Regulating Your Emotions In Stressful Situations

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Life throws curveballs, and sometimes, those curveballs land right in the strike zone of our emotions. Navigating stressful situations can be overwhelming, but the good news is, that everyone has the ability to regulate their emotions, and respond constructively. In this episode, Yanet Borrego shares the stressful situation she’s gone through and provides tips on regulating your emotions to navigate the situation. Learn to feel the unpleasant emotion because giving it presence allows healing to begin. Grab the lessons you’ll learn from this episode because it makes a huge difference in regulating your emotions. Learn to ride the waves and wage the storms with Yanet today.

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Regulating Your Emotions In Stressful Situations

I often get the question, “How can I regulate or navigate my emotions, the unpleasant feelings that come up during stressful times?” or even when I'm talking to women, “Whenever I'm feeling hormonal during that time of the month, how can I regulate my emotions? How can I reconnect back and create this sense of belonging in my mind and my body so I can stay in control?” I wanted to do an episode on this because I faced a very vulnerable, scary, and stressful situation.

When I was thinking of this episode, I wanted to illustrate this with a story that is on the extreme side of the spectrum, but it illustrates the many concepts I want you to truly start applying when you are in stressful situations because they are going to help you to hone into yourself again, even when the outside world feels like chaos. To me, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday was pure chaos. Nothing seems certain. I'm going to tell the story so you know what I'm talking about.


The Stressful Situation

I'm pregnant. I'll be seventeen weeks on Friday, which we are super excited about. My right leg started swelling, but not my two legs. That was a Sunday. I waited. I'm like, “Maybe this is normal.” When you google it, it tells you that it's not normal clearly. I didn't know better. I decide to wait. Usually, when my legs have been swollen in the past because I've traveled or something similar, or in a Tony Robbins event that I went back in 2014, I jumped so much in that event that honestly my legs started to swell and I'm like, “What the heck?”

Usually, over a couple of hours, if I rest, the swelling goes down. In this case, I was resting my leg, and after two days the swelling stayed the same or even worse. I messaged my doula. I have a doula for my pregnancy. I asked her, “Should I reach out to a doctor? I don't know what to do.” She's like, “You should.” I called my gynecologist. My gynecologist sent me immediately to the ER because she was very concerned about the potential of having a blood clot in my right leg. I'm like, “Let's go to ER.”

We go to the ER. We spend six and a half hours in the ER. I don't know if you have ever had the experience with the emergency room, but it takes long for every single thing. It's not a joke. It's crazy. They took blood tests. Something that they do if you have the risk of developing a blood clot is basically scanning your leg. It's like a pregnancy ultrasound. They use a similar machine, but they scan the veins in your legs and the arteries in my leg it was very painful. It's not supposed to be painful, but I don't know what that lady was doing I was in much pain when she was doing that.

That day, my leg was swelling. There was no pain other than during that ultrasound. Everything else was fine. I was feeling fine and the results came back. Blood work was completely fine and super healthy. They didn't find anything in my veins and arteries. Everything seemed fine. When the doctor sees my leg, he tells me, “I'm still very concerned because this doesn't look normal or common at all. I want you to see a cardiovascular surgeon.” He told me as soon as possible. All these doctors are not available as soon as possible, which is one of the frustrations with the medical system and availability of all of these doctors. It was one of the main stressors for me at a time when I was very vulnerable. I didn't feel safe and supported many times in this journey. I'm going to explain why.

I go home. I kept going with my life, and then one day after I went to the ER, my right leg started hurting so much to the point that I could barely walk without my husband's assistance. I remember waking up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom. I needed to wake up my husband in order to help me get to the restaurant because it was that painful. I couldn't even stand straight. If I would try to stand straight, the pain would increase. I called the cardiologist. They gave me an appointment one week from the moment that I called, which was the day after going to the ER because we left the ER at 10:30 PM. We spent six and a half hours there.

I'm like, “I'll wait one week from now.” One week passed, the pain was still intense and the leg was still very swollen. We go to a doctor appointment. We show up at the doctor. He sees my leg. He's very concerned and he's like, “I didn't have anything else as a plan other than our consultation, but this seems very urgent. I'm going to see if my team can create space for another leg scan.” He mentions a leg scan and I'm here freaking out because the last leg scan was mega painful. I'm like, “Doctor, it is fine. They did that already. They didn't find anything. That was so painful. I'm in pain already. I don't want to go through more pain.” He's like, “No worries, this technician is very good and I promise you are not going to feel pain.”

