Energy Healer: How To Heal Your Inner Energy And Attract Abundance In Every Way With Kimberly Lucht

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Tired of feeling stuck and lost? In this episode, Energy Healer Kimberly Lucht discusses how energy is a powerful tool that can help you gain clarity and purpose. She sits down with Yanet Borrego to share her journey of connecting with her body, discovering her inner energy, and attracting abundance in every aspect of her life! Discover how to balance your energy and awaken your power within to bring more joy, focus, and satisfaction to your daily life. Tune in now!


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Energy Healer: How To Heal Your Inner Energy And Attract Abundance In Every Way With Kimberly Lucht

I am beyond excited about this episode. I have to be honest, I had a couple of meetings and the one meeting I was looking forward to was the interview with this amazing guest that has an energy that will get you out of your chair and car. She is something else. I got no way for you to meet her. I'm talking about Kimberly Lucht, who is a business coach and energy healer based in New York City. She helps women make bank and magic doing what they love. She has been featured in many major publications, including Business Insider, Greatist, Money and many more. Let's introduce her because she is here. How are you, Kimberly?

I'm so good. That intro was a fire.

I took that from your website. Kimberly and I met because it was a mastermind plus course plus coaching. It was a hybrid of every single thing. I was reviewing the website for this offering. I saw Kimberly's testimonial. I started seeing her in all the calls. I was like, “I need to connect to this beautiful soul.” Your energy is something else. We connected via Zoom. I went to an event in New York and I shamelessly asked Kimberly to stay with her. She was kind to allow me to stay with her. Thank you so much for that, Kimberly.

It was a pleasure and such an honor to host you. It is a reflection. All of the things that you are saying about me, I felt about you. It is this vibrant energy radiating off of the screen on Zoom and in person. I was like, “We have to be friends.”

We have the same frequency. I needed to bring you to this show so more people from my audience get to know you. Where are you from originally? Where do you live? I said, “New York City.” Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born in Gemini Skies in California. I love California. It is my soul state. It is that part of the world that I feel like it is super expansive, uplifting and all these things. Throughout childhood, I moved all around the Midwest, even Texas. I know you live in Texas near where I used to live. Background-wise, my dad is from Ohio. He is a Midwestern American-type dude. My mom is from Matamoros, Tamaulipas in Mexico.

I have always had this duality in my life. That has primed me for being in business, spiritual space and any context because I always see there are two sides to everything and you can be everything. Everybody is so multi-dimensional and fascinating. There are many parts to ourselves embracing all of that. It is something that has become core to who I am as a person.

You come from American and Latin background. I love that combination. She is very Latin. I love how you include some words in Spanish between the English. I’m like, “That is something I got to practice.” I speak a lot of Spanish too but you do it in a cool manner.

Sometimes a Mija comes out of me. That is super bad. I went to my abuela’s house and that was cool. We can't forget that reggaeton, Love of My Life.

When we were in New York in that Uber, you had that cell phone blasting that Uber with reggaeton. I love it. Some of my friends make fun of me because I don't know any new reggaeton songs. I remember all the old-school reggaeton songs. How did Kimberly start her career? How did this evolve to being a business coach to women? I'm curious.

I love how it evolved because if you had told me when I graduated college or even high school, that is what I was going to start to do eventually. I would have been like, “Huh.” I was not at all interested in business as a study, like going to business school. My university at the time had an amazing business school. I took classes in the department right next door to the psychology department. I was always right by the business school and it never called to me. I was like, “You guys have to take Econ. No thanks.”

You study Psychology.

I studied psychology and got a different array of minors in dance and international studies. I was all over the place. I was a Gemini in her element doing all the things. I ended up landing a job as a program director for a nonprofit that had international locations and eventually was promoted to take over operations because the founder wanted to go back to school herself. I took over this entire international non-profit based on the premise that dance education should be available for all.

I hope everybody reading knows that there are interesting business models. There are for-profit and non-profit. Throughout my time there, I was like, “This business model is limiting. I wonder what could be possible if I started my business and made it for-profit.” I started to get those little signs even from my body. I remember having random things popping up, health-wise, while I was in that position.

