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WCP 91 | Permission To Be Powerful


Giving yourself permission to be powerful means believing in your potential, rewriting your story, and embracing the courage to chase your dreams relentlessly. Join Yanet Borrego in this Permission To Be Powerful Masterclass! Discover the keys to unlocking your inner potential and stepping into your most powerful self. Today, Yanet reveals her secrets to reprogramming the subconscious mind, releasing limiting beliefs, and achieving your most audacious goals. She explores the transformative power of several strategies such as the Breakthrough Session, a unique approach that leaves clients feeling reborn and ready to take on the world. Moreover, don’t miss out as Yanet offers an inside look at her exclusive coaching program, "Aligned," a six-month container designed to accelerate your personal and professional growth. Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to your most powerful self. It's time to give yourself the Permission To Be Powerful. Tune in now!


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Permission To Be Powerful Masterclass

It's another unique episode because I am sharing the masterclass I taught in August 2023. This masterclass is called Permission to Be Powerful: How to Lead with Confidence and Live with No Regrets. This is such an important topic because as we go through our lives, one of our major aspirations is to show up the most authentic version of ourselves. It's only then that we can feel that we are operating with integrity with who we are.

Whenever we are doing that, we are in a place where we can serve more to the world because we are in a bigger alignment within ourselves. I got so much positive feedback from it and it was such a powerful class. I hope it adds a lot of value to you. Let me know what was your key takeaway by sending me a message on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, or email. I’m super interested and I would love to connect with you. I hope you enjoy it.


Thank you so much for joining my masterclass, Permission to Be Powerful: How to Lead with Confidence and Live with No Regrets. Thank you so much for being here. It's one hour of working on yourself. To be honest, the only person who can give permission to be your most powerful self is you. Powerful means so many different things to many people. I want you to think, what does powerful mean to you? As you hear the word being powerful, what does the mean to you in one word? Strong, confident, respect, authentic, freedom, self-respect, and agency.

When I put together this masterclass, it was all about allowing yourself to fulfill your potential in a place that feels authentic, right, and in alignment with you. Honestly, powerful is just a word. It does mean all of those things that you're bringing up. When you're powerful and authentic, honoring your truth and walking in alignment wherever you are, you have this energy of not needing to fake it until you make it or not needing to be someone else to fit in. When you honor who you are already, that's when you can lead with confidence and truly live with no regrets.

I’m a purpose and mindset coach. I’m going to talk a little bit about myself but I want to put the focus on you. It’s the most important part. In this training, I’m going to show you how you can ignite your inner power by embodying your authentic self and relying on internal fulfillment instead of external validation. We are going to talk also about why that is important.

There are three things that you need in this masterclass to make it successful for you. You need first an open mind. All of my masterclasses are packed with content so it is important to empty your cup and embrace the content and all the amazing concepts that we will be discussing. Have an open heart because honestly, throughout the whole discussion, I’m going to ask you questions.

I want you to allow yourself to be vulnerable and more than that, to be honest with yourself with what you're feeling with the stories that you're telling yourself. It's something to write because there is going to be so much information. I want to make sure you get all of the concepts and exercises so you can refer to this amazing information later on. This is one hour for yourself so make sure to turn off all the distractions. The only input that we are going to prioritize in this masterclass is your input.

The Work Lies In You

You are the only one who knows what powerful is for you. For this reason, we are going to do a couple of exercises so you can get to know yourself better. In the journey of being powerful and authentic, most of the work lies inside of you. This is an inside-out journey of power, fulfillment, and clarity. I want to make sure that you let this masterclass be powerful for you. There is a lot of content out there. There are plenty of books and masterclasses.

I would love for you, at the beginning of this masterclass, to commit to turning this knowledge into action. I’m not saying the whole masterclass but at least one concept or something that whenever you finish this masterclass, you are going to turn into action because that's what real power lies. If you're ready to make this commitment, make sure you'll be utilizing these concepts right away and turning them into action.

We’ll start this masterclass with the commitment to turning the knowledge into action. Some people say “I love it. I am.” Some people say, “Knowledge is power,” but I don't think knowledge is power. I think knowledge is potential power. Action is real power so that's why it's so important. Let this masterclass be another nice masterclass where you learn a lot of content. It is all about application. If you're someone like me and you want to know where you're going at all times, this is a quick snapshot of what to expect in the masterclass.



We are going to talk first about why are you here. We are going to also talk about who Am I, why am I here talking about this important topic, and the four pillars and strategies that I want you to take action on. It's an inside-out journey so you'll have to go through introspection and reflection to utilize this. I feel that's when the action starts taking place, which is a beautiful process.

If this is something that you enjoy, in the end, I’m going to give you the opportunity to learn how to work with me. If you have questions on this area or about anything or you want some coaching, I want to be there for you. You're in the right place if you want more clarity. This could be you. You're on the journey of fulfilling your potential and harnessing your authentic power.

Deep inside, you feel that you're meant for more. You are done with living in survival mode. You're seeking to gain clarity on your purpose, long-term direction, and short-term goals and leave with more fulfillment, impact, and abundance. Maybe this is you. Instead of clarity, you're seeking more confidence. You're working towards your bold and ambitious goals but you know there is still room to think and act bigger. You're done with self-doubt and are ready to tap into your inner confidence to strengthen the belief that you can do it and that you are worthy of your aspirations.

Maybe this is you. You want more courage. You’re successful in theory and are comfortable with where you are but there is something missing. You're tired of playing small and are ready to tap into your inner courage and resourcefulness to make your dreams come true. You are done with waiting and you're ready to take action. That's why you're here. Which one are you? Are you seeking more clarity, confidence, or courage? It can be more than one. I’ve been in that place where I need all of them.

As we continue evolving in the journey and experiencing more complex challenges or projects naturally, we go back to needing more clarity, confidence, and courage. I’m with all of you. This is beautiful. I love to share this for you to know that you're not alone. We are here together in the community so we can fulfill our potential with clarity, confidence, and courage and also have this community. Whatever your motivation is, I fully support you. I want you to know one thing. This is all possible for you. Gaining that clarity, confidence, and courage.

I want to share with you a couple of stories. These are real-life examples. This is the story of Narmeen, one of my coaching clients. She said, “During our work together, Yanet guided me to release many things that were mentally and emotionally holding me back.” Whenever you're seeking clarity, it is because there are things subconsciously that are not allowing you to see clearly.

