Recommit To Yourself

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WCP 101 | Recommit To Yourself

We all hit certain times in our lives when we feel like we are losing ourselves—be that in the midst of a big transition, a particularly tough period, or even just that state of feeling aimless. Let this start of the new year be that metaphorical clean slate for you to recommit to yourself. Yanet Borrego welcomes us back not only for a new episode but also back into who we are, taking you on a journey of recommitment amidst the changes happening in your life. Tune in to learn Yanet’s RISE framework, where she provides actionable strategies to help you reprogram your mind. Treat yourself with compassion and embrace this process of recommitting to yourself. Start the year by tapping what is already within.

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Recommit To Yourself

I am super excited to be here because, honestly, I haven't connected with you guys since December 2023. It is time to do this now. This episode is about recommitting to yourself whatever you're experiencing. If you are going through a big transition, if you are doubting yourself, if you don't think that you are capable or maybe you have lost some momentum or some direction, whatever it is for you, this episode is for you because the enabler for you to get on track is to basically recommit to yourself. For the last few years, January for me has been a month of recommitting myself and my journey and setting the tone for the rest of 2024. 

 If you haven't done your goals or anything else, don't worry. There is still time. What matters is the intention behind anything and everything you do. I'm telling you this because, for the last few months, I've been going through a big transition. I am excited to announce that I am pregnant. We are going to have a baby boy. We are just beyond excited. To be honest with you, I was so nervous in the first trimester because if you have followed me for a while, you know that I miscarried back in 2022. I was nervous and there was so much uncertainty in this beautiful journey of pregnancy. There are so many unknowns that it's such a big spiritual teacher for you and me to practice a lot of acceptance and surrender. 

There has been a time when I've failed. I needed to go inward and go back to my cocoon, regenerate, re-energize, and recommit to myself. That's my life experience now. There are so many things you might be going through. Maybe it's not pregnancy, but it's a big change in your life and changes take courage. Changes take a process of grieving, even with pregnancies, basically grieving who you were before so you can become a new person and embrace that identity. That is the process, and in that process, we got to practice so much self-compassion. We got to practice so much validation because whatever you're feeling now, I want to validate that is valid and it's real for you. That's what matters. The most important part is to learn from that journey, process, or transition. 

 When you're ready to move forward with more strength and wisdom out of everything, I would say wisdom more than anything because we are learning with each stage in our lives. I always tell my coaching clients that life is like an ocean. The ocean sometimes is just so peaceful and you don't see any waves. It’s perfectly balanced. Sometimes there are many ways. There are huge waves, but it doesn't matter what you're going through in life. Just like the ocean, those waves are temporary. Even if they are big and scary, everything in life is temporary. Those unpleasant emotions are temporary. The fear is temporary. 

Falling Off Track Is Still On Track

The important part is always getting those skills to ride the waves. It's being like a surfer in that ocean where no matter what waves you face, you have the skills to ride the waves. Even if you're an experienced surfer, you may be hit by a wave and you fall off your table. Falling off track is okay. It's part of the process. Many times, we are very hard on ourselves when we fall off track. I have this mantra or affirmation that I practice over and over. Affirmation is falling off track means that you are on track. Let me explain why. Whenever we are going through anything in life, we have goals, we have dreams, we have visions, or we are grieving, it is totally normal to experience downs and to experience times in that journey when you feel you don't have it figured out and you completely have fallen off track. 


Falling off track means that you are on track.


That's such a good sign that you are trying something new. That's such a good sign that you're pursuing something or you're going through something that you have never gone through before. It is normal to fall off track. That's a good sign that you are trying, making strides, and making a breakthrough. Life is not a linear line. It’s not a zone of comfort. When you fall off track, I truly believe that we are in that zone that feels uncomfortable to us. That means that we are growing in the right direction. Many people fall off track and they stop there. They don't get back on the journey, but I hope this reminder serves you that no matter what you're going through, the only solution to recommitting to yourself is to get back on track. 

Growth And Contribution 

When you fall off track, you get back on track. I want you to stop expecting that you're never going to fall off track and the journey is going to be perfect and you're going to be perfect because that's totally unrealistic. If it feels perfect and comfortable all the time, we are not growing if that's the case. Growth often feels unsafe because there is a lot of uncertainty. It often feels very uncomfortable. If you're feeling that way now, I want to congratulate you because you're doing the right thing. The right thing is growing. If we truly want to have a fulfilled life, there are two elements to it, growth and contribution. You are doing the thing. 