I live in San Francisco and Panama for that position. Panama, the country. It is not PTY for Panama City in the country. There is PCB or something, Panama City Beach for Florida. I have been to a lot country in Central America. I noticed all this stuff is starting to pop up. I was like, “What is going on with my body? Why am I getting pink eye randomly?” I would get these awkward spasms that would take me to the floor. It is almost like a seizure but a little less intense but intense enough for me to be like, “What is going on?”

My body was calling to me and it was like, “You need to get out.” I had no idea what it looked like on the other end but I was like, “I got to do my thing.” I knew it wasn't part of my journey to jump into a different career in a setting where somebody was the boss of me because even though I had so much ownership over what I was doing with the nonprofit, it still wasn't mine.

I wanted full ownership over whatever I was dedicating to my day-to-day. I knew that was part of what I wanted in the future. I was 25 when I hosted my first coaching workshop. It was an array of people. There were about fifteen people there in this aerial dance studio that my friend owns. It was the perfect setting for that. We were all sitting in a circle and talking about our dreams. I was like, “This is exciting.” Eventually, that evolved.

You left a non-profit and made an event to attract people. I have had my business for several years out of corporate. How did you gain the courage to believe and make it happen? What was the mindset needed to get there?

I had inspiration from my former boss, who is the founder of this nonprofit. He founded it at 25 and I happened to be 25 as well. I was like, “If I don't do this now, when am I going to do it? I'm 25. I got to do something. Let's put up a website or do this. Let’s see all that stuff.” The workshop was the first thing that was my actual offer. It is something that people pay for.

I was on a deadline. I'm like, “Before I turned 26, I'm doing something.” I set that goal for myself. I didn't have time to think about or ruminate on if it was going to work or not. I was like, “I have a deadline. I'm not going to be 25 forever.” If someone is listening, they are like, “I'm 35, 45, 55 or 75.” Maybe you feel something similar, like if not now, when? Be like, “By the time I'm 76 something is going to happen.”

My body was pushing me out. I could almost feel that if I kept going that way, my health would decline even more. It wasn't even at the point where I would necessarily think there was something dire happening but I was like, “This is not optimal.” When our body is sending us signals like that or when we have things happen that the doctor can't explain, we have to go to the doctor a lot or other things that we’re like, “I have to take medication or pills,” I don't love to do, mostly. I'm homeopathic and more about the nutrition end of things myself.

If you notice that you have to do certain things and get sick more often, that is a sign from the body that something is off. Whether it is physical, that can be the case but for me, I knew it was energetically and emotionally that I felt like I was not doing the thing that I was meant and born for. I know you feel that too. Everyone knows how that feels.


I didn't even know what a panic attack was. I had it in a similar context. I was in a job where I wasn't feeling fulfilled. It was very high stress. It wasn't aligned with my values. I kept pushing until one day, I started getting these chest pains and my left arm went to sleep. I thought I was dying. It wasn't at that moment that I made a decision to start aligning with my entrepreneurial aspirations.

This was back in 2014. I still stayed in corporate but from engineering, I moved to supply chain, which was more aligned with the people aspect, the relationship and the negotiation. It was because of that panic attack and it was also a lesson for me to not wait again for a crisis to make a decision that I know is aligned with me. I love your story. It reminds me of that moment in my life.

It is powerful because your body is speaking to you. It was begging you to shift. Sometimes those signs are a shift or a pivot like a small one. Sometimes it is a complete rehaul. The idea is to take it into account and listen. My word of the year is listen. It came to me. I was like, “What is my word of the year?” It dropped in like, “Listen.” Listen to your body and the guidance that you receive, whether from people that you trust or even ancestors that have passed on.

My abuela is very present in how I make decisions in business. She started coming to me even more when I started my business because she was the first entrepreneur I had ever met. Abuela has been a part of this journey from the beginning. Abuelita es blanca rosa. White rose is what that translates to. That is my symbol for her. I went to an Egyptian restaurant site that was covered in white roses. I was like, “I will take you next time you are here.”

If someone is feeling a little afraid or nervous about making steps to exit a career and do something passion-driven or whatever is coming through their soul, sit in stillness with your body and listen to the guidance you receive, whether that is testing different things out. How would it feel for me to stay? If you feel a little contracted and it doesn't feel good or if it feels expansive, go ahead and stay. Leave the job if that feels like everything opened up in my body. Your body is always sending you signals, whether they are subtle or in your face of crisis.