She said, “She helped me to concretely identify what my values are and what brings me joy in this particular aspect of life and helped me nail down tangible, realistic goals to continue to move forward towards my newly realized vision. I feel grounded in the area of my career unlike I have in years. I’m in a new role and I’m happy to report that it aligns with all my five deepest values in the area of career.”

When I met Narmeen, which was a couple of years back and we are working together again, she was in a huge transitional period when it comes to her career. She didn't know what she wanted but through the work together and some of the strategies I’m going to teach you in this masterclass, she was able to define her longer-term direction, not only that, attract the opportunities that she was seeking. That's the story for clarity.

Confidence is also possible. I want to introduce you to Kim. Kim says, “I was going through one of the hardest years of my life. I felt I was ready to take my life back into my hands. Before Yanet's program, I was riddled with self-doubt, feeling like I was never enough and unsure of where I wanted to go in my life. I was constantly hard on myself and felt like I was never going to achieve consistency and reach my goals. Through working with Yanet, I was able to radically shift my mindset in a way I never thought was possible. Each day, I wake up feeling excited about my future and believing in my potential.”

I was talking to Kim and checking in on her. She said, “Yanet, I’ve never been so consistent on my habits and goals. I’ve never felt so empowered.” We coached not long ago. A couple of the strategies I’ll be teaching you in this masterclass have led my clients to have more clarity and confidence. The last one is courage because it's possible for you.

This is Paula, one of my clients. She says, “Ever since graduating, I’ve struggled with finding my path, figuring out how to be successful, and feeling some control over my career and future. Throughout my work with Yanet, I feel more energized, happy, fulfilled, courageous, and accountable to myself than I ever have. I’ve got a new level of respect for myself. I’m no longer making excuses but feeling brave enough to face my fears.” There are a lot of you who said, “Courage is the thing that I want to work on.”

A couple of these strategies are to allow you to step into your power so you can be brave enough to face your fears because we all have fears. I enjoy a newfound curiosity to explore what I previously thought were unrealistic goals and have the determination to make them real. The beauty of these real-life examples is that if Kim, Narmeen, and Paula did it, you can do it. That’s the beauty of also sharing examples and stories of people who have laid out their path using the strategies that I’m going to share with you. I’m super excited.


Courage is the thing that some people want to work on, and a couple of these strategies is to allow you to step into your power so you can be brave enough to face your fears.


I’m a purpose, mindset coach, and speaker. I’m also the Founder of Discover Your Purpose Program and Aligned Coaching Program. Everything about my brand is about a purpose-driven life and career. I truly believe when we get to know ourselves, we gain clarity on the person that we are meant to be. We start aligning our decisions to that. With that one, we can manifest a life of abundance, fulfillment, courage, and a powerful life. To be honest with you, I’ve gone through the journey myself of aligning with my purpose and then I coach my clients, mentees, and students to think, feel, and behave in alignment with their authentic selves.

I do have an accent. I was born in Havana, Cuba. I would be lying if I said my accent is Cuban because my accent is Puerto Rican. I live twelve years in Puerto Rico. My mom and I went through a series of adventures to leave the communist country of Cuba to pursue the American Dream. We got to the United States with no resources, without knowing how to speak the language, and just with one connection.

Earlier on in my life, I realized that the beauty of human potential is not a lack of resources. What's preventing us from aligning with our highest self is a lack of resourcefulness. Earlier on my journey, it taught me that you have all the resources you need to succeed. There is nothing you are missing as long as you have you. Your journey is learning how to tap into that potential and resourcefulness because anything else, you can figure out.

From Cuba, we ended up going to Mexico and Puerto Rico. I ended up starting Chemical Engineering. I enjoyed Chemistry. I was told that engineering paid well so it was the perfect combination at that time. One of my biggest visions knowing how much my mom sacrificed for me to be in a place where I could have the opportunity she couldn't have was always to be able to give back to my family financially.

I started Chemical Engineering. I did well. I was recruited by one of the biggest oil and gas corporations in the United States. I started working as a chemical engineer here in Texas. When I started working as a chemical engineer, I looked at the success checklist I was given. I was like, “Six figures salary, done. Health and benefits, done. Supporting financially my family, done.” Even though I had all of these aspects of success, I didn't feel fulfilled. Even though I had accomplished everything that I had spent my whole life for, I thought of emptiness within myself.

That's when I started getting obsessed over the question, “Who Am I? Who am I meant to be? What's my purpose?” This was back in 2013. At that moment, I made a commitment to myself that I was going to figure that out. Not only that but I was going to help others do the same. I spent ten years in corporate as an engineer and consultant. That is not a Halloween costume. That is me as an engineer getting ready to inspect every actor.

Back in 2015, in this journey, while I was still in corporate, I got certified as a coach. I’ve been doing it professionally for a few years but informally for several years. My purpose is in mindset coaching. In 2021, I lost someone very close to me and that was such a big wake-up call to realize that we have just one life. We just have one moment and the moment is now.

In 2021, I made the decision to leave my corporate job which I truly loved, to be honest with you, and follow a bigger aspiration, which is the one that I’m in of being a purpose and mindset coach. With that, I’m going to tell you that I’m so grateful that you're here. You see this journey of reinvention because I’ve had to reinvent myself over and over. I’ve had to gain clarity, confidence, and courage over and over. You're seeing these because all of these are also possible for you.

It doesn't matter where you came from, if you have an accent, or any of that because what matters is that you know how to tap into your potential and power. This is what this masterclass is about. Can you imagine what it would feel like to show authenticity and integrity within yourself? It is a lifelong journey without the need to feel that you need to fake it to fit in or put on a mask to succeed. Imagine that for yourself, living authentically without needing to be someone else to succeed and knowing that the only way you can fit in is by being yourself. I’ve seen it over and over with my clients.

Mind Reprogramming

We are getting into the content. I’m going to show you a couple of strategies I’ve used with myself and my clients over and over. These strategies work. These are four pillars to owning your power. The acronym for this so you can remember them is RISE. R is for Reprogramming your mind. What is standing between you and your goals, you and your potential, and you and your dreams is yourself. Within yourself, it’s what you have been programmed to believe in your mind. There is a lot of learning we have to do in this process to show up powerfully as ourselves.

The second one is Identity Alignment. Who are you? Identity is all about understanding who you are but not only that, who you want to become and aligning with that every single day. The second one is all about action. With all these strategies, we get results when we take action. That's when we build momentum. The third one is Service-oriented and Resilient Action. I’m going to explain what that means. The last one is Elevated Focus on What You Want.

