How To Transition Out Of Survival Mode

creation mode empowerment meditation pattern recognition subconscious programming survival mode Nov 29, 2023
WCP 98 | Survival Mode


When life becomes too busy and chaotic, humans tend to turn into survival mode. But to live in that mode is not the best way to live, or should you consider living? In this episode with Yanet Borrego, she explains being in survival mode and how to transition out from it to create the life you deserve. While creation mode allows you to create on the space of possibilities, the survival mode allows you to operate from the past, not create space to live the best life. Yanet’s wisdom creates a path of understanding how people can rewire the subconscious and take action. Empower yourself with today's discussion to lead yourself outside the cycle of being in survival mode. Tune in to this episode now.

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How To Transition Out Of Survival Mode

I am very excited because it's a solo episode. I haven't done one in months. I have been bringing amazing guests during these last few episodes and it is time to dig deep into a topic and do a solo episode. Since we haven't caught up in a long time, I wanted to give you a quick update before we dig into how to transition from surviving your life and reacting to everything in your life to creating it to leading your life. Creating that future that you want to experience and attract that future of fulfillment, happiness, peace, joy, abundance, and whatever that might be for you.

A quick update in terms of life. I just turned 34 years old. Time is flying by. I had a super fun group dinner at my favorite Peruvian place and it was wonderful. Honestly, the next day was crazy because I traveled to Austin at 6:00 AM to meet my business coach for a VIP day that we were having. We had dinner with another one of the mastermind ladies that I'm in this group coaching program, and then we went and danced salsa and bachata. It was crazy. I also celebrated with all of you because this is a project that we are all in this together. Our anniversary for this show. I cannot believe it has been for several years already since I created this show a few months after quitting my corporate job and embracing this journey of becoming a full-time entrepreneur.

I also celebrated a huge business milestone, which was my first six-figure year as a full-time entrepreneur, which honestly is important because since I quit corporate, I knew that I wanted with all my heart and soul to make this my career. I know there are so many people that think, “You cannot make money doing what you love. You cannot make money being a coach there. There are so many coaches out there.” I share this not to impress you, but to impress upon you that yes, it is possible. The most important part is what you believe about yourself. It's important to differentiate between what people tell you and what you decide to believe because what you decide to believe will define your reality and your life. You can make anything that you put your mind and your heart into.

This journey of entrepreneurship is about serving. If it was about money, I would have studied my corporate job. It's about serving and creating a life that is fulfilled, a life of impact and worth living. I truly believe that alignment attracts abundance, so the more you continue aligning with your purpose, your higher calling, and your natural gifts, the more abundance you end up attracting.

This is the beginning for me. I wanted to share it with all of you because each one of you and all my clients, my family, and all my friends have been a great part of this journey. After all, entrepreneurship can get lonely mainly in the starting stages of entrepreneurship and mainly when you are transitioning from a different environment, which is a corporate world.

I don't take any of you for granted and I wanted to say how much I appreciate you and how grateful I am that you are supporting me through reading my show, which is important. Those are the life topics. My husband is doing great and amazing. My mom who lives with us, she's doing wonderful. Monk, my beautiful dog is doing great.

WCP 98 | Survival Mode

I'm very excited because I'm going to a Dr. Joe Dispenza event. If you don't know Dr. Joe Dispenza, he's amazing. I'm a big fan of his because he bridges the gap between the energy and the meditation world and the manifestation world with scientific data. I'm going to Mexico to Cancún for a one-week advanced training on how I can create even more congruence between my heart, my mind, and my environment with meditation with tuning into this quantum field of possibilities. It's a lot of quantum physics but there is a lot of application with meditation and some of the things we will be talking about. If you don't know about Dr. Joe, my favorite book, honestly, if you are starting in this work or if you haven't read about Dr. Joe, I would strongly recommend his book, Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself.

Our topic is partly inspired by the concept that in order to get different results in your life, you have to become someone else. You have to embrace a new identity because this topic is all about transitioning from this survival mode that most people are into this mode of creation. Creating the life that you deserve to live. Creating a life with integrity within yourself is rooted in self-worth and self-respect. You can create even more impact so you can truly serve the world and create a legacy that empowers the world.