Following through is having those difficult conversations. I had to have a difficult conversation with the founder. I’m like, “This isn't going to be forever for me. We need to figure out an exit plan and put the steps in place for that.” Approaching all of those conversations with a lot of love. It is not about them. This is about you and your soul's journey. The first thing that you end up doing for your business, project or anything else you are passionate about is to do it imperfectly. Do it as if it was something that you splatted on the wall and as easy as it is to paint a wall by splatting paint. You don't make it look pretty. Don't make it look perfect. Go splat and do something.


When you’re just getting started on something you're passionate about, do it imperfectly. Don't make it look pretty or perfect. Just do something. 


In entrepreneurship, we are still figuring out our way every single day. We are striving more for showing up instead of perfection. It is what builds that clarity and momentum so you can continue aligning. I love that you brought that. You did that workshop and had the conversation. I imagine she was like, “We respect what you want to do.”

We are still good friends. She had a baby. I'm like, “You are an amazing founder-mama.” It is cool to have somebody like her. She is still an inspiration to what I do. After the workshop, I ended up taking some time off and traveling with my sister. We went all over Asia, Europe and Latin America. I had already done a lot of traveling. We went balls to the wall on that one. When I got back, I was like, “Let's do this.” I started taking on new coaching clients and pitching the media. I moved to New York. I was guided there. I did something that I called Dating Cities. I knew I could go anywhere. Let's see how I feel in each city that I visit. It ended up being New York for me.

How was about that date that you were like, “This is the one for me?”

I ended up often coming for different events that were women-focused. I love being around women. The nonprofit was very women-centric because dance tends to be a women-focused world overall, especially before professional dance and stuff like that. Pre-professional and educational dance tend to be 90% women. I have always loved being surrounded by women.

The events that I went to was like one of the ones that we went to together, I noticed there were a lot of people who were like, “I lived down the street. I live in the upper Westside.” I'm like, “These people are used to events like this like another Friday. I want that.” In the fall of 2019, I moved here. It was during the pandemic. I ended up staying and it has been a fun ride. New York is an energy of expansion.


New York is definitely an energy of expansion.


You workshop one-on-one coaching clients and have your free masterclass. There are so many things that you are doing. I know you write and coach a lot on a money mindset. I read one of your articles and your wealth of knowledge. Someone who is in their corporate job, maybe they want to live and start their business or side hustle. It doesn't have to be living corporate or an entrepreneur who is starting out or later on. I feel this money blocks. We all have it at a certain length. What are the top three money mindset blogs that people have? How do they overcome it based on your experience?

I have so many that I could talk about and it is different at every stage of entrepreneurship. You have the beginners, intermediate, people who have been in it for several years and experts that have been in it for decades and more. In the beginning, the thing that I see as the number one money block would be how can I charge for this? I love doing it. How can I do that? What do I charge? Landing on any number is going to be the best time that you spend in your first year of business.

I don't particularly love to tell people to do stuff for free unless it is going to go to the masses. You don't have to put in your actual time on a one-on-one basis. Any price tag, pick a number, any number. I love to encourage people to double whatever number they first landed on. Especially women, usually in the beginning, we will tend to undercharge for what is an amazing service. I want everybody to know how amazing and credible you are. Whatever number you first thought of, maybe as I was speaking, double that. If you thought of $200, double it to maybe $500. Let's get crazy here.

I had my first coaching certification in 2015. I have done one million training. I have coached people indirectly and informally. At my first client, the rate that I charged was so low because I didn't have mentorship, a coach or even an idea of what I was doing at that moment. I was charging so little that now it is more than five times what I charged the first time. We started. That is all that matters.

Here is the beautiful thing about that. If anybody else has experienced something similar, put yourself on the back because at least they paid you something and something went from their bank account to yours. There was an energetic exchange that happened. Free coaching can work in some scenarios. I understand that it is not for everyone to start paid right away.