Let's cover pillar number one, reprogramming your mind. I love this quote from Carl Jung that says, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it faith.” Let me simplify this. There is a program that we are running often. Whenever we go into survival mode and automatic pilot, this is happening most of the time.

What Carl Jung is saying is that it's important to create awareness of the patterns you're running because that's the only way you can break through those patterns to fulfill your potential and become the person you're meant to be. Let me tell you a little secret. What if I tell you that you don't have to do anything? You're powerful already. You don't have to achieve another promotion or be a millionaire.

The first step to reclaim that power, which is already yours, is to become aware of the stories you're telling yourself that prevent you from honoring this truth. The stories that many times you absorbed from other people and you have taken to be yours are not yours. Sometimes these stories are generational and go deeper than you think. That’s how you reclaim your power. It is about learning those stories and recognizing your truth and true power.

To do that, I want you to understand how your mind works. I truly believe that understanding how your mind works and how these stories are creating your reality is not until we have that awareness. We can start reprogramming that narrative and those stories. This looks complicated but it's not. I promise. I’m going to make it super simple for you.

What this diagram says is there is a lot of information out there. Out of a lot of information out there around you, you can only process a tiny bit of that information. It’s less than 1% of information. As you process that information, you have a set of filters in your mind that you process that information through. What this means is that the reality you're observing is not an objective reality. It's a subjective one.

Many times, we create perceptions and stories and interpret the information based on our memories, which are the past experiences, beliefs, values, and focus we have. From filtering that information of the tiny bit you get from the outside world, we create an internal representation of what that situation means. Based on that, we change our state mentally and emotionally with our physiology and then we create behavior.

Reality Is Subjective

Many times, we have an intention and a goal. It’s like, “I want to lose 30 pounds, speak up in this meeting, or track the right partner. I’m going to set boundaries.” Between that intention and behavior, there is a gap. That gap is your subconscious programming. It is the stories you're telling yourself about how you're not capable of speaking up, setting boundaries, attracting the right partner, and running healthy patterns. The whole narrative that we have to change lies in those filters there. Reality is highly subjective. It’s not objective.


Reality is highly subjective, not objective.


I remember when I started working in corporate. I had a boss that was great but his face was pretty neutral. If he was happy or not, he would have the same face. I don't know if you know someone like that. They're always the same. When I started working in corporate as a chemical engineer, I had a lot of insecurities. I remember one time I had sent him an email. He hadn't responded in two days. He would be walking in front of my office with his normal face and in my mind, I would be thinking to myself, “He's mad at me for sure. He probably read that email and he thought I was not smart and capable enough.”

I was making all of these assumptions out of anything. I was making his body language and face mean something that was not what was happening in the situation. Have you ever been in that situation? You made 1,000 different assumptions and that didn't have anything to do with the reality. It’s becoming aware of your narrative. It's funny because sometimes what we think we need is external validation, people recognizing how amazing, smart, and powerful we are, or more external feedback to make us feel better.

I was coaching a client and she was telling me a story. One of her biggest goals was to move from Texas to California while her company was still supporting her. That was a dream of hers. Her company didn't have any locations in California but she had a good position. She is the National Sales Director of this company and she has over 100 employees. She was concerned that the company wouldn't support her move to California but they did. Not only did they support her move to California but they also paid part of it. They didn't have to do it because they didn't have any locations in California but they wanted to support her.

She had her feedback and annual review. She was telling me, “My boss said I did a great job. They supported me in the move.” She was telling me all these amazing things that were happening to her. After five minutes, she was like, “Yanet, I don't have anyone. People don't give me positive feedback ever.” I’m like, “Jordan, you mentioned five minutes ago that your boss was telling you how an amazing job you did and they supported you in this move.” She was like, “That is so true.” That's what happens when you don't clean out those filters.

If you're not feeling worthy, enough, or not seeing or hearing yourself, it doesn't matter how many people around you tell you you're amazing and powerful. It doesn't matter how much external validation you get. You are not going to see it. Why? It’s because your filter of reality is preventing you from noticing those things that you think you're looking for but not focusing on because you're believing the opposite.


To make this super simple, your filter and the story that you're telling yourself determines whether or not you see the information that you're looking for and whether or not you feel worthy and powerful. It's important for us to believe first that we are worthy and powerful and then we'll see how others see us in that light.

I have many clients that sometimes tell me, “I’ve not heard a word.” I always ask them, “Are you seeing and hearing yourself? Do you believe you belong?” It's not until you believe you belong and fit in that you are going to feel like it. What I’m saying here is that empowerment is all about taking responsibility for this story and narrative. When we take responsibility for that, become more authentic, and give ourselves permission to be powerful, naturally, we’ll start leading with more confidence.

I love this quote from Dr. Joe Dispenza. I love him so much. “Neuroscience research proves that 95% of who you are by the age of 35 years old is a memorized set of behaviors, emotional reactions, unconscious habits, hardwire attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions that function as a computer program.” This is important based on what we learned before because what this is saying is that the stories that we repeat today keep repeating tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. We keep repeating them for years if we don't become aware and interrupt that pattern. Part of this work and becoming powerful is creating awareness of the stories and those patterns so we can interrupt them and create new ones.

Everything Starts with Awareness

Is this helpful? These are the most important parts, to be honest with you. If you understand that, you understand that everything that you perceive is a projection of what's going on within yourself. Everything starts with pattern awareness. I want you to ask yourself, what is one recurring negative thought that is preventing you from showing up authentically? What is one recurring story? What’s that narrative that you keep telling yourself that is preventing you from showing up authentically? What is that for you?


There are many symptoms of these stories. I’ve coached numerous clients where we found the root cause of all these limiting beliefs. The root cause is the belief, “I’m not enough. I’m not capable. I’m not worthy of love.” That's just my wording. Maybe it's different for you with the language that you would use. What is one recurring negative thought that is preventing you from showing up authentically? Are you aware of the story you have been telling yourself that is preventing you from showing up authentically, you belong, or you fit in? Awareness is the first step.

The next step after pattern awareness is pattern interruption. Now that you're aware of the story you have been telling yourself, you have to realize that you have a choice or you continue running the same pattern of the same story getting the same results or you decide to believe differently. In my coaching, I have many techniques where we accelerate this process but this can be done also with awareness over and over. What is one empowering thought that you want to embody every time you become aware of your negative narrative?

Darlene said, “I’m not talented enough. Money is fleeting.” I feel we need a masterclass on the theme of money and abundance. I always use these. It says, “There is no failure. Only feedback.” Temporary failure doesn't mean permanent defeat. Whenever you do something that you didn't do better, which is objective, you can always learn from that.