 You are growing. That's why you're here, just ready to recommit to yourself. It's totally normal. In these episodes, I always like to give actionable strategies. I truly believe that knowledge is potential power but action is real power. I can tell you so many things in theory, but if you don't apply them, then we are not growing. We are not expanding. We are not recommitting to ourselves. It doesn't matter what goals or dreams you have. The most important part for you to start believing in yourself and for you to start knowing that you're capable no matter what is increasing that self-worth, which to me in this episode, equals recommitting to yourself. I wanted to give you another example. I was going and I'm still going through these transition periods of pregnancy. There are so many unknowns. Your body and emotions are changing. 


It can be overwhelming at times, to be honest with you. Like I mentioned, I just felt I wanted to go back to this cocoon mode and understand myself better to understand this new identity, “How do I want to show up?” One of the things that I fell off track on in this transition is like, “What's my show?” I haven't been vulnerable with you. I haven't done episodes since December 2023, which was the episode about when I hit six figures in my business last October 2023. I fell off track and I was like, “I've been consistent every week for two years and I cannot believe I fell off track. What is going on?” I then started questioning my identity, which is totally normal. 

 It's normal to question our capabilities and question our identity, but there is an end to that. That's the part that we have to be very mindful of to see how we can move forward from that stage of frustration to a stage of incorporating the lessons we have learned so we come forward with more wisdom. Honestly, I knew I was capable of doing it because I've been consistent for two years. Yes, I fell off track, but to me, in my mind, it was valid because I needed that time to slow down and dedicate time to my pregnancy, thinking about birth, and thinking about the things I want. Pregnancy is such a big thing in my opinion. It should be in everyone's opinion because we go through it just a few times in our lives. Ideally, you wanted to be intentional. 

 You wanted to be very well-thought-through. You want to make sure you keep your mental health. You trust yourself. You trust your body. For that reason, I low down in my show. It wasn't that intentional, to be honest with you. Suddenly, I'm like, “I'm ready to recommit to myself in the show because I even had a workshop in January 2024.” I've kept everything with momentum, but in the show, I just lost momentum. I truly love being here with you guys sharing this information and giving you tons of values because that's what I'm here for. I was like, “Recommit to myself. What's the plan? How can I move forward in a way that I don't feel rushed?” 

 In 2023, even though I had amazing results, there was this energy of like, “I need to make it happen.” There was a lot of attachment to the outcome and a lot of rushing feeling that I needed to make things happen right away. I had great results in my business, my relationship, and everything else, but my intention for 2024 is truly to step into that state of abundance and know that I'm all good, there is no need to rush, I'm okay, and this is the perfect timing. That's exactly the approach that I took with my show this time. Honestly, a few weeks back, I was like, “I'm going to rush into it. I'm going to start making episodes,” and I'm like, “No, that's my old identity of 2023. In 2024, I'm adopting a new identity.” 

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

I'm simply fine. I'm slowing down. For me, slowing down doesn't mean not getting the results I got in 2023. I still want to get the results because I truly believe that when you slow down, you’re more intentional. You simplify things, and in simplicity, there is much more power than overdoing everything. This 2024 is a lot of abundance. It’s stepping into a mindset of abundance and of, “I'm going to have a super healthy pregnancy and a beautiful baby. I'm going to get amazing results in my business. I'm going to have a great partnership with my partner,” and starting with that mindset of, “As a woman, I can have it all.” 

I've coached many amazing clients who didn't know that they have served as amazing role models because they are moms and they are thriving in their careers. One of the limiting beliefs that they struggle with is, “I cannot thrive in my career and be a great mom at the same time. I cannot have it all.” Part of the things that we have coached on is one, they are doing it already. This belief or thought of, “I cannot have it all,” is completely fictitious, because in their lives now, when they look at the evidence and everything they have achieved, they are being the two things. Sometimes we don't recognize ourselves and we don't give ourselves enough credit. Many times, we have these limiting beliefs, but if we have another person who is holding the mirror and saying, “Look at you. You're already doing this thought,” there is so much evidence to counter this thought. 

 They served and they have served as a big role model for me now being pregnant to understand and to know that I'm having a thriving business and I'm going to be an amazing mom at the same time. Whatever the pace is, whatever that means, I always say how I get there remains flexible. That was why this episode and this topic of recommitting to yourself are super important and more important if you have fallen off track. It’s because the important part is for you to get back on track. It doesn't matter. Everyone falls off track, I promise. Sometimes we put people on a pedestal thinking that they are perfect and have their stuff together. One of my mentors has this quote that says, “Do not compare the back end of your life with the front end of people's lives.” 