I'm like, “Okay, if you say so, anything to be healthy.” He sends me to the room where they did the scan, and then this guy who has twenty years of experience starts scanning my leg and there is no pain, thankfully. I'm like, “Thank God you're amazing.” He starts scanning my leg and very calmly, he's like, “There is a blood clot here on top. It looks pretty big.” He keeps scanning my leg and he's like, “There is another blood clot here.” I know what blood clots are and I know they can be very dangerous if they are not treated in a timely manner. The risk of blood clots is that they can break and part of it can go to your lung or to your heart. It can have very serious and damaging consequences to your health.

I'm here listening to this news trying to not freak out, but I have to admit inside of me, I'm freaking out. I'm pregnant. There are many vulnerable things happening in my life and then this happens. I'm like, “Everything's going to be fine. Don't freak out right now. I'll probably freak out after I leave this room, but do not freak out.” This guy calls the doctor and the doctor is like, “We need to do something about it. This is pretty urgent.”

I'm grateful that he acted with urgency. He even told me, “I'm surprised that the emergency room didn't follow up with your leg because sometimes when there is a blood clot descending, you are not going to see it immediately in your leg. You need to follow up 2 or 3 days after, and then you see it. We are seeing it right now, but this is one week almost and a half after you experienced all of these symptoms.”

He couldn't believe ER didn't follow up with me and I didn't know better. Now I know better. He's like, “We need to treat you like as soon as possible. Usually, I don't get clients with blood clots. I usually get clients after they have gone through a blood clot,” because he's a cardiologist. Let me call a doctor that I know. She's a hematologist, which is a doctor that deals with everything blood-related including blood clots.” He called this doctor. They asked me for my weight because the medicine that they had to give me was based on my weight. They come up with the doses that I have to give myself.

I’m giving myself two injections per day. My husband is helping me. Every twelve hours I have to inject myself or my husband or my mom have to inject me with anticoagulants in order to control these blood clots so the body can heal. He comes back. He's like, “I called Walgreens. I sent them your prescription. You need to get this treatment as soon as possible. Call your gynecologist and make sure she's okay with this treatment. I'm pretty sure it's safe for the baby, but I want you to double-check with her.” I'm like, “Okay, let me call.” I called the gynecologist, and the gynecologist was not in her office that day. The team of nurses, basically this lady tells me, "She's not in the office right now. I don't know if we can reach her.”

What I heard is a lack of urgency in these words, “Tomorrow she's going to come to the office and maybe by noon she'll answer your question.” We are trying to respond here with urgency this lady is acting like this is nothing. I'm pregnant. I have two blood clots. One of them seems to be pretty big. We got to do something about it ASAP and I need to get treatment as soon as possible. I want to make sure that my baby and I are going to be okay. This lady is super chill and I'm like, “I had to respond with urgency, okay?” I think my husband was in shock. I was emotional and I was trying to keep it all together.

I was like, “I may call you tomorrow to follow up if I'm still alive.” The first thing on my mind at that moment is I could die. I have this ticking bomb in my leg, which is this blood clot that they can separate at any time. If that happens, honestly, the consequences can be fatal. When she heard my urgency and she heard what I was telling her, she acted with urgency. One of the first lessons here is you have to advocate for yourself in the medical system, work, relationships, and everywhere because many people naturally are in survival mode. They are reacting in their lives and they are making decisions based on their interests because they don't know better. If you don't speak up and you don't advocate for yourself, sometimes people are not going to move.


Sometimes, people are not going to try to help you. In this case, I had to be very direct with this lady. Literally, five minutes after she called me that she had talked to the doctor. Initially, she was telling me, “We don't know if I can reach out to the doctor." Of course, you can for emergency situations. She's a gynecologist. She sees clients that sometimes have a c-section or a natural birth and she has to be in the hospital. There is a way to contact this lady and this is super urgent. Anyways, all of that happened, which added to my stress because that's when I started feeling honestly, I was in this vulnerable situation and I was not being supported by this medical system that is telling me that this is an urgency.

I'm like, “This seems like nonsense. I have treatment.” Honestly, I left the doctor and the first thing I did was to break down to Cody because to me there were many emotions. It was stressful. There was much uncertainty. The fact that I'm pregnant, the ER missed that I had two blood clots, which can be very serious, the fact that this doctor had told me, “You have these things in your leg, and by the way, because of one of them, there may be long-term consequences to your leg.” I'm trying to process all of these then the baby and the gynecology situation. I was overwhelmed. There was too much uncertainty in less than an hour.