All of us are here for that because the two elements of living a fulfilling life are growth and contribution. To be able to grow, you have to allow space to create because growth means that you are doing things you have never done before. You are someone you have never been before so you can achieve the unimaginable.


The two elements of living a fulfilling life are growth and contribution.


You can achieve the supernatural. You can achieve what people tell you, “You cannot do that.” You can become truly unstoppable because I truly believe that you have this divine intelligence within yourself that sometimes we are blocked from due to society's conditioning, our upbringing, and our limiting beliefs. One of the main purposes of this show is to break through our conditioning so we can become who we are meant to be in this lifetime.

Transitioning from surviving your life to creating it, and I love this quote from one of my mentors. My first coaching certification back in 2015 was with John Maxwell. He's a leadership coach, speaker, and trainer. He's amazing. He says, “Most people don't lead their life. They accept their life.” This reminds me of the time when I had my first panic attack ever. It was my first year of being in the corporate world as a new-hire process engineer.

I was in a high-anxiety and high-pressure position. I was on call 24/7. They would call me at 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM because there was an environmental release. I was climbing up 200 feet tower reactors. I was working night shifts and then transitioning into day shifts and even the environment and the people were toxic because everyone was in such survival mode in that environment that they would react all the time. It wasn't the nicest environment to be in, to be honest with you.

I had so much pressure, stress, and anxiety. My body was giving me indications before. When we run this pattern of tolerating the pain because we are like, “This is what's supposed to be.” We are ignorant in some way and we are not speaking up and we don't know how to establish boundaries. Your body is going to continue sending you signals. If you don't listen to those signals, it's going to ramp up the volume. The maximum volume for me at that point was getting a panic attack. This panic attack, honestly, I thought I was going to die because I was feeling a lot of pressure in my chest. My left arm got numb.

At that point, I was like, “This is it. I'm having a heart attack.” When I look back on my life, mainly that first and a half years of working as a full-time chemical engineer, I look at my life and say to myself, “Is this the life that I have been tolerating?” This life, I wasn't leading it and I wasn't creating it. I was the victim of whatever was happening and I didn't know better. Mainly when you start as a new hire in a job, you are super young. You don't have the self-worth and sometimes that awareness and the empowerment to speak up and set your boundaries.

I remember having this huge awakening of I don't want to be in a position anymore where I feel I'm tolerating my life where I feel I'm reacting to whatever happens in the environment in the external world. I want to start creating my life from the inside out. For that, I got to wake up and I got to start breaking the pattern of how I would choose how I would think and believe. I got to change myself completely in order to show up as a more empowered identity.

This was 2014. That moment truly changed my life. Honestly, this moment had to happen for me to learn this, but it taught me we don't have to wait until we hit rock bottom or crisis to make a decision that is in alignment with us. For me, that decision was I got to get out of this environment. This is not in alignment. I'm not doing a job that I love that fulfills me. Not a single thing seemed to be in alignment with me.

This lesson helped me so much because back in 2021 when I quit my 9 years corporate career to become a full-time coach and speaker, I did it from a place of moving toward a bigger aspiration instead of moving away from something that I didn't like. After all, I did like the company, the people, and the position that I had back in 2021. I did it from a place of love, not from a place of pain.

In 2021, I didn't feel at all. I was at rock bottom and I was in crisis. To be completely vulnerable, those are the hardest decisions. When you are in a situation that is not that things are going wrong, bad, or you hate it, but you know there is something better on the other side. You know there is a bigger aspiration to serve people, which has been my main motivation since 2014, that panic attack.

I knew that there were so many people feeling just like I was feeling because I saw it around me at all times, but none of those people were taking action. None of those people had the clarity or a long-term direction of where they wanted to move toward. I made a commitment to myself to be that guide for people, but first I needed to be that guide for myself. It took a lot of learning and being uncomfortable.

Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “We live in two states of mind, and we either are in this state or the other one.” Both cannot be simultaneous. You cannot feel both of these simultaneously at the same time. Whether living in survival or living in creation. When he says creation, he's not referring to you being creative. He's referring you to deciding, and let me explain what that means.