In social media, everyone looks like they have their stuff together and then you're comparing yourself with all of your imperfections and moments that you have been down with the face of people that they have their stuff together. Remember, do not compare the back end of your life with the front end of people's life because it is not fair. I believe I just emphasize this so much because sometimes I have clients who are like, “Janet, do you ever experience fear? Do you ever fall off track? Are you ever not consistent?” I'm like, “Yes, of course.” 

R.I.S.E.: Reprogram Your Mind

I definitely have had many times that I've been experiencing the things you do. We are human beings. It’s totally normal. That's the only way we can learn. I wanted to reemphasize that over and over because I know how hard we can be with ourselves. Let's get into the actionable stuff, which is super important. I have this framework called RISE because we are all rising. We're all evolving. R is to Reprogram your mind. If you know a little bit about me, I'm all about reprogramming your subconscious mind because, usually, that's the thing standing between you and your goal. R is to Reprogram your mind. I is for Identity alignment. S is for Service-oriented action. E is for Elevated focus on what you want. 

I'm going to give you actionable strategies with this sequence of RISE. I'm going to explain why that sequence. First of all, when you are in this state of frustration or feeling like you're not capable or you cannot do it, the first step is for you to utilize techniques or skills, or even therapy with a coach. It doesn't matter. Find something that can help you get to this state of being grounded. When I'm coaching my clients, sometimes I call it a state of emotional flatness, not flatness in a negative sense but flatness in the way that you feel whenever you see a lake and the lake is calm. You're not reacting to it. You're present. You are responding to whatever the situation is. 

That's the first step when we talk about reprogramming your mind. We have to let go of that emotional tension we have. I'm going to tell you how. The first thing that you need to check with yourself is whether you have forgiven yourself. As I mentioned before, we are the hardest on ourselves. I'm raising my hand with you. I'm practicing more of having self-compassion, being flexible, and forgiving myself. That is a game-changer for myself. I see it with my clients. It is forgiving yourself truly from the heart. I say these based on a technique that I learned from a Hawaiian technique called Ho'oponopono. There are several versions. I started with one of the versions, not the most popular one. This is another one from another lineage. 

I always say, “I forgive you. Please forgive me too.” Forgiveness goes in both directions. I'm talking to myself. Maybe I'm talking to my inner child like, “I forgive you. Please forgive me too.” My inner child is forgiving my adult me and my adult me is forgiving my inner child. It gives this sense of permission to give and receive because life is a cycle of giving and receiving, “I forgive you, please forgive me, too.” I touch my heart. I get into some emotions of peace with myself. Sometimes I ground my clients so they can connect with the element of Earth and they can simply just feel that groundedness and calm. 

Forgiveness is super important. What I would recommend in the next step of reprogramming your mind is whatever you believe in that moment of emotional tension. For example, “I'm not capable. I'm not enough. I cannot do this. I cannot get back on track. I cannot be consistent.” What I always recommend to my clients is to make a list of the opposite of that belief. For example, if you believe you cannot get back on track, make a list of all the situations when you fell off track and you were able to get back on track. You had those moments when you were down and you were able to go upward again. That serves as evidence for your brain because emotions are often irrational. They are super important. I'm an emotional person. 

Many times, they're irrational and they stop us from actually pursuing our goals and dreams of getting back on track and finding that evidence. Look at your life since you were born. What are those moments when you have evidence that whatever you believe in is not true? You can put it in front of you. You can put it in your fridge or anywhere. That makes you feel so empowered and with so much strength that it allows you to release that emotional tension that you have within yourself. I always tell myself, “There is no failure, only feedback.” 


There is no failure, only feedback.


There is a lesson. Life is just a big feedback mechanism. Your external world is just a big feedback mechanism. I always ask myself whenever I go through these challenges, changes, or transitions, “What is a lesson that I need to learn now? What is the lesson that the situation is teaching me? Everything happens for a purpose. It is so that I can move forward with more wisdom towards that direction that I want to move forward with.” That's reprogramming your mind. Again, forgiveness. It is finding evidence that whatever you believe or whatever that limiting belief is is completely false. You have so much evidence in your life. We just forget who we truly are. 