We leave this place at 3:00 PM. I had a client later on and I'm like, “Honestly, I need to distract myself and I need to focus on helping someone else because what can I do at the moment that I'm waiting? I don't want to be overthinking and googling. Let me serve a client. That's the only thing I can do for this moment.” I remember with that client, we took like an hour and a half because part of me was scared to go back to that uncertainty to be completely vulnerable with you. I hung up with this client. Cody tells me, “Walgreens called and they cannot fulfill the prescription because the prescription has discrepancies.”

I'm like, “What does this mean? I need to get treatment today.” This was at 7:00 PM already. In my mind, I'm like, “I cannot sleep knowing that I have this and I'm not getting treatment and it's not being controlled.” I was very stressed and somehow Cody thought of calling the cardiologist again and there was an emergency line to their line after office hours. I called there. I talked to this guy. He wasn't the doctor. It was someone else. He's like, “Let me page the doctor and if you don't hear from us from here to 45 minutes, call us again.” I'm like, “Okay.” I waited 30 minutes and I called them, “I'm calling again.” This girl is another person who answered. This girl is like, “I'm going to page the doctor again.”

I'm thankful for this doctor. Even though this has been pure chaos, of all the people I interacted with, this doctor was the one who had the urgency and was responding to me. I never leave Google Reviews, but I left him a review because I was thankful for all of this chaos. He calls me at 8:00 PM. Walgreen calls us at 9:00 PM, and I'm here freaking out. He calls me at 8:00 PM and he's like, “I talked to Walgreens. The discrepancy was that you need 0.7, but they have 0.6 or 0.8. Those are the options. I chose 0.6, which is a lower dose of injections, but tomorrow you have to call the hematologist. I gave you her information because we have to make sure that that dose is still safe for you.” I'm like, “There is a little bit of uncertainty. Is it safe for me? At least I'm getting treatment. Peace of mind.”

We call Walgreens, “We received your prescription, but we don't have this in stock.” I'm like, “Are you kidding me?” They're like, “We did our research.” Thanks to that pharmacist. Not everyone would do that. I don't take anything for granted in this process. I'm very thankful for the people that have taken action and have truly helped me. The pharmacist apparently called Walgreens or checked the database. I don't know what she did. She found one 24-hour Walgreens that had those in stock. I'm like, “Let's go.” We go to Walgreens. They take like an hour to finally give us the medication.

There is a moment that they're like, “We don't have this in stock.” I'm like, “You have to be kidding me.” All this chaos kept happening and I'm like, “Breathe.” It was another lesson, It’s a lesson that I know already. There was a moment in this process when I thought I was going to have a panic attack. I haven't had a panic attack since 2014 when I was stressed at my job. This is a dangerous position to be in. I'm here trying to, “I'm going to leave. I'm not ready to die.” All of these things. My husband was reminding me over and over to breathe I was breathing deeply trying to focus on that and trying to control that breath because I didn't get my first injection until 10:30 PM. This doctor's appointment was at 2:30 PM. I didn't get my first treatment until 10:30 PM and in between was chaos, crazy uncertainties and so many things that I was scared for.

It was a time in my life that I've been the most scared for my life and at the deepest level. it was an intense and stressful moment for me. We get injections and I'm like, “I need to call the hematologist tomorrow.” The story doesn't end here. This was Wednesday. On Thursday, I am calling this hematologist over and over. I leave messages. There is a voicemail that says they are going to get back to me within 24 hours. I'm like, “Okay.” I called 3 or 4 times. I left a message with people and in the voicemail 3 or 4 times. I'm still waiting for them to call back. That's how frustrating this has been.

I realized they were not calling me back. I was trying to set an appointment with her too. I was trying to do two things at the same time and I was not getting traction with any of these things. On Thursday I'm still like, “It's 3:00 or 4:00 PM. I cannot get a hold of this hematologist. I'm going to call my hero, the cardiologist again I'm going to ask them, I'm going to tell them the hematologist is not answering. You guys told me this is urgent. I'm trying to get the proper treatment and it's impossible right now for me. Can you please help me?” They immediately helped me and they sent another prescription to Walgreens with the point 0.8.

