7 Minutes Grounding Meditation

abundance acceptance element of earth grounding meditation nature water Mar 28, 2023
WCP 78 | Grounding Meditation

Do you feel too small for the space you want to take up? Do you find yourself lacking and incomplete? If you are in this headspace, then you’ll appreciate this seven-minute grounding meditation. Join Yanet Borrego as she guides you into a place of who you are. Get to know yourself and discover that you already have the resources you need within. Enter into a state of gratitude, love, and compassion, and come out with abundance, wholeness, and completeness.

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7 Minutes Grounding Meditation

Take a moment to find a place where you can be peaceful and uninterrupted. Whenever you're ready, close your eyes. As you close your eyes, take four breaths. Breathing in with intention and breathing out, releasing any need to control any expectations or attachment to any outcome. Allow yourself to fully be in this present moment with full acceptance or surrender of what is, and just breathe in and out.

As you continue breathing, I want you to take this moment to get to know yourself and how you're showing up. Start noticing your breath. Maybe your breath is showing up as deep or shallow. I want you to take a moment with no judgment, full surrender, and acceptance to notice how your breath is with the sole purpose of getting to know yourself. At the end of the day, this is the most important objective of all. It's getting to know yourself and how you are showing up without the need to show up differently.

I want you to think of one thing you're deeply grateful for and just the first thing that comes to mind. As you think of that one thing, think of why. Why are you grateful for that? How is that adding value to your life? Noticing the emotions of gratitude, how they take over your mind and body, and how good it feels to be operating from a place of abundance, wholeness, and completeness. Remind yourself that you have all the resources you need already within yourself. You have all the resources to be successful, fulfilled, happy, and present.

With this state of pure gratitude, love, and compassion, I want you to visualize yourself in your favorite place in nature. Wherever that might be, that's the right place for you. As you get there, you'll start connecting with every single element around you, like trees and sounds. You're connecting with the warmth from the sun and noticing how it feels in your skin and how it melts away any tension in your body and mind. You're also connecting with the element of air and noticing the breeze and how it feels on your face.

As you stand there, I want you to immerse yourself in the present moment to connect so much with each element that you realize that you are part of a whole. You realize how nature and you are interconnected. You are part of nature and nature is part of you. Everything is part of the whole. You're now taking a moment to connect to any water around you and embrace the flexibility of water.


Water is such an interesting element. It can be solid when it gets frozen. It's liquid in its natural form. It can be a gas when it's evaporated. It's embracing these qualities of flexibility within you and knowing that it doesn't matter if you have highs and lows. You'll be able to flow as water does with no resistance, full acceptance, and surrender.

Slowly turn your attention to the element of earth and imagine yourself walking barefoot and truly connecting to this ground energy. As you continue walking barefoot, imagine two energetic cords, something like roots connecting from the sole of your feet down to the core of the earth. As you connect down to the core of the earth, notice how much calmer, centered, and balanced you feel by connecting. Allow yourself to be supported by this foundation that is underneath you at all times. The universe always has your back. You just need to remember to connect down to the ground.


The universe always has your back. You just need to remember to connect down to the ground.


Imagine a big ball filled with love, healing energy racing from the core of the earth up to the sole of your feet. It's starting to fill you with that love healing energy to your feet, lower legs, knees, and thighs, and it is stopping right at your seat bones. Any excess energy you may feel in the form of stress, anxiety, or anything else, just release it down and let it go, knowing that you are ready to let go. Allow yourself to be fully present, fully grounded, and in the moment.

With your eyes closed, take a moment to set your intention. Even before this grounding meditation, there was an objective in going through this process. Now that you're fully grounded and released what you needed to release, what's your intention moving forward in continuing to show up, empowered, and authentic? Whenever you have that intention, you can take four breaths and then come back.


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