Being in survival means living from the past. It means that you are not allowing space to reflect, decide, and think based on a compelling future. You are just reacting because your life is so much. It's full of distractions and things to do. The to-do list is endless and you are not in a place where you create space and you can lead your life from that place. When you are in survival, you are operating from the past because 95% of who we are by the time we are 35 years old is a memorized set of behaviors, emotional reactions, subconscious habits, hardwired attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions that function like a computer program. By age 35, 95% of who we are, it's like a computer program that keeps repeating every single day.


Being in survival means living from the past. It means you're not allowing space to reflect, decide, and think based on a compelling future.


If this computer program is highly empowering, that would be amazing, but what happens is that for most of us, this 95% of our life has been programmed from our past. It is interesting because until you are zero years old, even when you are in the womb until you are seven years old, most of your subconscious programming or most of your beliefs around you not being off. Beliefs around you are not worthy of love.

There are so many beliefs created and so much baggage and negative emotions are created earlier on in your childhood. By age 35, 95% of who we are, it's who we have been in the past. If we are repeating how we feel, think, and behave every single day and we are running the same programming, and we wake up and we feel worried and we wake up and we check the phone, and every single thing that happened in our day is predictable because we are used to deciding, feeling, and behaving the same way not breaking the pattern.

We keep repeating the past over and over. It means that there is no room for a future. It means that the future you are creating is based on your past. There are so many people who keep wondering why they keep getting the same results, why they keep repeating the same patterns, and why they don't seem to see reality clearly and how they are going to get to their dreams. The truth is that baggage which is your past beliefs, the negative emotion is preventing you from seeing clearly.

When I take my coaching clients through coaching, my approach to coaching is not traditional. Traditional coaching usually starts with one-on-one coaching on a weekly basis for 50 minutes to 1 hour, so you get right into coaching. I don't do that. Why? It’s because I don't want you to create goals or create a future from the eyes of the past.

I have studied the mind for the last several years, and I know that most of who we are is based on past conditioning. Instead of starting with the weekly session, I start with what I call a breakthrough session. A breakthrough session is an in-depth comprehensive session where through your language, I get to determine what are your blind spots. What are your limiting beliefs deeply embedded in your subconscious programming? What are your negative emotions?

We started becoming aware of all of these things that so many times you don't even see. I have my coach because I have blind spots. I cannot see myself. That's why it's so important to have someone who has been trained professionally to do this, who has been certified, and who knows how to identify the language of your subconscious programming because that's how you are running your life.

After we become aware of all these things, we release them with proven techniques. Something that I trained for my first book on this topic was 2012. My first training was in 2017 in neurolinguistic programming, which is understanding the language of the subconscious mind and how we can reprogram that subconscious programming at the deepest level to get you consistent desired results.


If this episode resonates with you, I invite you to work with me in my private one-on-one coaching. Private one-on-one coaching is a six-month container where I help you go from playing small, not believing in yourself, struggling with the imposter syndrome, inconsistency, and indecisiveness to having the clarity, confidence, and courage to follow through with your dreams.

When you work with me as a private client, the first thing we do is guide you through an in-depth breakthrough session where we get very clear on all of the blind spots that have been preventing you from achieving your goals. We become aware of those and we release them at the subconscious level with proven techniques. I provide you with accountability, and I'm like a GPS for you to find the resources and the answers that are already within you because you, my friend, are powerful.

One of my coaching clients said, “Through working with Yanet, I have been able to radically shift my mindset in a way I never thought was possible. Each day, I wake up feeling excited about my future and believing in my potential.” If you are ready to believe in your potential, take action, and see progress with all of your dreams and goals, you have been delaying. This is your time. I invite you to schedule a Clarity Call. I cannot wait to meet you. See you soon.


Most of who we are is based on the past. Whenever you are in survival because you are not creating space to reflect and decide, you are repeating the same things that you have been repeating over and over yesterday and the day before. That is survival mode operating from the past reacting. Operating from baggage, not being able to see clearly, being exhausted, and burnt out, and not creating space. Creation mode, when you are creating your life is allowing that space to happen so you can create from the present.

