Hope And Faith: Your Power To Navigate Through This Purpose Driven Life

embracing uncertainty faith hope purpose driven life reach your dream trust Sep 06, 2023
WCP 86 | Hope And Faith

 Do you question yourself and your dreams? Are you afraid of the uncertainty of the future? In today's topic, Yanet Borrego shares her insights on moving forward with a purpose-driven life by equipping yourself with hope and faith. She also shares the wisdom she learned from her mother's journey. This episode will empower those who lack the drive to pursue what they believe and love to do. Don't miss this inspiring episode with Yanet today!

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Hope And Faith: Your Power To Navigate Through This Purpose Driven Life

My mom gave me the most unique and meaningful gift I could have ever received other than life. This is a gift that I don't have the minimum doubt I'll pass on to my kids. Hopefully, this is a gift that will be passed on from generation to generation. I came to this big realization when someone relatively close to me questioned my career choice of making a decision to transition from my 6 figures 9-year corporate career to pursue my purpose and my dream as a full-time coach and speaker.

This moment was a challenging one for me. It was a moment on my entrepreneurial journey when I had hit a low and then this happened. This person started questioning me, "What are you doing? Do you think you can make a living from doing what you love? You're not making any money." I already knew the answers to all of these statements he was giving me. Yes, you can make money doing what you love and I'm doing it already. Instead of exhibiting more resistance to what he was saying, I remained curious about his perspective and I kept asking questions. My whole purpose was to remain calm, centered and balanced and not take what he was saying personally.

It then hit me. There was probably a time in his life when someone else crushed his dreams and his potential to pursue what he truly believed in. It wasn't him talking. He was well-intentioned. It was his frustration about his experience. He probably let someone else's opinions of him cap his potential. He was still doing it and showing up that way. I felt sad for a moment. I'm not going to lie. The situation was very challenging. There was a moment where I took it personally and then I reminded myself, “No one can reject me if I don't reject myself. I got to show up for myself when no one else is showing up for myself.”

I also thought of our future generations and the kids being raised by parents who kept their potential earlier on, their dreams and their sense of believing in themselves. Honestly, we need more supportive communities. We need more people and communities who empower our dreams. I made the promise to myself that my business was going to serve as one of those enablers because this has been a huge gap I've been trying to fill in while going through my entrepreneurial journey. I know I'm not the only one because I've had plenty of conversations around this topic with my clients and other people around me.

I started asking myself, "Why was my experience and perspective different than his?" I want to give credit to my mom. The answer was in the decisions my mom made since I was born. My mom gifted me the unique and meaningful gift of giving me the power of believing in a vision. Having a long-term vision and faith in uncertainty. Having a vision that sometimes you don't know how you're going to get there and how the path will unfold.

Having a strong enough why and purpose to guide what I'm doing tomorrow and today. The experience of knowing that as long as my why and purpose were strong enough, I can always be at the odds of any perceived limitation. Most of those limitations are self-imposed. My mom gifted me the permission to dream, the power of envisioning what's possible and taking aligned action to get there.

If you have been tuning in to my show for a while, you know part of my story. I was born in Cuba, a communist country where freedom and opportunities are very limited and scarce. When I came to this world, when I was born, my mom had one single dream. That one day her daughter was going to have the opportunity to experience what she didn't experience growing up and that was freedom. Freedom was her vision, why and purpose at that moment.

How was she going to get there? It was the big question. She didn't have any idea. Leaving Cuba is illegal. The government is in control of the people living there. She didn't have a plan that she was going to get us out of Cuba. None at all but she kept focusing on what she wanted. She kept embracing the uncertainty of the journey with unwavering faith. We just needed one chance and one opportunity that one day, it was going to happen for us. She kept focusing on that vision over and over until one day the opportunity arrived. Her aspiration was bigger than any of the limitations we had at that moment. She took the chance and she went for it.

Three years after that opportunity unfolded, we ran away. We had the opportunity to ask for political asylum on the US border between Laredo, Texas and Mexico. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was twelve years old when we touch American ground with zero dollars, zero resources and not knowing how to speak English. We only had one family connection in Puerto Rico. The rest is history.

We went to Puerto Rico. I finished high school and did chemical engineering as my college degree. A vision that she had when I was born, which was against the odds and all the probability of making it had become a reality. That's when I learned one of my biggest life lessons. You can make a lot out of nothing. When we arrived in this country, we have nothing but we had hunger. Hunger to succeed. Hunger for freedom. Hunger to make something with the little we had at that moment.

I love the quote from Tony Robbins that illustrates this very well, "It's not a lack of resources, it's a lack of resourcefulness." How many times do we look outside of us hoping that the answers will be there, that someone will come and save us or maybe that someone will give us the validation we are waiting for and the permission to behave a certain way?


We spend our lives looking for the outside world to make us happy and give us that validation. We wait for the people around us to give us permission to dream, believe in our potential and believe that it is possible. I want you to stop and take this sentence to heart. You are the only one with the power to give yourself permission, permission to dream, believe in yourself, show up authentically and be imperfect.

It is important that in this purpose-driven journey of life, we work on creating certainty within ourselves even when the outside world is full of uncertainty, change and chaos. To be honest, that's the only thing we have control of, ourselves, our internal world, what we think, what we believe, what we say and what we do. It starts with that permission to dream, the decision to stop playing small and the decision to stop tolerating what you know you don't deserve. That inner voice that you have within you is telling you, "You deserve more. There is a more aligned path for you in this life."