The third one is reminding yourself there is no failure, only feedback, and seeing everything as an opportunity to learn a lesson, “What is a lesson I need to learn so I can move forward with more wisdom?” That's R for RISE. If this resonates with you, I invite you to work with me in my Private 101 Coaching. Private 101 Coaching is a six-month container where I help you go from playing small, not believing in yourself, and struggling with the Imposter syndrome, inconsistency, and indecisiveness to actually having the clarity, confidence, and courage to follow through with your dreams. When you work with me as a private client, the first thing we do is guide you through an in-depth breakthrough session where we get very clear all of the blind spots that have been preventing you from achieving your goals. We become aware of those and we release them at the subconscious level with proven techniques. 

I provide you with accountability. I'm like a GPS for you to actually find the resources and the answers that are already within you. You, my friend, are powerful. Kim, one of my coaching clients, said, “Through working with Janet, I've been able to radically shift my mindset in a way I never thought was possible. Each day, I wake up feeling excited about my future and actually believing in my potential.” If you're ready to believe in your potential, take action, and see progress with all of your dreams and goals you have been delaying, this is your time. I invite you to schedule a Clarity Call. I cannot wait to meet you. See you soon. 

The I is Identity alignment. Identity is such an important component of you moving forward. With the reprogramming of your mind section, we are in a space of groundedness. We are grounded. We are flat. We feel empowered. Identity alignment is about remembering your direction and vision, “Where am I heading towards?” In doing my coaching, I always guide my clients through setting their long-term directions virtually, emotionally, mentally, and physically high level enough so that how they get to their goals always remains flexible. It can vary. That's the beauty of life. There is nothing certain. There is nothing linear. 

Once you connect to a direction with that identity you want to embody and you want to be, you got to remind yourself. You are not your behavior. Identity is everything, and so many times, we believe that we are our behaviors. For example, I'm lazy. I'm a procrastinator. Those are the words that you believe in your identity. Whenever you believe that's who you are, there is no space to change that behavior because that's who you are. That's it. You're not behavior. Accept who you are, knowing that you're inherently good. It will change your behavior. Your behavior is separate from yours. You can always change your behavior. You, at the deepest level, are inherently good and powerful and you have all the resources you need to succeed just within yourself. 


You are not your behavior. You are inherently good. You have all the resources you need to succeed within yourself.


It is a matter of being resourceful. You, my friend, are resourceful already. That's why you're here reading this. Reconnecting with your why is super important, too, because you have to have a direction that you're moving toward. Whenever you get lost, it is important to have a marker or I call it also a North Star vision that you'll remind yourself where you are heading. That's something at the beginning of every year, I do have my long-term direction also spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. When I ride this long-term direction, I always ask myself, “Who do I want to be ideally?” and I start writing down based on those four components that I mentioned. 

That's my long-term direction because that's the only thing I can be in control of, “Who do I want to be?” It’s not, “What I'll be having or doing?” It’s, “Who do I want to be?” That energy is so important. Whenever your behavior is not aligning with that direction, remember that the reason there is no failure and only feedback is you can always course-correct. The whole purpose of life is to learn lessons through course correcting because we are going to fall off track. We don't have all the information to get there in a linear way. It's going to be uncomfortable, which is normal. 


The whole purpose of life is to learn lessons through course correcting because we are going to fall off track.


Now that you have reprogrammed your mind and you're in a flat state, you have reconnected to your why, “Why is it that you want this?” For me, it was, “Why is it that I want to consistently resume doing my episodes on a weekly basis?” Service to you as a community and adding value to you is super important. In my long-term direction, I am a leader who always leads people to find their own lives and live a fulfilling life. For me, to be able to lead, I got to lead with my own light in order to give you an example so you can also follow that path. 

That's my why. It’s giving, contributing, and growing. I got to master myself if I want to teach you or coach you how to master yourself. It’s not in a perfect way because none of us is perfect. I would never want you to think that anyone is perfect because we are not. It is in a way that we are giving our best consistently. Our best is going to be different every single day. Now that we have reconnected to our why, action is what follows. In RISE, S is for Service-oriented action. Once you have reconnected to your why, it's asking yourself, “What is my intention? What is my goal moving forward in order to continue driving my life, my career, my relationship, or whatever it is towards that direction?” 

In order to enable me to accomplish that goal, what is one belief I need to have? What do you need to believe about yourself in order to consistently show up? That belief can be simple like, “I am consistent. I am impacting people in huge ways,” and that's what motivates you. As I mentioned before, I'm going to be a mom. I have a business that depends on me. They believe that I'm practicing to know that I can do it and, to know that even being a mom, I can impact a lot of people, I can have a thriving business, and I can just continue contributing in big ways. It was a belief that one of my business coaches gave me and it goes like this. 