I highly encourage you to think about how that would feel in your body to receive money on your first session, which I did. I'm glad that I put a price on my offer. It was like, “Yes, this is how you pay me.” Set it all up and be professional. I even had clients do Venmo. If you don't want to understand the financial background, I don't recommend doing Venmo forever. Start to do something. It can be imperfect. That will be the number one money block for people who are starting.

The people who are maybe in the middle and got their client roster full see a lot of blocks around, “How do I make the same amount without spending all this time with people?” I love that my calendar is bare. I don't take on many clients. I have a group program that is fun for me. I love that and all the clients that I do have. At the same time, I don't want to be all over every single day. The reason why I started this is that I value freedom so much. Another block in the section on middle entrepreneurship is, “Can I make all that money without spending actual time doing it?” The answer is yes.

A lot of people come from a corporate mindset, where you have a structured amount of time for your salary. Everyone follows the same formula of entrepreneurship. It is all about creation. You create your thing.

With more experienced entrepreneurs or people that have successful businesses right out of the get-go, which I have seen happen and I love when it happens, it is so exciting, I find that the biggest money block is relishing and melting into the abundance that surrounds you. Having a moment to yourself to shut everything else down and relish the abundance. Appreciate it and use it for things that you want to invest in but stop running and give yourself a moment to appreciate how far you have come.

Workaholism is a big thing in many different industries. It is not just specific to entrepreneurship. When we have been rewarded for hustling and grinding, all of that is beautiful. I encourage that to be the energy you start something with. Starting a business will require a little more of that energy. In the first few years, you will see what works. You got to try a bunch of new different things. As you grow, it will become a little easier for you. What we don't want to do is make it more difficult because you have been in the cycle of that.


Everything has its challenges in hiring a team and all these other things. I want people to breathe into the abundance they have acquired. Breathe into the wealth, take it in and relish in it because it is such a gift. You worked your way to that and all these other things. You are relaxing into the energy of that if it is already here. Even if you are not at that level yet, relaxing into the energy of, “I have $1 million in my bank account. It is already here.” That energy is what we want to be doing business with. Those are the three that I see the most.

At the beginning of my business, I realized that I was changing. I felt a certain attachment to the outcome. When I had a clarity call, which was a call where I understood the client's challenges and we determined if we were a good fit, if it was a no, which I have had plenty of noes because that is what entrepreneurship is, I felt defeated. Something that I realized is an attachment to the outcome is stock energy. If you think of something attached to something, it doesn't move and it is stuck.

As I progress through this entrepreneurial journey, I'm showing up giving my best to the highest intention of the person on the screen to add value to them. If it happens, great. I did my best and I believe I added value. If it doesn't, it is for the highest intention too. I have seen myself in that money mindset. It is incredible to tap into that energy and this takes me to spirituality. What I love about your business is that you integrate this energy healer that you are with business coaching. Two are tied to it because they are all together. Tell us to talk about this energy.

It is so funny that you mentioned your clarity calls because I was editing a video that is a meditation for sales calls. It is like intro calls or discovery calls. I said those exact words. I will send it to you. All that attachment to the outcome, all other things and how it feels in the body to connect with this person. I know we are in sync. The reason why I agree with you and have made it a big part of who I am and how I should do business and in life is that we are the embodiment of Shakti and Shiva’s energy.

Shakti is that creation energy, the vibes of the juicy yumminess that carries all of us through life and that keeps us alive. If we didn't have lymph, like the liquid that helps our lymph nodes, if we didn't have blood, fat, muscle and other tissues, how would we walk through the world at all? Shiva is the manifestation energy of the things we want to create and the action that we take to create the things that are going to become into form.

We are an embodiment of both. Whether we relate to one over the other, more or less, it is still part of who we are as people. We all have elements of both. What I do is a perfect blend of soul and strategy of like, “I'm not going to tell you that this is the exact right way to do X, Y, Z because I know that this is a way and your soul is going to guide you to either morph that into your way, take that way or discover a new way.” Having guidance that is clear, direct and strategic, along with somebody who is reflecting your soul back to you, I cannot think of a better blend for anything at all.

I love what you said about guidance because that is what a coach is. A coach guides you to access your inner wisdom within yourself because we understand there is not one perfect way to do things. We are projecting as coaches. We are still human beings. We have our filters but we have the tools, questioning skills and everything to guide you there. I love that you mentioned that aspect of coaching. Coaching is not mentorship. There can be a blend of mentorship but it is mainly guiding you on how to access those answers within yourself.