If you remember, there were two options, 0.6 or 0.8. Now they went with the 0.8, but they told me, “You need 0.7, not 0.8. You cannot inject extra to yourself. your husband or whoever is injecting you has to drain part of it and then inject you the right dose.” I'm like, “I'm sure there is a YouTube video explaining this like, I don't care. I need the right treatment for me to feel safe.” They send it to Walgreens. Thankfully Walgreens had like five days of injections in stock. We picked it up and then that was Thursday. Monday we picked up the last 25 because I mean, these injections will go on probably at a minimum during the whole pregnancy. It's going to go on for months. I need tons of these injections.

I promise these stories will end soon. I need to tell you all the details so you can get into the stressful situation that this was. I'm going to talk about the lessons learned and how I was able to regulate my emotions the best I could because there is no perfection in this process. We are always going to do the best we can with the resources that we have at that moment. I want you to also practice self-compassion with yourself whenever you're going through stressful situations. Let's finish this story. That was Thursday.


There is no perfection in this process. We will always do the best we can with the resources that we have at that moment.


On Friday I finally got a hold of these people to schedule an appointment with the hematologist. Now get ready for this. The only appointment that the hematologist had available was on February 28th at the same time where I had my anatomy scan with my gynecologist. The lady was like, “Call your gynecologist and reschedule.” I'm like, “You don't understand. This gynecologist is not available for 4 or 5 more weeks probably. I'll take it.” The hematologist is a priority because it has to be with my life and with my baby because I have to live for my baby. All of it is interrelated. I'm like, “I call the hematologist.” We finalize that finally I'm like, “Thank God.”

On Friday, I was a mess emotionally. There was so much in two days that I needed to integrate all the survival modes of these last three days. I called my gynecologist and tried to reschedule, and she told me, “We don't have appointments until March 18th." I'm like, “My last appointment on February 28th was five weeks ago. You want me to wait four more weeks. The gynecologist is not going to see me in almost two months.”

In my mind, I'm like, “Pregnancy is nine months. What is going on?” The mistake I made was that I didn't give her background information before, I should have said, “This week, they found two blood clots in my right leg. I'm super scared, super nervous. It took me a while to schedule this hematologist appointment. When I got it, the only time they had available was this, can you please help me?” I asked to reschedule the appointment. Probably in her mind, there was no urgency. I'm here super emotional trying to get all of these appointments then this lady said March 18th. I'm going to be honest with you. At that moment, I broke down in front of her.

We're on the phone, but I broke down and I was like, “You don't understand.” I was telling her all this story while I was crying. I couldn't contain myself. I think I felt powerless during the last 2 or 3 days trying to get everything in order I didn't know what else to do. It was such a scary situation. She heard me crying and she's like, “Calm down. Your baby's still there.” She was so nice after she knew the situation. She was like, “I found an appointment that same day at 11:00 AM. It's not at 2:00 PM for your anatomy scan.” I'm like, “Thank you so much.”

There are so many lessons here, but one, it's important to describe, and this applies to everything, relationships, careers, the medical system, the craziness of the medical system to give background information in form of the urgency before you ask for the request, which I miss that second time. The first time I talked to a gynecologist, I did mention the urgency, but they were like somewhere else in their mind.

The second time I missed that completely and honestly I was so emotional that I couldn't think straight. She was asking me, “Who is your primary doctor?” She was asking me questions. I couldn't access my memory. I was that emotional and that nervous. It was a rollercoaster of emotions. I feel so much better now that I have this treatment and my appointment scheduled. I feel like back on track. She helped me again now that she knew the urgency. I had to advocate for myself and push the boundaries of what I was told was possible and that helped me because they understood, “This is super urgent. We’ve got to do something about it.”

Sometimes people are not going to understand the urgency unless we communicate it. Sometimes we have to communicate it with emotion to be fair. I'm sure they receive many requests from people saying a million things. Maybe they become neutral to all of these things. When she saw my raw emotion, which of course was completely unplanned, she immediately felt empathy and she acted. She's like, “We are going to make this happen.” She was supportive after all that craziness. I know this has been a lot, but I need it. I've told this story many times and I've felt triggered at times. I realized the more I tell it, the more I share it with people with the intention to inspire and empower, and the more I'm healing myself.


