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Ever feel like you're drowning in to-do lists and overcomplicating everything? Join Yanet Borrego as she ditches the long-winded approach and delivers a powerful 10-minute episode on simplifying your life. Learn how to identify areas where you can "let it be easy," discover the "minimum viable product" concept for tackling projects, and hear actionable tips to make anything, from business opportunities to personal conversations, flow smoother. Tune in and become one of the many high-achieving women Yanet helps to gain the clarity, confidence, and courage to stop holding themselves back so they can go after what they want unapologetically. This episode is your permission slip to stop the struggle and embrace simplicity.


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Let It Be Easy

The Problem With Overcomplicating

I am super excited for this episode because it's about a topic that I think we all struggle with. It's about the topic of letting things be easier, making the decision simpler because let's be honest, we tend to overcomplicate everything. I'm raising my hand with you. I love one of the quotes from Tony Robbins that says, “Complexity is the enemy of execution.” You make it too complex. It's hard to execute. This applies to projects, habits, and conversations, you name it. Right now, as all of you know, if you have been reading the past episodes, I'm pregnant.

I'm 25 weeks pregnant right now when I'm recording this episode. I'm more than halfway there. I have been planning a few weeks of maternity leave that I'll be taking. I think I'll be taking 4, 5, 6. I'm trying to decide. As you know, if you're a mom, pregnancy is such vulnerable and uncertain at certain moments that you cannot really plan much for it. I plan to have a few weeks and then get back and transition into my business.

In this planning stage, I've been thinking about what I want my maternity leave to look like for my business and recording tons of episodes. Even though I’m taking care of my baby and I'm in maternity leave, you guys can have the value even if I'm not here present. I'm recording a lot of episodes. I'm working with my team to schedule tons of content.

As you know, my episodes usually are from 20 to 45 minutes, the solo episodes, and the guest ones are close to one hour. I've been recording three episodes per week and they take a lot of time because I want to record as many as I can so I don't have to think much about it. Everything is just automated and scheduled for all of you, so you don't miss me that much.

I know you're going to miss me, but I just want to add value. That's the whole purpose. I was thinking. I'm like, “I just have so many episodes to record. I don't know how I'm going to make it.” I'm putting in the effort but it's a lot to record because I'm also promoting my master class. I'm creating my upcoming master class. I have my coaching clients. I create content very productively.

As a business owner, it's a lot of things, and even though I have an amazing team that supports me, which is my podcast manager and also my operations business manager, there are a lot of moving pieces that I still need to think through and need to create, one of them being content creation. I'm someone that I love creating my own content. I love creating new things all the time and an episode is one of those things. A master class is another one of those things.

Let It Be Easy

When I was thinking about the episodes I'm planning on recording, I'm like, “I don't know how I'm going to record 20 to 30-minute episodes 3 times a week.” It's just a lot with everything I have going on, other than pregnancy and motherhood and all of the things that I’m preparing for. Suddenly, I was like, “Yanet, you're making these too complicated. Why don't you let it be easy for you? What can I do to get the most value to all of you on a weekly basis that it doesn't require as much time,” because sometimes less is more. I was like, “I'm going to start recording 5 to 10-minute episodes and they're going to be powerful. They're going to have stories. They're going to have lessons. They're going to have actionable strategies. They are going to be focused on one concept.”


Sometimes, less is more.


Sometimes less is more and I'm one of those persons that I have a never-ending flow of ideas. As I mentioned, I want to create all the time and I want to give the most value I can all the time. Sometimes, I think in long-form content. Even my posts on social media are long, my episodes are kind of long, my master classes are long. I'm like, “Something that I got to practice is being more concise,” and in just a few minutes, deliver the powerful point, that powerful content that adds so much value to all of you with a powerful story and an actionable strategy.

When I was thinking of all of these things, I was like, “A 5-minute to 10-minute episode. That's perfect. Why was I making it so complicated?” One of the coaches I’ve had in the past has all these messages about letting it be easy. I'm so happy I asked that question when I was thinking of the episode, which took me a couple of weeks, but I finally made it happen.

Minimum Viable Product

I had a photoshoot and I have tons of things going on and I'm like, “How can I make this photoshoot be easier for me? I'm going to make it at home. I don't need to drive anywhere. I'm just going to make it super easy.” This reminds me of a concept that I learned when I was consulting in the technology side around the minimum viable product, the MVP.

I always think of this because it makes so much sense. Whenever you are implementing a digital product, the first thing you want to define is the minimum viable product, which is the product with the least functionality but that still delivers the value you intend to deliver. After that, you can add more complexity. In doing so, you want to make sure that you get the value with the least amount of effort and resources spent. It's also around this concept of letting it be easy for you.


I provided two different examples, two stories, and my question for you. This is the first episode that I'm experimenting with this concept of letting it be easier for me. My question for you is what is one thing in your life, it may be your passion project, your relationship, a conversation that you need to have, or a business opportunity, a speaking engagement, how can you let that be easier for you? Our instinct is to think on a very complex way to execute.

Now that you know these, I want you to ask yourself. How can you make it simpler with still the value you want to deliver and that you want to get, but how can that execution be easier and simpler for you? Less is more, my friend, and that is a message for you on this episode. If you enjoyed this shorty when it comes to episodes, let me know on my Instagram, my LinkedIn or via email. Just let me know what you think. I'm just so excited to continue experimenting with this concept. Thank you again for being loyal to this show and for tuning in.


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