“I don’t feel fulfilled in my career and I often ask myself: is this what I’ll be doing for the rest of my life?”

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“I don’t feel fulfilled in my career and I often ask myself: is this what I’ll be doing for the rest of my life?” shared one of my coaching clients before started working together. 

Like many high achieving women, she felt she was not good enough so she often overperformed and significantly increased her workload to justify to others that she was competent and smart enough. 

She cared too much about what people said or thought about her. She felt that she couldn’t be authentic and be accepted at the same time. She thought she needed to sacrifice her happiness to please others.

This led to unfulfillment and also indecisiveness. “What if what I want is in conflict with what others expect of me?” She would get so overwhelmed thinking about this that she would end up paralyzed without taking any action on what she wanted.

During her breakthrough session, we identified and released subconscious limiting beliefs that were preventing her from feeling worthy and prioritizing her needs. This was just one part of my RISE Framework where we got clear on her purpose, we uncovered the parts of her mindset that conflicted with her desired outcomes, and reprogrammed those at the root to make it simple to create what she wanted.

As a result, she developed an unwavering faith in her capabilities, relying on internal fulfillment instead of external validation to feel worthy and make decisions. Her stress and anxiety decreased significantly. She gained clarity on her purpose leading her to pursue an MBA not just for career advancement but as a step towards her larger goal of creating impactful change. She feels more energized, happy, fulfilled, courageous and accountable to herself than she ever has.

That’s why in my 1:1 coaching, we uncover where your subconscious beliefs are in conflict with what you want. In this client’s case, it was her belief that she needed to sacrifice her happiness to meet others expectations.

If you want to believe that you can have both, success and fulfillment, and are curious about how coaching can help achieve your purpose-driven goals, schedule a clarity call in THIS LINK

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