Sometimes I'm sharing stories that are highly vulnerable and I'm even scared of sharing them because we are always thinking of, “What would people think? I don't want to look like a victim. I don't want to people to feel pity.” I have to remind myself, that this is not about me. I want to utilize these stories and episodes to truly inspire and serve people because, in the most challenging moments of my life, that's what I've learned the most. I'm thankful for those challenging moments. I want to share them with all of you as I'm going through them. I don't want to for 2 or 3 years to pass and then tell the story. I want to tell it right now. You also understand that there are many people who know that I've been certified with a million skills. I have a million tools. I'm usually very calm, centered, and balanced.

It doesn't matter who you are, you are going to have tough situations in life. In those tough situations in life, you are going to be in a place where you have to go back to the basics and apply everything you have been learning with even more intention. That's where I was. Believe me, it was hard because my emotions were getting in the way and I was in pure survival mode. I'm going to tell you what I've learned. I'm going to tell you what I would recommend when you are in stressful situations.


You will have tough situations in life. The tough situations in life will be in the place where you have to go back to the basics.


To give you a status update. I took the weekend to rest. I needed to integrate everything that was going on. On Friday, I had two clients. I had never in my life rescheduled clients the same day. To me, that's a big no-no, but I needed to lead by example. I truly needed to take care of my mental health, and my physical health, and they were super understanding. This is not something I've ever done. They clearly understood that this was very urgent. Even that, I felt like, “I feel I'm disappointing them.” I wasn't. I know that. I know that because I would have done the same thing for them. If there is an emergency or medical anything, I'm like, “Take care of that. Your health is always first.”

I have a lot of moms with kids and sometimes they get sick out of nowhere or yesterday and they have to tell me the same day. I'm flexible with that because I know health stuff can be very scary. I can help them with the mental and emotional, but for the physical stuff, they need to take care of that first. I'm feeling so much better. Thanks to injections, it is super healthy. The pain has significantly decreased. I do still have some swelling, but it's decreasing. I'm thankful that I'm still here with all of you because life can be very uncertain.

There are many things that happen that are not under our control. I would say most things that happen are not within our control, but the most important thing we choose, our control is how we respond to the situation. That's the most important thing. That's the thing that we have to invest in. That's the thing that we have to focus on. I see life as an ocean. I give this metaphor over and over. Some days are full of waves, high waves, the tide is high, and some days it's very calm, like a lake. One of the main lessons in life is how to ride those waves without expecting those waves to completely disappear. They're going to be there anyway, to learn to equip ourselves with the right tools, to regulate ourselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

This was the perfect situation or story to do that. I'm using it here in this episode to illustrate a couple of the concepts. Let's talk about how you can regulate your emotions and how I did in stressful situations. It doesn't have to be to that extreme of like, “I'm going to be alive today.” I'm talking about stressful situations related to your husband. Stressful situations because you are in your cycle in that day of your menstruation you feel like nothing is working out for you and that you're highly emotional.

Acceptance Of The Unpleasant Emotion

The first thing to remember and to know, and this is something that I've been learning more and more through the last few years that I've had to process and integrate very challenging situations. 1) If you don't face it, you suppress it. You have to allow yourself to feel unpleasant emotions with no judgment. We want to avoid it but with pure acceptance. When you are there in those unpleasant feelings, what you tend to do is want to avoid the situation and the feeling. The more we try to avoid that feeling, the more it attracts us.

I have this thing that I learned from Tony Robbins is this quote, “Rejection creates obsession. The more you want to push it away, the more you tend to attract and linger that suffering.” Facing those emotions and giving presence to those emotions. Presence is healing. Imagine that you're struggling and then you go to a friend and you are telling this friend basically, “How are you feeling?” That friend tells you, “I don't have time for you.”


Rejection creates obsession. The more you want to push it away the more you tend to attract and linger that suffering.


That would be detrimental for you at that moment. Don't be like that with yourself. Don't tell yourself like, “This is happening again. I don't want to face this.” Treat yourself like a good friend would treat you. It would give you validation. It would tell you, “It's okay. This is temporary. While this passes because these too shall pass, let's heal these unpleasant emotions through your presence.” If you don't face it, you suppress it. I think it's important. I coach clients. Coaching is very action-oriented. You always want to find a solution to how you can move forward.

I’m an engineer turned into a coach. I'm very solution-driven. I like helping people get results. The first step is to truly provide that safe space for those unpleasant emotions to heal, practicing acceptance of what is without wishing the reality to be any different. This is not a perfect process. I wished that my reality was different and then I had to remind myself, “The reality is this, what I'm going through right now, the more I resisted, the more I tend to suffer.” I'm going to practice right now being in acceptance with these emotions, and with what is. I think breathing is such a powerful tool that can bring you back to your body and your mind and can provide that presence that is truly going to heal you through these stressful moments.