What is that empowering thought that you want to tell yourself? We can believe each other and also realize how many common themes we have between all of us. A very powerful exercise is taking an inventory. Looking back on your life and taking an inventory of the amazing things you have done and the amazing person you already are.

You can get through anything with faith and love. We can spend the whole hour talking about faith but I love that because faith is a concept. I’ve been exploring my entrepreneurial journey. I’m not saying faith in a religious sense. If you’re religious, take it that way but I’m saying faith is, “What do you do when you don't see evidence yet but you're believing in something higher.” There is no visible evidence yet. That's what faith is. Continue to believe in that. Failure is not the opposite of success. Failure is an enabler of success. We are going to fail in some way or many times.

I have this quick diagram. To be empowered or powerful, you have to become aware of your patterns. We run our lives in a pattern. Happiness is a pattern and a habit. Empowerment is a pattern and a habit. The first step is pattern awareness. For that, you need introspection, reflection, and tuning into your input. Once you are aware of the stories you're telling yourself, ask yourself, “Is this serving me? Is this accurate?” Many times, we exaggerate things.

If it's not serving you, you have to interrupt that pattern to create different results. If you run the same patterns, you get the same results but in each negative pattern, there is a lesson. In that lesson, to interrupt that pattern, you need intention and action because it's going to take effort. All the effort you have put into creating your negative patterns is the same effort you have to put into contradicting but not at the same time. When you interrupt that pattern, you start creating a new one by embracing your new story. You keep repeating it and you then create a new pattern until it becomes sub-conscience. That is pillar number one.

I feel there was so much content here but I want to give you the best of the best. Was this helpful? You may have heard these but it's not what you know. It's what you do. What are you going to do with this information? That's the most important part of all. Using this strategy, I want to give you an example. One of my clients, Naomi, said, “In the last couple of years, I became a mom. I moved to India and stepped back from my intense ten-year corporate career.” After this person's professional changes, she lost an identity and recovered from postpartum depression.

After programming her mind and becoming aware of her blind spots, because we all have blind spots, she said, “Yanet guided me through a journey of self-exploration and growth where I was able to release limiting beliefs while extracting the lessons needed for advancements. As I stand more grounded and focused, I have relaunched my career, rebalanced motherhood, and improved my overall well-being.”

Before and after Naomi, I remember when we started working together. She was a different person. When you start going inside of yourself, you start working on yourself naturally. If you're changing yourself, you change everything else on the outside. You start attracting the right opportunities. That's all celebrating when she finishes.

I want to talk about Jamie. She says, “I was pushing through a very transformational period in my life. I’m graduating college, starting my career, losing close family members, and establishing people of relationships.” She was going through everything including burnout. After we programmed, her mind, beliefs, and story, which is like an onion. You have to do it consistently and continuously. She says, “Through the release of multiple limiting beliefs at the subconscious level, I was able to see clearly that what was in my way was me.” What a powerful lesson there. I’ve established trust and honesty with myself, which has allowed me to explore empathy, grace, and vulnerability from a positive perspective.

Pillar number two is such an important one. It's identity alignment. Identity is all about who you think you are but also about who you want to become. I love this quote from Richard Scott that says, “You become what you want to be by consistently being what you want to become each day.” You may be saying that's a lot of words. Let me simplify it for you.


You become what you want to be by consistently being what you want to become each day.


What he's saying is whoever you want to become more of, more courageous, confident, abundant, and fulfilled, it is important that you start practicing that every single day until you become it. Not from a place of fake it until you make it but from a place of authenticity and feeling it, feeling the thing and making sure you practice every single day. Why can't you practice there? It’s because there have been plenty of moments in your life where you have felt that way. The only thing you need is to tap into those moments and expand how you feel, how you think, and even how you behave in that moment.

Aligning Your Identity, Empowering Your Narrative

One of my mentors says, “Whoever you think you are, you're more than that.” That's what I was saying to Darlene or Carolina. Whoever you think you are as a person, you're way more than that. Due to those filters that we cover in pillar one, we sell ourselves short. We sell ourselves like we are not enough or not worthy but you know already you are powerful. Part of this process is to start aligning your identity to your empowering narrative. You can start asking yourself, how would faithful and loving you would wake up in the morning? How would you feel, think, and behave?

If you’re like, “I’m courageous and enough.” How would enough, worthy, and courageous you wake up in the morning? It is all about practicing feeling that way. The feeling starts the language of the subconscious mind. It is the most important part because that's at the deepest level of your subconscious programming. If you practice feeling a certain way, everything else will fall into place. How would worthy, courageous, and powerful you respond to ongoing challenges? When we have challenges and need to make an important decision, we are going to fear mode. We go immediately into survival mode.

I want you to get out of that negative narrative. Associate yourself with an empowering narrative and make the decision from there. May the decision from the courageous, aligned, faithful, and loving person. How would powerful you make decisions? This may seem simple but it's highly powerful when you start aligning your identity to that person that you want to become more of and that empowering narrative.

I love this story from Liz. She has a super interesting story. She resigned from her secure corporate job and permanently moved from the US to Norway. She says, “I’ve always loved to travel and have an adventure. The decision to move was an easy one but not having the security blanket of a well-paid job was giving me major anxiety. Yanet helped me to let go of some solidly held limiting beliefs about myself. I always thought that I was a consistent procrastinator.” That was her identity. It doesn't matter what she tried to do. She’ll be like, “That's who I am.”

One of the things we go through coaching is letting clients, and I practice it myself, know that you are not your behavior. You may have procrastination habits but you are not a procrastinator. She thought she wasn't capable of self-discipline. NLP, Neurolinguistic Programming, is something that I’ve studied deeply to reprogram the subconscious programming of all of us. She made me realize that I’m not my behavior and that I have the power to change my future self.

I have established a company in Norway called Reclaim Oslo. She lives in Oslo. It is where I sell handcrafted functional items made from reclaimed organic materials and she helped me sell them, which is something that she thought she was never going to make happen. When you reprogram your mind and create this alignment or identity, you start showing up differently and getting different results.

Pillar number three is service-oriented and resilient action. This is all about taking action from a place of love. The key part of this is to transition your motivation from fear to love. Many people wait until they are touching rock bottom or hitting a crisis to make a decision they know is aligned already. They are used to making decisions out of fear and not out of love. What happens when we do this is that we start making decisions to move away from something. The transition, instead of moving away, moves towards something bigger. I learned this earlier on and that's another story. I’ll give it in another masterclass.