You can create from a space of possibilities instead of a space of limitations, which is the past. That's why we want to make sure that we transition from survival to creation because you have this one lifetime. We are here in this life together. What are you going to create in this life? I had a Clarity Call with an amazing lady. She had a couple of coaching certifications and she wanted to find her dream job, and it seemed like her bigger purpose was to serve women to become more empowered.


I asked her, “You have coaching certifications, would it be a good fit for you maybe if you like helping people so much to start a coaching business as a side hustle or something like that.” The first thing she said was, “No. I'm not going to do that because there are more coaches than clients in the coaching industry. That's impossible. I don't even know how you made six figures.”

She said all of those things, but deeper within those beliefs is the belief that I can't do it. “Not me. Maybe you are special.” Within herself, she thinks I'm not capable, I'm not worthy, or I'm not enough. It's not about the coaching. Coaching is a symptom, but the key thing to understand is how you show up in one area. For example, she shows up in that area of like, “I cannot do it. There are more clients than coaches.” No. How she shows up in that area of I can't do it, I'm not enough, or I'm not worthy, she is probably showing up in different areas of her life the same way because your unconscious mind cannot differentiate or compartmentalize different areas of your life. That’s why it's so important to understand your blind spots and what are the beliefs that are leading your life or running your life in a reactive way. What are the emotions that are running your life? Once you have that awareness, you can break through those patterns.

Something to mention. Breaking through those patterns, remember that for the last decades of your life, you have been running this programming. There is a lot of effort and energy that has been put into this programming that is limiting you from seeing clearly and that is limiting you from fulfilling your potential. In order to break through that programming, it does requires effort and energy. When I'm coaching my clients, I always remind them that the breakthrough session gets rid of the baggage of the intensity of those beliefs and emotions, so they can see clearly that you have way more options. You can rewire those stories in your mind at the subconscious level.

Pattern Recognition And Awareness

Taking action. That's why coaching falls after the breakthrough session. Taking action will strengthen those stories. It will put the energy required to finally create new patterns. The first step is always pattern recognition and pattern awareness. What are the patterns I have been running? Once you are aware of the patterns, the second step is making the decision to break through them, and the third step is taking action. It’s taking action on the new patterns you are creating. Pattern recognition, you become aware of the pattern, and then you make the decision or commitment to break through that pattern, and then you create a new one. That's when you know you are moving into a more empowered state by creating a new pattern.

When you are doing all of this, it’s going to be super uncomfortable. It’s going to take effort. I mentioned this because it's important for you to know this as you are creating your new life. This is not going to be easy. You don't need to take 20 or 30 more years to change. You can change in a second if you are committed to changing. You can change in a second, but your willpower has to be much greater than the programming running your life.


Subconscious Programming

The programming runs in your life, the subconscious programming is your sets of emotions, beliefs, behaviors, and actions. Those sets of emotions, behaviors, beliefs, and actions create results in your life. It’s not unless you change this formula of these four elements that you start creating different results. That's why the book by Dr. Joe Dispenza is called Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself. In order to create new results, you have to start operating from a different identity.

When we finish a breakthrough session with my clients, we start a process that it's all about creating their long-term direction. They get super clear on who they want to be ideally, what are the things they want to be doing ideally, and what are the goals they need to accomplish in one year in order to get closer to the long-term direction.

Something that I always mention is moving forward and giving your best to operate from that long-term direction to operate from that new identity of yourself that you want to embody. That's what I call in my framework identity realignment because you have to align to the new identity that you want to be and you want to embody. Your willpower has to be much greater than the momentum that your subconscious programming has, and that takes effort, deciding, and getting uncomfortable.

I had a masterclass and it was called From Unworthy to Unstoppable. I was talking in that masterclass about how growth in your mind is going to feel unsafe many times. The minute you start doing something different than your body is not used to, your body is going to start resisting, and it's going to start saying, “It's not safe. Don't do it.” It's like meditating. When you sit to meditate, many people are like, “I cannot meditate.” You can and that's why you need to do it because you think you can't. You need to prove yourself the opposite. When you start meditating, if you are new to meditation and even me now that I have been meditating for many years, some days you are not going to feel like it because your body is addicted to what you do every single day, which is not meditation.


