"I'm not capable of being consistent"

2024 consistency goals imposter syndrome releasing limiting beliefs Feb 19, 2024
“I am not capable of being consistent and I often self-sabotage healthy behaviors when I’m stressed” shared one of my coaching clients during our first session. 
Like many of my clients, she felt like an impostor, afraid of not being capable of reaching her potential. She felt like her life was driven by people pleasing patterns, which led her to prioritize others’ needs over her own. These tendencies showed up in her health, family, love life, and career.
“I ask myself often: am I enough?” was a fear that hung over her. Even though she was very successful on the outside, within her she felt lost, hopeless, and unworthy in the inside.
During her breakthrough session, we identified and released subconscious limiting beliefs so she could finally move forward with a fresh start, and not weighed down by the baggage of her past. This was just one part of my RISE Framework where we got clear on her long-term direction and short-term goals, reprogrammed her subconscious at the deepest level to make it simple to create what she wanted, and took action on strategies that enabled her to follow through.
As a result, she overcame self-doubt and the impostor syndrome. She has never been as consistent and accountable for her habits and goals (1 year after coaching together she still going strong!). She says: “I wake up feeling excited about my future and actually BELIEVING in my potential.” Because she now intentionally prioritizes herself and sets heart-felt boundaries, her relationships at work, with her partner, and her family have significantly improved.
You can’t be consistent with your goals and prioritize yourself if you don’t believe you’re worthy. We often rely on the outside world to provide us with that sense of validation and worthiness. 
That’s why in my 1:1 coaching, we uncover where your subconscious beliefs are in conflict with what you want. In this client’s case, it was her belief that she was not enough.
If you want to stop relying on the external world for validation and worthiness so you can fulfill your potential from an authentic place, schedule a clarity call in THIS LINK.

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