When I left my last corporate job, I truly loved their culture and where I was but a few years back, I made a decision where I was afraid. I was moving away from something because I thought I hated that thing. Since it wasn't aligned towards a higher purpose, I went through a lot of obstacles. I learned quickly to make sure whenever we make decisions or have goals and habits, we have a bigger aspiration that we are moving toward instead of something like, “I’m doing this because I hate it so I’m going to move away from that.” That’s a transition from fear to love.

Even speaking up or communicating boundaries, there are so many people who don't communicate boundaries or speak up because they are afraid of judgment. What if speaking of is going to add tons of value to people? This is where this first mindset shift comes from. It’s transitioning your mindset from self to serve. When I was getting certified as a speaker for the first time back in 2015 with the John Maxwell team, a leadership author, they brought up this concept of public speaking.

Whenever we are going to speak in public or at a meeting, we start thinking about ourselves, how we may sound, or how we may be perceived. We’re like, “I’m going to be judged.” The mindset is all about me. Part of the training was transitioning this mindset of, “It's for me,” to, “I’m here to add value.” When I started this masterclass, I had some technical difficulties. I was freaking out and then I’m like, “I got to transition from self to serve.” I’m not perfect by any means. I’m struggling. As long as I serve the audience, that's what matters. I’m going to figure it out.

When I did that, my anxiety and stress melted down. It's not about being perfect or me showing up here to say I know all of these things. This masterclass is about all of you. Public speaking is about the audience. Boundaries are about building healthier relationships. This mindset of from self to serve is important. Instead of focusing on me, which is not about us. Some things are about us. It’s working on ourselves. It's about helping solve this challenge or problem. It is about contributing and adding value. This one is the most powerful thing. I promise. If you start doing this, you're going to rock this world.

Have you ever heard of fake it until you make it? I used to say that. When I started studying the importance of language in creating our reality, I started realizing that fake-it-until-you-make-it at the deepest level presupposes that you’re going to be someone else to make it or succeed. Instead of fake it until you make it, I don't say that anymore because your words create your reality. Whatever you say is working deep in your subconscious programming.


Your words, create your reality,


You can learn so much about someone from their language. Fake it until you make it is not empowering. It's not that people say that don't have the best intentions. It simply doesn't allow us to tap into our authenticity and inner power. Instead of fake it until you make it, I say, “Face it until you embrace it.” You might be thinking, “Face what?” Face your fears until you embrace them because fears are going to be there no matter what.

Being authentic, showing up as yourself, and speaking your truth in a loving way requires a lot of courage. Instead of running away from fears, we have to learn to expect fears. Every time I see fear, which is almost every day in my entrepreneurial journey, I am like, “You're here. That means I’m going in the right direction.” This sounds simple and it's not when you're going through it but believe me, if you make this mindset shift, it can revolutionize your life. Face your fears until you embrace them.

Mindset shift number three is going from comparison to cooperation. We can have our masterclass on that because it's such a deep topic. I see it on my clients all the time. We all struggle with comparison. Mainly because of social media and all these visibility and technology. What I want you to think of is to go from comparison to cooperation.

I have a couple of examples of how to incorporate this mindset shift. Sometimes jealousy has been done. To go from, “If she wins, I lose,” to, “We’re going to win.” There is space for everyone. Let's celebrate that she's winning. To go from, “He’s ahead of me,” to, “He’s proof that I can do it too.” To go from, “I wish I had what she has,” but only the positive jealous way to, “Let me ask for her mentorship.” I see people who are like, “Where do I want to be?” I’m like, “I want to be closer to them so I can learn from there.” To go from, “I’m jealous of him,” to, “I genuinely celebrate his wins.”

If you're in that place where things are going great, how would you like other people to perceive you? You would like everyone else to celebrate your wins so why wouldn’t we do that for everyone else? This mindset, which is something I’ve been working on for the last couple of years, has been truly powerful in transitioning from that fear-driven mindset to love. I also have an episode on this whole topic. It has been one of the most downloaded if you want to check it out.

Mindset number four is all about boundaries. I’m going to cover this quickly. Many times, when we have boundaries or feedback to communicate, we are afraid of how people may respond but at the end of the day, boundaries are simply the distance at which I can love you amiss simultaneously. The whole purpose of boundaries is to keep healthier relationships.

 At the end of the day, we are human beings. We are mature and adult enough to communicate boundaries. How you communicate boundaries matter so always ask for permission to make sure that the gate is open for the other person to receive and make sure that it's at the right time. Also, to maintain the conversation around the facts and how you feel instead of pointing the finger at the other person.


The whole purpose of boundaries is to keep healthier relationships and to simply communicate. Because at the end of the day, we are human beings. We are mature enough. We are adult enough to communicate boundaries now.


We learned earlier on that the reality is subjective. Many times, people cross our boundaries because they don't know there were boundaries in the first place. Always keep an open mind and heart when we communicate boundaries. Even before communicating with them, make sure you're grounded. It’s super important.

I want to tell you a story of Farida. Farida used to put herself down before giving her the opportunity to pursue her goals. We all have been here. She was struggling with being herself, setting boundaries, and communicating assertively. She says, “Yanet has coached me to better manage my career and be smarter and intentional with my goals to achieve them. She helps me learn how to set personal boundaries.” She was struggling with those boundaries and the importance of accountability that goes into breaking down nebulous ideas into actionable steps.

I was her first coach ever. I work with people for whom I’m their first coach ever and she was a former self-help meditation skeptic. She is like, “I don't know if this will work.” However, she got the results. I always say, “As long as you put in the effort, put in the action, and allow yourself to remain open, I don't have any doubt that you'll get the results.” She says, “I have found more value in everything we have done.”

Lindsay was feeling a bit lost in her career. She didn't have more direction in what she wanted, who she wanted to be, and what she wanted to accomplish. She felt dependent on others for confirmation of her work, quality, and effort. That's what she says. “I was easily shaken and felt unbalanced and insecure. Now, I’m less dependent on the small transient things and much more focused on moving in the direction of where I want to go. I’m more focused on serving others, my clients, my friends, and my family, and the importance of teamwork and feedback.”

She incorporated this mindset of transitioning from fear to love and self to serve. She used to think of feedback as something negative. As we went through the work and explored the story she was telling herself, she realized that the whole purpose of feedback is to build better relationships. The last pillar is an elevated focus on what you want. This one sounds simple but it's so important because most people are focusing on what they don't want most of the time.