Meditation is breaking through the pattern of creating space. Creating space and just sitting in silence for a lot of people can feel unsafe because they don't want to face what's going on within themselves. Anything that feels new to the body is going to feel unsafe. It doesn't mean that it is because there is no danger, but your body is going to give you resistance so you don't change.

That's when you become conscious and with your willpower, you make the decision at that moment, “This is it. I'm telling you what to do.” Your conscious mind or your higher self is telling your body, “No. You sit here for five minutes. You are going to be fine. You are safe. We are going to make it happen.” That's how you start rewiring your mind by doing what feels uncomfortable, by doing those minor things that feel impossible because the mind that runs your body is your subconscious mind.


The mind that runs your body is your subconscious mind.


Your subconscious mind is your body because your body is used to waking up, worrying about everything in your life, going to the bathroom, brushing your teeth, and getting coffee. You have repeated so many things that there is no need for consciousness to take place. Your subconscious mind, the programming is running everything.

It is you going to a place you have gone to so many times and sometimes you drive to that place and you don't even know how you got there while you got there safely. That means that is subconscious already, and you can do it even without being conscious and intentional about it, but we run most of our lives on autopilot. In this state, we are like, “We are repeating the same thing we repeated.”

Part of creating a life of empowerment and fulfillment is operating from a place where you create space to live the life of your dreams, where you create space to be uncomfortable and create and achieve something you have never achieved before. First, we have to break the emotional addiction of how we feel because our bodies and the subconscious mind, mainly, are emotionally addicted to feeling the same way every single day. When we experience discomfort, and I experience this every time I go to a gym with my trainer, I'm like, “This is so heavy.” I'm lifting weights. When you experience discomfort, that's when you are creating new patterns.

I'm going to give you actionable tips because I'm all about taking action. Taking action is when you rewire and create new patterns. I'm going to give you a technique that is simple that you can do in the morning. It can take five minutes or it can take more depending on how much effort you want to put into it. I like it when new habits start super simple because complexity is the enemy of execution. We make it too complex and we don't execute. It's best to start small and simple.

Here's what I recommend. As I mentioned before, how you feel, think, and act is running your life. You have been used in your past to think, feel, and act a certain way. To get different results, you have to change those patterns of your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Every morning or before you go to bed, why? It’s because that's the time in your day when you are closest to influencing your subconscious programming.

You were in pure brainwaves that were connected to your subconscious mind. Dreams are from the subconscious mind. Everything that happens in sleep is a subconscious mind. You wake up and there you are closer to influencing your subconscious programming than during the day and before you go to sleep too. You can do it in the morning or before you go to sleep. Ideally in the morning because usually that's when, after coffee, we are most awake.

This is something that you can do, and this is an exercise that I gave one of my coaching clients because she has been struggling a lot with being in survival and a lot with running this pattern of distraction and not creating space in her life like a lot of us do now and then. I always say that the journey is not perfect. The journey is not consistent at a perfection rate. What's important is resilience. You get off track, you get back on track. I want you to adopt that mindset. It's not all perfectionism. Being perfectly consistent is our resilience. Getting back on track every time you get off.

Here's the technique. Here's the actionable tip or advice. Every morning, in your notebook, journal, or phone the how remains flexible for you. Whatever works best for you, I want you to write down the two emotions that you have been experiencing. The two undesired or negative emotions that you have been experiencing. It can be from the day before or it can be from the whole week. It doesn't matter.

For example, it can be frustration and I have been angry. That's an example. Next to those two emotions, I want you to think, “What are the desired emotions that I want to experience moving forward?” Instead of frustration, I want to be hopeful. Instead of being angry, I want to be joyful. That's an example, and those are for emotions. This plays an important role in you becoming aware of your subconscious programming on creating space for you to realize how you have been reacting to your life, and not only that for you to realize that you are the master of your life.


Whenever you experience frustration and anger because it's going to happen again. You are human. I want you to have compassion towards yourself and be in full acceptance of what is pure kindness and presence. When you have gone into a place of presence, I want you to remind yourself that there is another option which is feeling hopeful and joyful. It's not only the awareness, the one that has to take place, but you have to start rehearsing what it feels to be hopeful and joyful.