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Find Gratitude In Stressful Moments

This one is important. Find gratitude in the most stressful situations. During that process, I was like, “These people. This medical system.” I'm a human being. I'm not enlightened. In those moments, I remember being thankful that the cardiologist had found this serious condition that the emergency room hadn't. I was grateful. I see this cardiologist is like my angel. There is always someone in your path that that person is like such a big enabler. It can be a person or group of people, but there is something in your path that I think the universe and/or God places, that even in the most challenging situations, there is something that gives you a certainty that everything will be okay.

That's why I needed to record this episode, to continue healing and facing all the emotions. I remember thinking, “I'm thankful for this cardiologist because thanks to him this condition was found. Thanks to him, I started getting treatment. I got the right dose.” He came back over and over trying to help me. I’m thankful for my baby that is okay, but also for my body, for the capacity of the body to heal itself because even these injections are preventing the blood clot from growing or from separating. The theory is that the body will take care of the blood clot. The body can heal itself. I’m thankful for this body, my husband, and my mom that they were there when I couldn't even walk.

I was frustrated because I couldn't even walk well. I'm like, “What the heck? What is going on?” Do you know what I was thinking? I'm like, “What about the athlete?” He's an amazing athlete and gets injured. They get depressed, it's normal, but they have the strength to go through that situation, get back, and be an amazing athlete again. I was thinking of all of these people that I've seen even in shows and episodes, who had some physical situation and they were able to get back. I told myself that if those people did it, I could do it too. We have the same resources. We have our body, mind, spirit, this universal intelligence, God, and the universe, whatever you believe in supporting us, I can do it too.

There was a slight second where I asked myself the question of why me? I thought of a client that I've worked with us the third time. We have been working together. She's amazing. She has experienced great results. That's why we are working together. She brought me this, the question of like, “Sometimes I ask myself, why me?” This process is beautiful because sometimes your clients will bring you into the moment or before, after situations that you're also going through.

Immediately I thought, “Why me?” because there is something here that I need to learn. I have this unwavering faith and belief that everything that happens in my life is happening for me and that in the most challenging moments of my life, there is a lesson to be learned. It's not going to feel unpleasant many times, but it's going to feel pleasant whenever you get the lesson and you're applying it. Even this story, I'm using it to add value to all of you. There is always a silver lining. We have to find it because focusing on the question of, “Why me?” doesn't help anyone. Why you? You have to learn a lesson. There is a lesson here to be learned. That's the only way that I can think of answering that question.

“Why me?” sometimes is not that productive because, in this process where it seems challenging and there are obstacles in the way, we have to keep that faith strong that things are going to be okay. I'm thankful for my mom. She lives here with us and my husband, but she has gone through crazy things. She's incredible. The faith in something else, the universe, God, and that things are going to work out every single time. She always reminds me of that. I'm thankful for her. There is always a lesson to be learning everything that we face. Do not expect this process to be perfect or smooth.

When I got diagnosed with this blood clot, I didn't leave the office and I said, “Thank you for this experience.” No, I was not in that state. I was freaking the heck out. I wanted to know that I was going to leave. That was my only worry at that moment. As you go through it, and still you're going through pain, you have to regulate yourself better. I think that there has to be a lesson to be learned, and that's why I'm facing that. It truly helps you regulate your emotions in stressful situations because it allows you to put those situations in perspective and in a productive way that you can utilize moving forward.


You should regulate yourself better.


Practice Having Faith

Practice having faith. That's the next one. Focus on what you want. I was visualizing my body healing. I was praying, meditating, and visualizing my body healing. I thought to myself, “I'm trying to get all this doctor support and treatment. What is within my control right now?” My mindset, faith, and belief when nothing else is working, even when things are working, I'm doing this, but in that case that nothing else seems to work, I'm like, “I got to remind my essence. I'm a creator. I have the power to heal my body. I’ve got to go back to the roots, to the basics.”