In my coaching practice, there is this exercise when my clients, after the breakthrough session, which is an in-depth session, release all the limiting beliefs and the subconscious level. They create who they want to be ideally. Eighty-five percent of them, when they create their ideal self, are focusing on who they don't want to be. They are like, “I don't want to be scarce in money. I don't want to with this and that.” I’m like, “Who do you want to be then?” Naturally, we tend to think in negative terms and focus on what we don't want. When we focus on what we don't want, we experience that reality because where focus goes, energy flows.

Most people focus on what they don't want. For that reason, they keep experiencing that reality. The reality of what you want can be right in front of you and you will not see it if you keep focusing on what you don't want. It's part of those filters. If you remember, one of those filters was focus. You have to focus on what you want to see those possibilities. When you focus on what you don't want, you experience limitations. When you focus on what you want, you start seeing possibilities and opportunities to make it happen.

I have a cool video that I show that illustrates these. Remember that your mind is a super, mega-powerful computer. You have to communicate exactly when you want to experience it. I love this technique for visualizing your desired outcome. Even before this masterclass, I said my intention of serving and visualizing my desired outcome for all of you to get as much value as possible. I’m visualizing that desired outcome of how you want things to go.

Some people think visualization is woo-woo but it’s not. It’s scientific. In sports, they use a lot of visualization. Research shows a 20% to 45% improvement in performance if you repeatedly visualize the desired outcome. This is a powerful technique and strategy that even before you start your morning, you can start visualizing how your morning and day are going to go and tapping into those emotions of how you want it to feel.

I want to tell you the story of Roberta. She practiced a lot of elevated focus and visualization. She moved to Houston from California to pursue her successful career in sales. She felt that even though she had great success, she was meant for something more, something bigger and more fulfilling and bigger in terms of purpose. She was able to release major limiting beliefs that had been instilled in her since her young age. She moved across the country and started a career in a director position that aligns with her values. Not only that but it provides the entrepreneurial components she was looking for.

Many times, we get stuck in the how. When Roberta and I started working together, we defined her goals, who she was, and a lot of things before getting to her goals. She would be like, “Yanet, I don't know how it's going to happen.” Part of the coaching is realizing that the why is way more important than the how. It is important that you allow flexibility for the how because the how can’t unfold in ways you never thought were possible.

In all of these stories, there is a trend. In the beginning, it is not believing that whatever they were dreaming for themselves or whatever goals they wanted to pursue, they truly believed that they were not possible for them until they achieved them. That's how life works. Whatever you're dreaming of or whatever goals you have, they may seem impossible right now but they are not. That's one of the biggest lessons.

Knowledge is potential power but action is real power. What is one action that you're going to take starting now to show up powerful, authentic, confident, worthy, courageous, and all the things that your empowering narrative is about? Of all these materials and concepts, what is one concept that you commit to implementing starting today or tomorrow?

Let's recap. This is what you want. That's what you came into this session. It’s to become powerfully you so you can live with confidence and no regrets because we have one life and this is it. What's stopping you not believing that you're capable and worthy? We all work through that and compare ourselves with others. Sometimes, you think that the solution is to gain external approval to finally validate how amazing you are. For people to realize that you're worthy and competent, the actual solution instead of that one is to go deep within yourself. Get to know yourself and shop with authenticity.

Dream big because any dream you have is possible. You saw so many real-life examples. It is possible and take both actions. How the strategy RISE reprograms your mind, creating awareness of those stories and patterns, identity alignment, behaving, feeling, and showing up the person you want to become service-oriented, and resilient action. There is a lot of resilience in this process. That is choosing love over fear because that's how you're going to be truly fulfilled. The last one is an elevated focus on what you want and what you focus on in your experience.

Imagine how would your life change if you created a life driven by internal fulfillment and love instead of external validation, making your dreams a reality, and showing up authentically. How would your life change? Visualize that because that's part of taking action. This is a part where I’m going to share how to work with me. This resonates with you.

If you like my support in tapping into your inner power of abundance, fulfillment, and courage so you can live with confidence and no regrets, one of the things that I offer is a 45-minute free Clarity Call, which is a $400 value. This is a lot of value for a free call. Why is it a Clarity Call? In this call, I’m going to help you identify the main pattern that is stopping you from being powerful. We are going to come up with a plan to overcome this.

Why am I going to help you? Many times, we have blind spots. Having another person to help you identify those is important. Maybe it's the one that you have identified already or it's something else. We are going to develop an action plan with specific steps to embody your most confident self and powerful self.

I’m a coach and one of my programs is a one-on-one coaching program, which is called Aligned. I truly believe that when you align with the person you're meant to be, you start attracting what you want like the right opportunities, abundance, and partner. I’ve seen it over and over. It’s an Aligned coaching program. I’m going to tell you that it's free. There is a no-commitment call. You fill up a quick questionnaire and tell me the things that you want to work on. I’m going to help you.


When you align with the person you're meant to be, you start attracting what you want—the right opportunities, the right abundance, the right partner.


In the end, we are going to define whether or not coaching is the right fit for you. It may be a right fit for you or not. Coaching is all about taking action and getting results on those goals just as the clients are presented. You can do that. I have another juicy bonus coming up. Let me tell you a little bit more about my coaching program.

My coaching program is called Aligned. I explain why it's called Aligned. It's a transformational six-month container where it's everything I will take action on your goals. I get my clients results and my only purpose is to make you successful in every sense. I got you to accomplish your goals way faster by gaining clarity in your long-term direction, confidence and your ability to make anything happen, and courage to pursue your dreams in an authentic way.

During the coaching program, you will go from playing small, thinking you don't fit in and belong to leading your life by taking action on your dreams and making them a reality. Whatever your dreams are, this is different for every person. You'll go from being paralyzed by fear and being indecisive to showing up courageous and resourceful while taking action on the possibilities.

You'll go from lacking clarity on your purpose in the long-term direction to aligning with your purpose and having a clear direction with well-defined goals. You'll go from being unfulfilled, empty, and complacent to being fulfilled, abundant, and centered. You'll go from not having the support, skills, accountability, and tools to regulate your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, and make your goals a reality to having an inventory of tools that you can tap into whenever you need to be empowered.

When you make these transitions, you attract the right partner, promotion, job opportunities, and sales. You attract everything you want to attract. This is a more granular version of the RISE framework. In my coaching program, which is different than most coaches, I don't start with the one-on-one weekly session right away. I have what I call a Breakthrough Session.