One of the techniques that I give to my clients is called anchoring, and this is not the whole technique. This is a part of the technique. One thing you can do is remind yourself of the last time you felt hopeful and joyful. I want you to tune into those emotions and truly start rehearsing what it feels like in that moment, and that is the technique of emotional rehearsal.

The more you rehearse those emotions, the more you will be able to tap into them. Emotions are the language of the subconscious mind. You change your emotions, you can change your thoughts because whenever you are angry, you are going to be thinking like, “I hate this person.” Your thoughts are going to follow your emotions. The most foundational of a basic thing that you need to work on first. I'm going to give you more to work on, but the most foundational thing that I don't hear people talk about much is rehearsing the desired emotions. Rehearsing the emotion that you truly want to feel.

Part number one is emotion. The second part is thoughts. Journal on the two negative disempowering thoughts. When I say journal is write down those thoughts. Do not write one page for each thought. Let's keep it simple at this point. Journal the two thoughts that you have been thinking that are disempowering and limiting you.

For example, one thought from the previous example that I gave from someone amazing. She scheduled a Clarity Call. One thought was, “I can't do it,” or maybe, “I can't make money doing what I love.” If that's a recurring thought for you, just write it down. “It's not possible for me. I don't belong.” There are so many thoughts and belief is a thought that you repeat over and over.

By working on your thoughts, we are also working on your belief system. 2 on desired thoughts that you have been thinking and the 2 empowering thoughts ideally the opposite of those. Yes, I can do it. If other people did it, I can do it too. I want you to come up with two empowering thoughts. Every time in the day you notice yourself going back to the familiar past, I want you to stop creating space and realize that you have another option which is creating your compelling future by thinking those two new thoughts. It's a lot of repetition. You have to be comfortable with repetition.

The last one is behaviors. This is the third stage of the exercise. Two behaviors that you are not proud of, that they are limiting you, and that they are disempowering you. What I see sometimes in my clients is not speaking up and not setting boundaries. That's a behavior that doesn't empower us, that limits us, and that sacrifices our happiness.

People pleasing is another undesired behavior, and next to those, what are the desired behaviors, the ones that are going to empower you to speak up, say your truth, and operate in integrity with yourself? This exercise, if you do it every morning, please do not make it complex because as you are starting a new habit, let's keep it simple. Try to be as consistent as possible. If one day you don't do it, do not be hard on yourself. Give yourself compassion, kindness, and forgiveness, and get back on track the next day or that night.


Do not be hard on yourself. Give yourself compassion, kindness, and forgiveness, then get back on track.


A quick summary of this exercise, you are going to write down the two undesired emotions that you are experiencing. Next to those are the two desired emotions that you want to start creating your life from, and you are going to do that same thing with thoughts and beliefs, and if you want a bonus. If you are an overachiever and you are like, “Give me more,” I'm into it. Start rehearsing the emotions that you want to feel every single day.

If you want hope, joy, or fulfillment to be a big part of your life, start tapping into those emotions by remembering a past vivid event where you were able to tap into those emotions and start programming your body into feeling that so you can create a compelling and beautiful future or the life of your dreams from your moment.

That's how you move from survival, which is operating in the familiar past and repeating the same patterns you have repeated before, and feeling that you are reacting to everything and getting the same results to creation, which is creating the life you deserve and the life of your dreams from the present moment.

In order to do that, you have to break the habit of who you have been. You have to change the way you have been feeling, thinking, and behaving. A quick disclaimer, this takes effort and energy. Emotion is energy motion. Emotion is the most foundational thing of all. This is something that you must work on in the process because this is a process that takes effort and energy and we are going to mess up during this process because we are not perfect.

I want you to also practice compassion, kindness, patience, tons of faith, and hope that things are working out for you because they are. I hope this episode was super inspiring, uplifting, and empowering for all of you. If this content resonates with you, I am accepting one-on-one coaching clients. I have 1 spot available in December 2023 and I have 2 spots coming available in January 2024. Please schedule a Clarity Call. I cannot wait to meet you. I'm so excited for you and cheers to making your wildest dreams your reality. Have an amazing week and I will see you next episode. Bye-Bye.


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