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Being in survival mode at all times is certainly unhealthy and non-sustainable long-term. It will only make you constantly anxious, nervous, and stressed. Yanet Borrego shares some practical advice on how to get out of survival mode and turn on your fulfilled and creative self.

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Get Out Of Survival Mode

I was coaching my clients and I started seeing this pattern in most of the sessions that I experienced and it's something that I had to work on myself. It was this pattern of feeling constantly in survival mode, feeling constantly that you are doing, you don't have time to breathe and respond because you're reacting at all times. When you are in pure survival mode, it means that you are more in your masculine energy, and your feminine energy is not very balanced. Males and females have both masculine and feminine energy. When this feminine energy is not very well-balanced and you are always in survival mode, then you start feeling unfulfilled. You start feeling, anxious, nervous, and stressed because you don't know how to get out of it.

The thing about survival mode is that it is not sustainable in the long term. If you have been in survival mode for a long time, you need to break this pattern right now. Being in survival mode for the long term can lead to disease and physical repercussions. It's not safe at all. I love that if you break down the word disease, it’s dis-ease, you are not at ease because you're always reacting to everything that is going on in your life I work with many high-achieving women who have stressful careers, kids, and husbands, and tons of things going on. When we coach on this and they really take this to heart, they start seeing how their lives start changing and this inner peace within themselves.

It is a pattern because this society is all about achieving and doing. We go to social media and we see everyone's highlights. This is a pattern that we have to work on overcoming over and over. I never want you to think of building a habit or building a new behavior as an outcome. It is a journey, a process, and many times it's a lifelong one. Instead of thinking of, “I want to get the end result,” I want you to think of practicing overcoming your old familiar pattern so you can become the person that you're meant to be, which is the most important mission in your life.


Survival Vs. Creation

There are two states. In survival mode, which is doing, you start feeling stress and you are nonstop. There is the state of creation. Survival or creation, you are either surviving or you are creating. When you're in survival mode, you are in pure reaction. You are reacting to things without having time to step back and think through it. For the most part, you're repeating the old familiar patterns that you have been repeating and therefore, generating the same results.

When you are in creation mode, you are in a state of more being, and even in creation mode, you're doing things. When you are doing things, you're doing it from that place of being instead of a place of doing it for survival or ego reasons. I'm going to give an example in a couple of seconds here, but when you are creating, you're tapping more into that feminine energy. The feminine energy is the one that creates, is the one that you can be fulfilled from, and then you do from there.


When you are creating, you are tapping into your feminine energy which helps you feel more fulfilled.


Doing is not bad. We all are doing what is super important to generate results, but the intention that you do things truly matters. If you're trying to get a result, whether it's career, business, and relationship, and you are saying, “I'm doing the thing and I'm not getting the results.” I want you to check on your intention because many times our intention is ego-driven. For example, in my business, something that I strive to do consistently for my community is create content. All of you can get content and value for free and you can continue transforming your lives. I do this through social media. I have a weekly newsletter. I have a weekly podcast. I have to be pretty consistent.

A few weeks ago, I was feeling in survival mode. I'm like, “I'm doing all of these things all the time. I feel exhausted. I feel doing survival.” When I looked at my intention at that moment, I realized that I was posting more thinking that more is better, but sometimes less is more. I was posting. I was looking at the likes and comments. I was like, “I want more likes. I want more comments.” I was focusing on the outcome. I wasn't even focusing on the process of adding value and serving the community. When I focus on serving the community, on adding value, on doing it from the love of it, that's pure being energy. When I'm like, “I'm not getting enough likes, comments, or clarity calls,” that's very survival mode, masculine energy like I'm doing it for achievement instead of doing it from the heart, which is more creation energy.

When you're operating from there, you are not at ease. You are not feeling fulfilled because you're chasing the wrong thing, thinking that in this case, the likes, comments, and clarity are going to give you the fulfillment. The fulfillment was never out of control from you. The fulfillment is coming from you. What I had to work on was, “I need to step back a little bit from this doing energy.” I need to reconnect to this part of myself that is already fulfilled because I have a lot of great things going on in my life. I needed to reconnect with this part of myself that is abundant, that is not operating from a place of scarcity, but instead is operating from this part of creation.


If this episode resonates with you, I invite you to work with me in my private one-on-one coaching. Private one-on-one coaching is a six-month container where I help you go from playing small, not believing in yourself, struggling with the imposter syndrome, inconsistency, and indecisiveness to having the clarity, confidence, and courage to follow through with your dreams. When you work with me as a private client, the first thing we do is guide you through an in-depth breakthrough session where we get very clear all of the blind spots that have been preventing you from achieving your goals.

We become aware of those. We release them at the subconscious level with proven techniques. I provide you with accountability. I'm like a GPS for you to actually find the resources and the answers that are already within you because you, my friend, are powerful. One of my coaching clients said, “Through working with Yanet, I've been able to radically shift my mindset in a way I never thought was possible. Each day I wake up feeling excited about my future and believing in my potential. If you're ready to believe in your potential and take action and see progress with all of your dreams and goals you have been delaying, this is your time. I invite you to schedule a clarity call. I cannot wait to meet you. See you soon.


Stepping Back

In order to break that pattern and get out of survival, I needed to step back. I needed to allow time for myself and something that I do every time I feel like that, I look at my daily routine and I'm like, “Where am I missing the mark here? Do I need to meditate more? Do I need to?” What you do every single day matters. That's what generates the results, fulfilled, peaceful, loved whenever you operate from there, that's when you start getting the outcomes you desire. You're not doing it for the outcome. You're doing it for the journey to step out of that survival mode so you can serve other people because everyone is going to benefit around you. You can serve other people from the heart.

If you are in this place you're like, “I'm exhausted. I'm always doing things for everyone. My to-do list is endless. I'm pure survival and doing.” I want you to break that pattern or to try because I believe you have to find what works for you, but here's what I would recommend you do. To get out of that survival mode, you need to stop doing the same thing you have done if you want different results, which means I would recommend you to do less. Break that pattern because many times when we are in survival mode and we are overdoing, it is because we are operating from the sense that we are not enough, we are not worthy. The sense of scarcity. Do less. Get better at prioritizing, setting boundaries, knowing, and creating space in your calendar for reconnecting with yourself and creating from that place.


How do you create by not repeating the same patterns you have repeated in the past like one of my clients? We chose a day in her week to be her creation day. On this creation day, she steps back from all the tactical survival mode things, and she looks at her life strategically. She looks at her life in terms of like, “What patterns have been working? What are the patterns I need to break in order to generate different results and feel better about myself with myself”

Closing Words

Do less. Be more. As you are doing, because it is important, try to do it from this place of being, for the love of the journey, for the service of others, instead of feeling that resentment that comes from survival mode because you're doing all of these things and you're not filling up your tank. How do you fill up your tank? It’s simply by being more and doing less. How can you be more? You can meditate. You can walk in nature. You can do nothing. Sit on the sofa and simply observe yourself. Create that space that's going to break the whole pattern of survival. If you do it over and over and over and you overcome yourself, your life is going to change completely. I hope this episode was super helpful for you. I'm so excited for the next episode. Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you soon. Bye-Bye.


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