I create babies and money at the same time. These are the beliefs that I’ve been practicing every single day. I truly believe it because a belief is just a thought that you have practiced over and over and then you have done and repeated it so many times that it becomes a belief. What I like to do with these beliefs that I'm practicing for the most part is I like to set a reminder on my phone. For example, I have an iPhone. I ask Siri to pop a reminder morning at 6:00 AM that I create babies and money at the same time. Every morning at 6:00 AM, I see that reminder and I say it to myself. I feel it. I'm like, “I create a baby and money at the same time.” Whatever that reminder for you is, you can put it in your phone. It's highly effective because if it's out of sight, it’s out of your mind. Practicing that enables you to take action. 


Once you have your goal and intention, you have to show up because now you're ready. You're grounded. You have connected to your why. There is enough motivation. You're resuming your momentum. To fully get back on track, you have to take action. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it has to be action. Now, I'm doing this episode on a Sunday. It's not an ideal time, but I'm just showing up. However this goes, I'm showing up and keeping the house simple and flexible. For example with the show, if I would be like “I need to do all episodes on Wednesday. I cannot deviate from that,” and then Sunday comes and I'm like, “I have to do this episode.” 

If in my mind I have this fixed mindset of, “It needs to be Wednesday,” then I wouldn't be doing it on Sunday. I would be delaying the production even more. Keeping the house simple and remaining flexible is so important because there are so many things that can happen in life. You have to course-correct and understand that maybe you're not going to have the same schedule and that's okay. Complexity is the enemy of execution. You have to keep it simple. If you make it too complex, you're not going to execute. It's important to be consistent, not perfect, as you take action. That’s service-oriented action. 


When you're taking service-oriented action, it takes courage. I love the word courage because, in Latin, it comes from operating from the heart. Corā comes from Latin. It means heart. Courage is opening up your heart and leading with your heart. When you open up your heart and operate from there, fear takes a back seat. Now you're focusing on adding value, contributing, and doing it because you enjoy it. You’re doing it for the love of it. 

That's a powerful state that allows you to continue having that momentum but also follow through because your why is bigger than any limitation. That's what service-oriented action is. Let's go to the E of RISE, Elevated focus on what you want. That's the next step. That is a step that, for you, may sound simple straightforward and you have heard it so many times, but I want to go deeper into why this is important and why you need to put a lot of attention and energy into these. Most people are focusing consistently every day on what they don't want. This is an example that illustrates the concept. For example, if I ask someone, “Why do you want to be financially abundant?” a response that may be common is, “Because I don't want to be broke.” We think like that often. “Why do you want to romantic partner?” “Because I don't want to be alone.” 

Often, even in our language or when we say we want something, our reasoning is negative. Our reasoning is because we don't want to experience that thing that is unpleasant that we don't want. We communicate what we don't want way more than when we communicate what we want. Why is that an issue truly? You have the biggest treasure or miracle inside of you, your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is a super mega computer. Whatever command you give to your subconscious mind, it will execute. 

Not only that, it will find evidence that is true even when it's not true. Even when that limiting belief is not real or true, the power of the subconscious mind is finding evidence that it is. That's why it's so important that we set intentions and goals with the conscious mind. I always give this example. The conscious mind is like a captain in a ship. It tells you, “We are going toward that destination,” but the subconscious mind is the one making sure we get there that executes in the background. In this case, the maintenance crew is the people serving food to other people on the cruise. It's just people making sure that everything is in order so we can get to that destination. The conscious is the captain. It’s the goal-setter and the subconscious mind is the go-getter. It cannot differentiate whether going to the Bahamas or Jamaica or whatever is good or bad. 


I can give you an example. It's like a computer program. Whenever you create a computer program, that computer program can do something great or not so great, but you got to give the exact commands and requisites. You got to give the exact formula so the computer program can spiel the desired outcome. The computer program doesn't have a higher intelligence saying this is good or bad. It's just executing. That’s the subconscious mind when it comes to goals, but the conscious one is the one setting the goal and the direction. Why is this important? It’s because the subconscious mind will delete or distort information in front of you. It will delete and distort your reality to execute that command. 