The whole purpose of a breakthrough session is to have an in-depth evaluation of your blind spots, limiting beliefs, and negative emotions and release all of those filters with proven techniques from my Neurolinguistic Programming training, which is all about the subconscious mind. That's what I specialize in, reprogramming your subconscious mind so you’re going to achieve your desired goals.

This is for the clarity of your mind by identifying your blind spots and releasing your whole story with techniques. This is not a conscious process. This is a subconscious process so I utilize all of my toolbox. After the Breakthrough Session, you have a clean slate, clean filters, and blank Canva and then we go to the one-on-one weekly sessions, which are all about energizing your potential.

You’re gaining clarity in your purpose, who you are, who you want to be, and the things you want to achieve. You’re taking aligned action on those goals, gaining momentum by mastering yourself, and your focus on resilience. I’m saying all of these but the whole purpose is to get you results to your goals. My approach is highly integrative. It is holistic.

I have specialized in studying the mind. There are three minds, the higher self, the conscious mind, and the unconscious mind. My whole purpose is to help you align deeply within yourself. You can manifest the goals that you want. We also work in the four bodies, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. It's a very holistic comprehensive and complete approach.

What is the coach-client relationship like? This is one of the best ways to describe coaching because sometimes people don't understand the difference between coaching, therapy, and mentorship. Coaching is all about taking action and it's very future forward. If we look at your path, it is to find the lesson that you have to learn so you can move forward with more wisdom and momentum and you can get those results.

That’s the main reason between therapy and coaching because therapy is all about looking back, reflecting, and listening. Coaching is all about action, future-forward, and let's get you results. That's what it is. As a coach, I am solely dedicated and focused on your goals and helping you get results. I also serve as your GPS. I’m guiding you to access the answers within yourself. This is what made me fall in love with coaching.

Coaching is not telling you, “You need to do this.” Coaching is recognizing that you have all the resources you need within yourself, giving you the right tools, and taking you through the right path for you to access who you are, what you dream of, and your goals so you can tap into that inner resourcefulness. Once you tap into inner resourcefulness, anything is possible.


As a coach, I have no agenda other than your growth, your success, and increasing the manifestation of your potential. I hold a mirror in a safe, nurturing, and non-judgmental environment. I’m bringing to light when you're selling yourself short because, as a coach, I want the best for you, my client. I hold you accountable to your dreams and aspirations. Coaching is all about taking action because action leads to creating those results. Accountability is a key piece of this.

Let's talk about investment and the value of the program. The value of the program is about $22,000. This is not the cost. This is what the program is valued in. It's one Breakthrough Session, which is an in-depth session with the most advanced and proven techniques to help you release all of your baggage. We have 24 weekly sessions for 6 months and you have your coaching platform, coaching notes, and action items. Everything is highly structured and organized as the engineer me.

You also have access to me Monday through Friday so you don't only get coached on our weekly sessions but if you're running through a challenge, you need help and support or perspective, you can reach out to me. Once a month, I bring all of my private coaching clients together so we can create more community. That's important to realize that we are not the only ones struggling with these and also to learn from each other.

You also get access to my digital course, Discover Your Purpose Program. Everything about me is about purpose, clarity, and self-mastery. Here's what it costs. This is valued at about $22,000. You saw a breakdown before but it costs $9,000. This includes the 24 weekly sessions, the community session, access to digital resources, and access to me.

Eileen is one of my one-on-one coaching clients. She has been doing amazing lately and before, a little. Eileen was always drawn towards helping and serving people. She wanted to start building her coaching business along with her full-time corporate job, which she had already done and needed to go for the clarity and direction she was taking. She gains so much clarity and validation that she's aligned with her purpose and unpacked years of emotional baggage. That's the Breakthrough Session. It is one of the most powerful processes I have been certified in.

She started building her side coaching business, got her first three clients, and got certified as a master practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming. She's following a similar path to the one I follow. I’m super proud of her. This is Neil Gash. She works in consulting. “In 2022, I went through a defining life-changing event in my life, including becoming a new working mom with no family nearby to support. I was at a point where I felt that my emotional, mental, physical, and relationship health were at risk.”

That was before we did coaching but now we started working on a different area. We worked first on her personal development in the first 6 months and then we worked on her career in the second part of the 6 months but she decided to continue coaching. The program is six months but you can decide to work in a different area if you want to.

“I cannot attest that my emotional, mental, physical, and relationship health are healed. I feel highly connected to myself and my core values. I have a clear vision and direction. I have greater confidence in my decision-making. I have a new ability to establish and sustain healthy boundaries.” This was a big thing for her too. “I have time to not only sleep but also prioritize my overall well-being.” She's a new mom. That's why she's putting that emphasis on sleeping, which is sweet. That was a lot of information. We went through the whole road map. You have all the content. I also showed you how you can work with me. I’m here to serve you.


Q&A Session

Thank you so much for being here. Do you have any questions or anything you need help with?

Yanet, I love your session. Thank you. My question is more about clarification. I’m not sure if I heard it right. Is the Breakthrough Session with a group or one-to-one?

The Breakthrough session is one-on-one. Please forgive me if I didn't make it clear. The whole program is one-on-one, which is six months. You and I or whoever decides to work with me and we're a good fit, we start with the Breakthrough Session. I start with a Breakthrough Session before the one-on-one weekly sessions because how can I tell you, “What are your goals? Who do you want to be,” if we haven't cleaned your filters or created awareness of the stories on the limiting beliefs yet?

With my clients, when I do Breakthrough Sessions, at least we have more than fifteen limiting beliefs that we release, each one of them. That's why it's so important that before I ask you what are your goals and who you want to be, we first create awareness and clean all the baggage with proven techniques, which are Neurolinguistic Programming and techniques.

In terms of time, how long does that normally run to do Breakthrough? Is it an hour one-on-one session?

The Breakthrough Session is an in-depth session. Most people describe it as a rebirth because you don't recognize the person who came into a session in a good sense. I divided it into two sessions. I usually do it on the weekends because most of my clients are corporate. For example, I have Narmeen. She's working with me on Saturday. We're doing 3 hours and on Sunday, we do 2 hours. The average is five hours and I divided it into sessions because I found that most people are more comfortable that way. Five hours can be intense. We go through a whole process. These are highly structured approaches customized to you. 3 hours on Saturday and Sunday for 2 hours and then we start meeting weekly for 1 hour.

Thank you.

That's such a good question. I should have clarified that. Thank you, Monique.