Sometimes it is stuff that cannot be said. I find that you have this element to yourself of this healer-type energy. We have intuitive hits about what is going on and what they need to hear. We are also being guided as the guide. It is this cyclical process of everyone being guided all at once. The divine and our ancestors are involved.

The beautiful part is the energy behind all of this is sometimes unspoken and at times, unconsciously the wall between you and what you want. I did a podcast interview with somebody who started her podcast. She decided, “It will be fun if we do a demonstration of energy healing.” I love energy healing for entrepreneurs specifically and business coaching falls into that when it is time for that.

I feel there is resistance to an outcome. We feel like there is a limitation on the money that they think they can make or they are upset about something a client or colleague did. I feel like there is stuck energy. I will usually ask them, “Where do you feel that in your body?” We will dive in together. As a practitioner, I have different techniques and all these other things to help them get it out of their system as fast and lovingly as possible. We are not trying to like, “Out of here.” We are trying to soothe the nervous system and make sure that any energy that is not serving you is replaced with energy that is.

We have all felt moments where we have been so light in the body, open and expansive. Everything flows better when your channel is open. For this particular podcast host, it was interesting because it was there. I didn't want to let go. After twenty minutes with her, I have a feeling it is right on the brink. It went to her throat. She was like, “It is in my throat.” I'm like, “Open your mouth. Let's take it out.” Energy moves in ways that are so interesting and subtle but when we tune in, it is simple. If you put your hand on top of your head a little bit above and not touching, you will feel a cool breeze or heat. If you feel a cool breeze, your channel is open. What do you feel now?


When your channels are open, your body will feel so light, open, and expansive. Everything seems to flow better.


I feel something dense. There is something there. In terms of temperature, I feel cooler. Not warm. I love all the energy stuff.

The ways that we can make it tangible is when we put it into practice for our daily lives and business duties. Going back to this blend and duality, that is where the magic lies. When you feel like, “I am magnetic. My energy is off the hook,” and nothing is blocking you from where you want to go, that is the best feeling in the world and what we are always going for.


When you are in that moment, what I feel is that I start observing more synchronicities or signs of communication like, “You are on the right path.” I love googling the numbers. All the numbers stay the same. Your spiritual guide is telling you that you are on the right path. No matter what the number is, that is my conclusion. Keep going. You are on the right path. I feel motivated. What are your go-to daily practices? It is funny that you started talking about that because I was thinking that I was going to ask you that. We are fully connected here.

As a daily practice, I move my body in some way every day. This does not have to mean I never go to the gym. It just doesn't call to me in the way it calls to other people. Some people love the gym. My sister loves the gym. She loves weightlifting. I look at the machines. They are all gray and boring to me.

You dance well. She is a dancer. You need to follow her Instagram. She is dancing on the floor and top of the ceiling.

That is why I feel so deeply connected to my body and how I move it. The things that have worked best for me are things like dance. It is free-flowing, like stretching, yoga and cardio, that gets me excited. I don't even know that I'm exercising-type stuff. I love going to the discoteca and bouncing into parejo. I am into that. I will get a ratchet on a dance floor all the way. That is the best practice. It is open except for Daybreaker but that is every four months.

It's like your own dance party or your movement practice because there are many different ways to move it and get unstuck if you feel like you are in a rut or you're not quite sure what is going on, you are not getting what you want or things are not going quite the way that you want them to. It is a great way to move energy, as well as sound, movement and energy healing practices with a practitioner. Breathwork is going to be great for activating all the different nodes and channels in your body. The sound is amazing when you have throat stuff happening.

A lot of times, my mom is feeling off. She has some stuck energy in her throat. Sound and voicing things out, whether that is singing, yelling or anything that gets the sound and the energy moving through your body using your whole diaphragm because that will help to clear the energetic channels. Movement is one thing I do every day in some way, shape or form because our bodies are meant to move. It gets the blood flowing through the body and the blood carries energy. That is what carries a lot of the energy in our bodies anyways.