It has helped me much to tap into my spirituality. I'm a very spiritual person. I've always been since a kid in many ways I'm thankful that my mom is too. We are not strict on what we believe. If you see my desk, I have stones, Buddha, Mary, candles and everything. I believe in everything. I think we are all talking about the same thing with different labels and different names. That's my belief tapping into that spirituality that I'm always guided, that I'm never alone was such a precious moment, a precious lesson, because I don't believe we are here by chance. I believe we are here for our souls to continue evolving these challenges truly help us get the lessons to continue that evolution.


The next lesson. I'm thankful I had my husband and mom, but I also reached out to friends. These last few years that I've gone through very challenging situations, I've allowed myself to be vulnerable and let people in compared to before when I'm like, “No one needs to know. I can't do this myself.” Now I open up my heart and I allow people to come in and get me support or help, even if it's a text. I have a dear friend that she was calls me every single day. She's like, “Are you okay? Do you need anything? I'm going to Costco. What do you need?” Every single day she was calling me. That makes a difference. You feel cared for. It is totally normal. We are tribal human beings. We are meant to be a community. We are meant to be connected. Getting a support system is important.

Advocate For Yourself

The last one, you have to advocate for you. In this medical system, school system, your work, your relationship, or within yourself, everywhere, you have to advocate for yourself because you are the only person who knows what's going on. Even though this doctor said it was urgent, some doctors were not acting like it. I was confused. I'm like, “I need this treatment like today.” I think advocating for you and believing the worthiness that you deserve this was important. There have been three times in my life that have been faced with death. I mean, not literally, but whenever I had a panic attack in 2014, I thought I was dying because my left arm went numb. I'm like, “I'm dying.”

Every time I faced death in some way, there were many beautiful lessons. I wanted to talk to you about my evolution. At that time in 2014, my first thought in my mind was the life I've been living mainly related to my work is one that I've been tolerating, not one that I've been creating. To me, that was a breaking and awakening point for me to start taking control of my life, to start creating the career that I truly was passionate about, to start discovering my purpose, and to align my career and life to what truly lights me up. That was back in 2014.

My second encounter with death was when we lost three family members. Three of them are very close to me. Two of them were my uncle and my grandmother. My uncle was such a big sad moment for me, but also very awakening. When I was faced with my uncle's death, the lesson for me was, “What am I waiting for? I could die today.” That's when I decided to quit my successful six-figure corporate job, which I liked. This was not a job I hated or anything like that.

I decided to pursue this dream that I had been building in the background for the last many years and go fooling into coaching and speaking, which was back in 2021. This time, I swear I thought I was going to die, or if I didn't get treatment. You go into survival mode and then this doctor is telling you the consequences and all of that stuff. It's very overwhelming. This time was different. First of all, I definitely felt I didn't want to die. I felt I wasn't ready. I want to be very clear with that.

My second thought, which I was grateful for and I'm still grateful for, was, “If I die today, I'm very happy with all the decisions I've made. I'm making, I'm very happy and aligned with the life I'm living. I'm truly living my dream when it comes to coaching, people, speaking, helping people evolve, and helping people fulfill their potential. I'm very happy. I'm very happy with how much effort and commitment I put into the relationship with my husband, which relationships are not easy peasy. There is a lot of work and teamwork, and we have evolved so much.”


The third one was because my mom lives with me. She has been with me my whole life, literally. We have been together most of our lives, and I was proud of the daughter that I've been to her. I know I've been an amazing daughter. I think that was good because again, I didn't want to die in my mind, but if I did, I said, “I still have a lot of things to do, but I'm very aligned with where I'm at in life.” I'm telling you this because, in 2014, I was completely misaligned. Many things can change in years if you truly invest in yourself, in getting to know yourself, in getting to know your pat, and in aligning everything in your life with who you truly are, relationships, career, friends, people, family members. It’s important.

I know this was a lot, everyone. Thank you so much for providing me this safe space to be here with you and to truly share this story because you reading is also helping me heal through everything that has happened. My body is still healing. Healing from this can be a process, hopefully, a smooth one moving forward. I'm thankful for all of you, for this platform, and for you reading. If this episode was inspiring and empowered you to truly start regulating your emotions in stressful times, but also step into your truth, step into your power, even when things seem chaotic and uncertain.


Step into your truth and power even when things seem so chaotic.


If this episode did that for you, please share it with a friend or with your family members. My purpose here on Earth is to help you guys to truly fulfill your potential, to truly be fulfilled, and successful in the way of whatever that means to you. Thank you so much for joining me for another amazing episode. I cannot wait to connect with you again. Thank you. Bye-bye.


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