealousy are not adding anything positive and constructive to your life, what are you going to do? It is important to start creating a new pattern.

This new pattern that I'm guiding you to create is whenever you start feeling that envy and jealousy, remember first to be compassionate and kind to yourself, and recognize that there are no bad feelings and bad parts of you, but rather it is an instant reaction from your ancient brain, and that is okay. Having that full acceptance and surrender of what you're experiencing and being compassionate towards yourself. Once you do that, then you are ready to shift the mindset to abundance. You then start blessing that other person's accomplishment and success.

You Can Also Do It

The second reason why you should do this is that person is giving you evidence that you can also do it. You can also achieve that success and that accomplishment. The fact that you're noticing that person, trip, or that success is because it is in your awareness. That is an amazing thing because if you understand our brain and mind, consciously, we don't notice every single thing that is around us. We notice the thing or the programming that we instruct our brain to notice.

The fact that you are observing someone else's successes means that you're focusing on what you want. You got to celebrate that because the more you focus on what you want, the more you start seeing people achieving what you want, it means that that thing is getting closer to you. If not, you wouldn't notice that at all. You would be distracted and noticing other things. Let me repeat that. The fact that you keep noticing what you want and other people are achieving that success or accomplishment, it means that that thing is moving closer to your awareness and that you're getting closer to getting that which you are wanting and desiring.

 It's the concept of when you surround yourself with people that are smarter and more assertive than you, then you'll start absorbing those qualities and start becoming that. If you surround yourself with people that are fitter than you, then you start becoming that by the nature of the absorption of energy's behaviors and everything else. Your environment does carry a big weight in terms of how you feel and the behaviors that you're adopting. When you see someone that is having the thing that you want to have, bless that person's accomplishment because it means that that accomplishment is moving closer to your reality. One day you're going to have it. It's a matter of time. I always say that it's not a matter of if it's going to happen. It is a matter of when.


This could also open the door for future collaborations, mentorship, and support. I have had a couple of people that have reached out to media via Instagram and LinkedIn, letting me know that they want to be coaches and asking for 30 minutes of my time to know how I was able to transition from my corporate career to coaching or how I've been able to gain clarity on my purpose. I do take the time to do that because I know how hard it is sometimes to connect with those people that have gone through the path.

Every Action Has An Equal And Opposite Reaction

It's always an opportunity to collaborate, learn from others, and get the mentorship that you're looking for so you can go to that next level. That's the second reason why you should start celebrating and blessing everyone else's successes. The third reason is a more spiritual reason, but that is also scientific. Let me start with the law of physics that says, "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." For example, if you throw a pebble into a lake or river, the weight of that pebble is having a reaction, and that's why you see the ripple effects. This also goes in accordance with this spiritual law, "You reap what you sow."

This also goes in alignment with one of the biggest spiritual laws which is the law of cause and effect. In other spiritual practices, they call it the law of karma. This is not to be afraid or anything like that, but it is for you to realize what you put out there or the energy that you give, you will end up receiving. Maybe not immediately, but later on.

If you are a super successful person or if you are achieving a lot, how would you want other people to respond to your success and achievement? Would you want them to be jealous and envious of what you have achieved in your journey? Would you want them to celebrate you and be genuinely happy for you? If you want those people to be happy for you, bless your accomplishments, and celebrate you because you have demonstrated to them what's possible for them, wouldn't you also want to show up that way? Wouldn't you want to treat other people the way you want them to treat you when you are achieving those accomplishments?

Sometimes it is tricky to genuinely and immediately celebrate with other people, but that's what this episode is about. It's about practicing it. You're not going to be perfect for the first time. That's where kindness, compassion, and surrender go. When you notice yourself feeling that envy or jealousy, remember, you can show up like you want other people to show up like you, and bless and celebrate with other people. The more people you find that genuinely want to celebrate for you, the better you feel.

We are social beings. Every time we volunteer and give, it feels good. We are beings that like to celebrate naturally. At the same time, we are in this society where everything is about the next shiny object. We got to take a step back and reconnect with ourselves and realize we are in this together. We are not competition. We are not the opposite of each other.

We’re a society that's in this together. We share the same resources, water, nature, and many times communities or support system. Why wouldn't we uplift this society or huge community that is called Earth and human life in order for us to also go up with this energy of uplifting everyone else? The more you uplift people, the more uplifted you feel. The more you uplift other people, those people are going to give back to you and they're wanting to naturally uplift you.

Remember to give what you want to receive. As I mentioned, giving blessings for others' accomplishments can feel incredibly satisfying and fulfilling. It allows you to also focus on the positive aspects of life. It raises our own vibrations to attract more positivity in our lives. What we focus on, we receive and experience. If we focus on scarcity and recognize all of the things that we don't have yet, then we start seeing those things.

When you shift from this mindset of scarcity to abundance and start blessing other people, you feel good that you are doing this because it is freeing to know that you are not focusing on the limitations, but instead, you're focusing on the possibilities. That's what life is about. It's about focusing on what you want and the possibilities, and for you to harness this mindset of abundance.

Those are the three reasons why you should bless others' accomplishments. It changes your mindset from scarcity to abundance. It demonstrates that it's also possible for you, and that person can be open to a possible collaboration or learn from their journey. Also, the third reason is the Law of Cause and Effect. If you put envy and jealousy out there and don't course correct yourself, then you're going to receive that because you reap what you sow.

I hope this helps you to start blessing others' accomplishments and living your own truth. Let's be honest, when we feel jealousy and envy, we don't feel good about ourselves. We feel that something is missing, and then feel guilty that we were feeling that jealousy and envy. When you feel it, be kind and compassionate towards yourself. As a human being, you're doing the best you can with the resources you have. Once you have that acceptance and that surrender, then shift your mindset and celebrate that person.

This has been a huge shift for me in the last few years. It has been incredible in terms of how much more fulfillment and happiness I find in other people's successes. I can feel it has opened my heart chakra or my heart center to be able to recognize that we are all interconnected. If someone goes up, we go up with that person.

I hope you enjoy this episode. If you found it helpful, please share it with your friends and family because I'm in this commitment to start supporting each other, uplifting each other more, and becoming more empowered within ourselves to do that. I hope you have an amazing week. I'll see you next time. Take care. Bye-bye.


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