Orgasm is when there is a lot of blood flow to that specific region. All of a sudden, it will lift and leave the region. Apparently, that is orgasm. That is what is happening on a physical level. That is the case not just for root chakra orgasms but also for energetic orgasms. I have had an energetic orgasm in my heart chakra and it felt the same. I’m like, “What is going on? This is an advanced energy.” It is a total energetic release. You open up and take a deep breath that you didn't take in. It came through you, this breath from the divine and it opens your body up.

It feels like ecstasies. We think of sexual energy when it comes to orgasms but many spiritual practices seek to develop that orgasmic energy. We are going to advance here. Even in men, there are many spiritual practices where men don't have to ejaculate to have an orgasm. It is what you explain orgasm is. It is that energy that gets there and leaves.

It is wild to think of. That is one way that energy felt extremely great for people. People feel that.

Many people haven't explored that energy of joy and happiness in an orgasmic way. It is relevant. The more you access that, the more you can attract abundance in a financial and everything way, every single thing.

It is becoming orgasmic in many ways. It is like a money orgasm and a food orgasm. It is a pleasure that you get. I tell you, that Egyptian restaurant with all those white roses, when I put that food in my mouth, I was like, “Orgasm.” When we are able to feel pleasure in our bodies in various ways, this could be a sensory pleasure. Even massages and drinking water is pleasurable when we take the time to sip and be like, “I love my H2O and listening to music.” I know you have been hyped about Shakira.

If you haven’t listened to the Shakira song, BZRP, it is strong. It is empowering that way. These are strong words. I have never seen Shakira that way. I'm going to assume some things happen that we don't know.

I love when we are surprised by artists or anybody. I didn't realize this was a part of what you did and that is when I realized I needed to be a lot more public about what I did with clients in private or on my own in private. Linking back to the journey, whatever people feel like they might be, “That is a little weird or taboo. I'm not sure I should say those things.” I have said things that people have had reactions to. Even the word witch, which roots back to the phrase that means wise woman. All that you want to do whenever you are speaking of taboo things is bring wisdom through you. People who are open to it will hear the truth, whatever truth that is for them.

I believe everything can coexist like religion, spirituality and non-spiritual. All things coexist because here we are. We are alive on the planet. Who knows how we got here but we are here. We are living, breathing souls. There are beautiful elements to all of these practices and rituals. Anything that you feel is meant to come through you like Shakira and this different dimension of her artistry.

Whatever you feel is meant to come out into the world and surprise people, please, whatever you do, whether you are in business for yourself or not, keep surprising yourself and others with the things in your soul. I know for a fact if you are reading this and you are in Yanet’s world that you got so much to offer and you have much different fun. I'm wearing this rainbow sweatshirt thing. What we are here to exemplify for everybody is making sure that we don't cut any parts of ourselves off because we don't think it will fit.

That is such a powerful way to conclude this episode. Kimberly, I need to bring you back. We need to talk about more topics because we can have an episode for a year between you and me talking. I appreciate you being here. I always conclude with a rapid-fire question to all my guests. I ask you whatever comes to mind and the first thing that comes to mind. What is your favorite book?

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. Have you read that?

I heard more talking about it but I haven't read it

The Alchemist is in the top twenty. I love reading some Paulo but The Prophet, I don't know what it is. I love it. It is mystical and beautiful.

Who is your biggest role model?

Queen B.

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

All that energy that I had coiled up in me as a crazy little girl was meant for something. It was part of the soul's journey and is a beautiful part of who I am.

Trust in what you feel. Trust your body, mind and everything. Trust yourself. Where can our amazing audience find Kimberly? Tell us about it.


Trust yourself. Trust your feelings, your body, and your mind.


My website is Everything is there. I changed the homepage photo. You have to go see it.

I was checking it out and I'm like, “Kimberly, I feel that energy through our website.” It is fire. You need to check it out. I'm still feeling the energy. Thank you so much, Kimberly. I appreciate you. You have so much wealth of knowledge and energy. Our readers can feel you and those are the best people to have in our lives.

Thank you, Yanet. It is always a pleasure.

Thank you to our readers. If you found this helpful, please share it with your friends and families. Let's spread empowerment, delight and all the vibes. I will see you in the next episode. Bye-bye.


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