You are going to need to take a decision at this point. When you start paying attention to that inner voice, do you believe your voice or do you decide to believe what everyone else says and does? Are you comparing yourself to who you were yesterday? Are you comparing yourself to everyone else around you? That's a huge commitment that you got to make in this journey. You already know. The answers that you're seeking outside of you are already within you. You just got to trust. Trust not in me or anyone else around you. Trust in yourself. Trust that your mind, body and spirit are giving you the signs you need at that moment.


Trust in yourself. Trust your mind, body, and spirit will give you the signs you need.


After you give yourself that permission to dream, the next step is gaining clarity on that purpose and dream. Also, strengthening that why and vision so much that you become unstoppable. Not unstoppable in the sense of being fearless 100% of the time. Fear will always be there. When you make the decision to not let fear command your life anymore, that's when you break through the pattern of your limitations. When you are about to take a step and start thinking about your dream, you notice fear popping up. Instead of giving that fear more energy, you learn to expect and predict it. You'll still take that next step. That is when you break through any limitations that you have.

There are so many lessons that I learned from my mom. The first one is the permission to dream. I want you to ask yourself, "Am I giving myself that permission? If you have any kids, "Am I giving my kids that permission? Am I giving my kids the example of following their dreams and believing that they're capable of doing anything?" We always have the best interest in the people that surround us but are we leading the way? Are we showing up with integrity? That is an important one. It requires a lot of courage or breaking through discomfort and being in your comfort zone all the time so you can show up even more empowered.

The second one is there is no lack of resources. When you want something, you're going to make it happen. It's all about resourcefulness. The story of the immigrants. We all arrived here with zero resources. We didn't know the language and much about the United States. I remember going through high school and coming home to my mom and saying, "Mom, I got an A." She was like, "Is that good? Is that bad?" She didn't know. Not because she wasn't putting in the effort. She was focused on us getting food and surviving.

Earlier on, I became responsible for forging my path of defining what was right for me and what felt right. Most of the time, a huge part of my motivation was to be able to give back to my mom and my family and make them proud of everything they did. As I went through a journey, I also learned that I didn't need to sacrifice my happiness to achieve that. I didn't need to tolerate anything that wasn't aligned with my path to achieve that. I could be successful, abundant, happy and fulfilled. It's all about tapping into your inner resourcefulness.

That's why I'm super passionate about coaching. The first time I heard the definition of coaching, I fell in love with it. Coaching is guiding the client with the right questioning, skills and techniques to access the answers that they have within themselves already and that inner resourcefulness they have within themselves already, which they forgot they have. All the resources are within you and so many times we forget that because we want to think that they're outside of us. You don't need to look outside of you. You need to look within.

To me, coaching and the practice of coaching, which is what I've dedicated my career to, is guiding the client on how to think instead of what to think. That's what we need more of. There is so much information out there. Do you know how to think, align within yourself, make the right decisions and trust yourself? That's what we need to learn. It is not more information. You know what to do already. You know what's right. It's bridging the gap between knowledge and behavior, the knowing and the doing. That's what I help my clients with. That's coaching.

The last lesson that I learned from my mom and this experience that I'm sharing in this episode is to learn how to embrace uncertainty with a strong sense of faith and hope. I don't mean faith in a religious sense. If you're religious and amazing, that's what I mean but not necessarily. Faith is trusting that things are happening for you and that things are meant to be. That the path is not linear but the path has a meaning. Just because sometimes we are shortsighted, we cannot see.


Learn how to embrace uncertainty with a strong sense of faith and hope.


Look at your life. When you always look back at your journey, you can connect the dots and start understanding how everything makes more sense. You got to trust that that's going to continue happening as you continue walking your path. Embrace uncertainty with a strong sense of faith and hope. Be ready and committed to breaking the pattern that has been limiting you. Gain more clarity on that dream and purpose of yours, whatever that purpose is because it can take many shapes.

I started fulfilling my purpose way before I transitioned from corporate to full-time entrepreneurship. Even in my corporate career, you see my journey. I took intentional steps to align my corporate journey to my long-term vision, which was one day doing what I'm doing, helping you full-time as my career to find your light and stand so strong in your light that everything starts making more sense. Every decision and action you make and take every day, it's in alignment with that purpose and long-term vision.

If you are ready to break that pattern, you're committed and you're like, "Let's go, Yanet," I'm here to guide you in getting to know yourself so you can tap into your abundant resourcefulness so you can gain more clarity on your direction and purpose. I would love to connect with you. I have two coaching spots opening up at the end of May 2023. I would love to know more about you, your dreams and your aspirations.

I truly believe that we need more people that walk the talk and people that empower us to pursue what other people consider too big of a dream. There is no too big of a dream. Your potential, what you believe in and whatever you believe in, it is possible. I'm here to remind you every single episode that it is possible. I hope to connect with you through a clarity call.

I'm so inspired by this community. I want to thank you again. I know this is a commitment of your time and energy to read every episode. Thank you so much for showing up one more time. If you found this episode helpful and inspiring and this episode served you, I want you to share this with someone else that will probably benefit from this content so we can continue creating this wave of empowering others to fulfill their highest potential. I hope to see you next time. Thank you so much for reading. Bye-bye.


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