Yanet, I have a question. When you do that big session, how does that work that you're taking down these filters?

There is an NLP technique or Neurolinguistic Programming, which is something I’ve been certified to the highest level. That's understanding how your subconscious mind works. Maybe I’m getting too technical here. I’m not a computer engineer but if you think of a computer, which is your mind, there is a programming behind that computer. It can be Linux or MATLAB. NLP is coding to the subconscious mind so you can reprogram and let go of those limiting beliefs.

I have a technique called Mental and Emotional Release. In other modalities, it is called Timeline Therapy, which allows you to identify the root cause of the limiting belief and let it go with this technique. It's not that you are someone who suffers from depression. What I’m saying is that it has been proven clinically. Not only that but before we have the Breakthrough Session, I am sending you a book about this technique via email so you can learn about it.

I want to make sure that you also learn the technique that I’m utilizing and that you understand the whole process even before we have the Breakthrough Session. There will be a process of preparation for you. It doesn't take long. The first four chapters are what I assign. It's pretty straightforward but it's with that technique mainly. It's called the Mental and Emotional Release. We also do forgiveness because there are a lot of people who are holding on to resentment. We do another technique that I’ve learned that is highly effective on forgiveness.

Can you talk about some of your clients and the outcome of doing that session?

We continue with the weekly sessions. You saw a lot of stories here. I don't know if you saw but a lot of the stories would start after releasing my limiting beliefs and becoming aware of their root cause, which was preventing you from moving forward, I was able to do these. The Breakthrough Session and releasing the baggage is an enabler for you to get the results that you want to get.

A lot of my clients, results-wise, start showing up differently because this is subconscious. You are going to realize it when you are in a situation where you used to show up in a limited or negative way and you start doing things differently. You start speaking up, recognizing your worth, and closing that self on being unapologetically you. How a lot of clients describe it is it is a rebirth. That's an important word because I’ve heard it over and over. They don't recognize the person who joined the Breakthrough Session because they see themselves as they are, worthy, powerful, forgiven, and healed.

Let me say something. This is 1 of the 4 requisites to create change. It’s releasing your limiting beliefs and negative emotions. For the process to be complete and create sustainable change, we have to create your compelling future. Who do you want to be? What are the things that you want to do? What are the things that you want to have to become that person and get those results?

You have to take action. The Breakthrough Session is not like, “I did the Breakthrough. I release everything. I’m perfect.” Action is so important to generate momentum from that powerful experience from the Breakthrough Session. Taking action is important for you to get results too. The fourth requisite is to focus on what you want as you continue walking that path. All of these four things need to be present to generate results based on what you want.

You can go to my page and see testimonials. We can get on a Clarity Call. This is a highly customized process. This is not like, “Read this for the session,” and that's it. Every client has a different journey. What we are studying here in coaching is yourself. When you go to MBA, it’s your story in business and finances. Coaching is all about doing a Master’s or a PhD depending on the person on yourself. The curriculum is yourself. Whenever you change whatever is going on within you, everything else outside of you changes because it's a matter of perception tool. You start attracting the right opportunities because you're showing up worthy and powerful.

Honestly, that's how I was able to gain clarity on my purpose. Since I joined the corporate workforce, I have worked for amazing great companies. I had some LinkedIn beliefs. I didn't belong because I was an immigrant. I wasn't enough because I had an accent and all these things. When I released all those things and I started focusing on my long-term direction, it was important because most people are taking action and not knowing where they are heading. They are accepting life, not leading life.

Whenever you start gaining clarity in that long-term direction and taking actions towards there, with faith, because there are so many things you don't see yet, things will start aligning your path and happening. You'll start getting results. I have seen it over and over. Sometimes, we don't know the ‘how’ but as long as you can keep moving forward, the ‘how’ will unfold.

The tools that I use are a lot of NLP or Neurolinguistic Programming. I also have hypnosis. I’m certified in hypnosis which is another way of reprogramming your subconscious mind. I’m very spiritual too, so I have a holistic practice. I work with Jewish, Christian, and agnostic clients. It doesn't matter but my practice is pretty holistic and those are the main tools that I use.

Questioning is an amazing tool because the quality of our lives depends on the quality of the questions we are asking ourselves. Do you have any other questions? Any comments? Did you enjoy the presentation? Liana is a student in my digital course. She just retired so it's inspiring. You're so sweet. I’m here for you if you need coaching, have questions, or anything.

I’ve got what I need. I want to say thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Thank you so much, Monique. I’m so happy to see you here. I hope everything is going great.

We'll talk more. Thank you.

We run our lives in patterns. We keep repeating the same patterns and getting the same results. We always want different results so we have to break the habit of the patterns we have been running. We have to break the habit of being ourselves. There is a book called that way or that reason. Whenever we break those patterns, we start showing up and taking action in those ways. I have my coach because I truly believe in coaching. Not only that but I want to make sure I lead with integrity too.

You have to have someone whose whole agenda is your success who holds a mirror in front of you and points out when you're selling yourself short, empowers you to dream bigger, and takes action when you're not taking it too because accountability is a big part. When you start doing all of those things at the same time, you start getting different results. That's the power of coaching. it is very action-driven. In my program first, we released the baggage, which is the Breakthrough Session.

I mentioned that clients sometimes decide to do more than one term. When I do my coaching, we focus on one area for six months. This is the area of your life that if you work on that area, you're going to get the highest return on investment. The areas that I specialize in are career. I have plenty of clients working in career. Personal development is more than the mental, emotional, and physical side of things. Personal development is more of your wellness and also romantic relationships.

I’ve helped clients find their ideal partner in that area. Those are the areas that I specialize in. We work on one area for six months. There are plenty of clients who resign and decide to work six more months but in a different area. That can be done too but we start with the first area, the one that will make the biggest difference and will have a ripple impact on the rest. That's the one we want to target.

The other question I get sometimes is, “What if I’ve never worked with a coach?” I work with a lot of clients who have no work with a coach. I was a skeptic in this area of personal development, meditation, and all of that stuff. The process is highly customized to you. The environment is safe. I provide you with the tools, strategies, and information. You don't need any experience of having a coach before. I work with plenty of clients who are under first coach ever.

I’m deeply honored because sometimes it can be scary to also work with someone that you don't know well or even sometimes make the investment thinking that you're worthy of this investment. That's a big one. I don't think there are more questions. Thank you so much again for joining in. I’m deeply grateful and honored that we got to spend some time together. Bye-bye. Take care.


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