If you are telling your mind, “I'm not capable,” the subconscious mind is going to find evidence every single day for you to continue believing that you're not capable. If you start focusing on what you want like, “My why is to contribute and to serve people. That's why I'm doing this,” your subconscious mind is going to focus on the possibilities. It’s going to find evidence and it's going to show you the way for you to get there. You just got to trust it and trust that divine timing. Focusing on what you want is important because it's you focusing on the possibilities instead of the limitations. When you start doing this, the path will unfold in magical ways and in ways you couldn't see it. 

You couldn't have seen it before. That is the power of focusing on what you want. It’s whatever belief you're working on, whatever goal you're working on, or whatever you want to recommend to yourself. What else? Why do you want to recommit to yourself? Is there a goal? Is there a transition? Is there something you're grieving? Focus on the direction that you're going toward. Feel, think, and believe how you think, feel, and believe when you have gotten to that destination already. Practice doing that every day. Let me tell you something. It's not going to feel natural. It's going to feel unnatural, but that's a good sign because that sign is telling you that you're growing and you're on the right path. As long as you're why is big enough, you're going to consistently continue practicing that elevated focus on what you want. 

Episode Rewind

Let's review the framework. We talked about recommitting to yourself. Maybe you're going through a transition. There is a goal you want to execute and you want to reconnect to your why, just like my goal of resuming and being consistent with this amazing show. The how is the RISE framework. In this case, the R is for Reprogramming your mind. It is so important that whenever you have fallen off track, first, you practice forgiving yourself. Second, you'll find evidence of the opposite of the limiting belief. If your limiting belief is, “I cannot be consistent,” I want you to write all of your experiences in your life when you have been able to be consistent. 

That's evidence that whatever you're thinking and believing is not true. It's evidence that will support you in getting to that goal and in having some completion with the grieving, whatever that is. The last one within the reprogramming of your mind is recognizing that there is no failure, only feedback. What is the lesson you need to learn that will allow you to move forward with more wisdom? Everything happens for a reason. Trust that, every moment, even those painful moments, there is a purpose behind it because there is a lesson that will propel you toward the direction you are meant to be walking towards. The I for RISE is Identity alignment. It’s recognizing that you're not your behavior. You’re inherently good. You have all the resources you need to succeed within yourself. 

Accept yourself fully. Change your behavior. Change the behavior that is not helping you, whatever that is. If it's procrastination or inconsistency, change it for the better, not to be perfect but to strive for progress, and then reconnect to your why. Who is the person that you want to be that you really want to accomplish this thing? What is the why? Why are you doing that? Not having the why, to me, is the worst nightmare. There are moments naturally in the journey where I disconnect from my why. I feel hopeless. It is reconnecting to your why. I explained earlier how I do it and how I create my why in a long-term direction. 

That is such a big enabler for everything that you want to do in your life. A is for service-oriented action, which is basically courageous action. It's always action that comes from the heart. It comes from a place of love and abundance. For these, now that you have your why and you feel grounded, you got to set a specific goal and intention and then take action. Keep the how flexible without being rigid but having that clear desired outcome so you can get there while being flexible with how the dots are connecting. There is so much information all the time that we don't know and there is so much uncertainty in the journey. 

E is Elevated focus on what you want. Whatever you focus on, you experience over and over. That's why that is so important. Some final thoughts for this super powerful episode that I hope you're enjoying, I wanted to remind you what I mentioned at the beginning of the episode. Falling off track means that you're on track. Why? It’s because you're trying something new. You're going through a new situation in life. You're going through a transition that you have never gone through before. What is on track anyway? There is no linear line. There is nothing that could have predicted the path. The path is unpredictable, but the important part is that you get back on that journey that you're moving and working towards. 

It doesn't matter how many times you get off. You get back on. Resilience is truly the muscle to build. If you're reading this, maybe I know or I don't know you, but I know one thing about you. I'm sure you have reinvented yourself many times during your life. Let me remind you something. Resilience is actually your superpower. It's within you already. You have everything you need already to recommit to yourself. I hope this episode was super helpful and valuable for you. As I mentioned, I always try to give you the why of the topic but also give you actionable strategies so you can turn that knowledge into action, which is a real power. 

If you're new to this show, I want to welcome you with an open heart. Thank you so much for reading. It means a lot. If you have read an episode before, thank you again for coming back. You truly are such an important part of this community and mission to continue empowering the world and inspiring people to lead their own truth. If you found this episode helpful or valuable, please share it with your friends and family. Leave a review on whatever platform you use. Thank you so so much. I'm so grateful for you. I hope you have an amazing rest of your week. I'll see you next episode.

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