Embodying Your Multidimensional Self With Kimberly Smith

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People have different versions of themselves. Nobody can be restricted in just a single role or space. If they are forced to do that, their authentic self will be suppressed forever. Yanet Borrego chats with Kimberly Smith, founder of Encompass Life Coaching, about the power of embodying your multidimensional self. They talk about the incredible benefits of letting go of your stresses in life and start living from a place of love instead of hate. Kimberly also explains how to not limit yourself from taking action according to how society programmed you but based on what you truly want and what the universe dictates for you.


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Embodying Your Multidimensional Self With Kimberly Smith

In this episode, I'm super mega duper excited because I have a super special guest and she's my friend and fellow coach, Kimberly Smith. She's an amazing mindset and resilience coach. She's also the Founder of Encompass Life Coaching. She's a native New Yorker and a proud Houstonian, truth seeker, mental health, diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice advocate, mother, yogi, and dachshund lover. How are you?

I'm great. We've been planning this conversation for so long. I'm so excited to be here.

I'm super excited because I feel every time we get together, we have a meaningful and visionary transformational combo so I'm excited for this talk.

We do need to record all of our conversations.

That is so true. I asked Kimberly to come to the show because, 1) She's amazing. 2) She has wonderful insights. 3) It is about a topic that I've been reflecting a lot on. Even before we started this episode, we were talking about parts of this whole topic. The topic is embodying your multidimensional self. As human beings, we have so many dimensions.

Mainly, as I've transitioned from the corporate mindset to the entrepreneurship mindset, I've been asking myself more about how I can serve. To serve more, I need to be more authentic. Therefore, I need to embody more of all of the areas of who I am. I wanted to start this question by asking you, what is multidimensional for you in terms of you as a person?

As humans, we are so layered. There are so many parts of us and many versions of ourselves, starting with our inner child and then all the different roles that we play. All the different responsibilities that we have represent another version of ourselves. We are that corporate badass. We are the mother. We are the wise sage. We're still the maiden. We're all these different versions of ourselves.


We have different versions of ourselves. Sometimes, we are being playful. Other times, we are more serious.


Sometimes that looks like being playful. Sometimes it's more serious. Sometimes it's more extroverted. Sometimes it wants to be at home and not talk to anybody. It's fun but it's something we all need to remind ourselves to embrace, embody, and be okay with being lots of different things and not just trying to be defined by one thing or a couple of things.

Even as I was reading your bio, it's such a perfect example. I'm like, "DEIJ advocate, mother, yogi, dachshund lover. " What I love about your bio is how you include all the dimensions of who you are. I have this quick story. I remember when I was in consulting. As you know, I studied chemical engineering. People in consulting knew that.

We were having this dinner. It was a farewell dinner from one of our senior managers. I was so excited at that dinner because I had just come back from getting certified as a master practitioner of NLP and hypnosis. During that certification, we broke with our hands like a wooden table. That's part of the exercise to show that you're powerful and you can do anything.

I remember I was showing this to one of the managing directors at Accenture. I'm like, "I just got my certification from my NLP program because I'm also a coach. I love talking about emotions and helping people with their behaviors." She looked at me and told me, "You are an engineer." I'm like, "Yes, I can be an engineer and a coach. I can be so many things, anything that I want to create." She didn't have bad intentions or anything but that's something people do. They put us in boxes but we also do the same to us. We put ourselves in boxes. We label who we are. With that label, we don't allow the other parts to come out.

You’re so right. The workplace is such a prime example of that. We identify with our career from a very young age. Think about when we're kids and people are like, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" You're already trying to decide who you're supposed to be in one word. "I want to be a doctor. I want to be a veterinarian. I want to be this or that." It's so surface-level. When we go to work and put on that chemical engineer hat, accountant hat, or whatever it might be, we restrict ourselves by trying to fit in that one place 100%.

That's part of the discomfort that a lot of people feel in Corporate America. They have to leave their authentic self behind because they're afraid of what other people are going to say or think if they share, "I'm getting this meditation certification. I'm becoming a coach. I'm becoming a yoga teacher on the side." Whatever it might be, we're afraid of that judgment, which sucks because we end up shrinking ourselves.

What do you think has helped you to, I'm not going to say overcome because we'll be overcoming this throughout our whole lives. In my vocabulary, I'm ditching the words overcome and healed as a final thing because sometimes we create this perception of perfection that there is a result to this. This is a journey all along.

My understanding of how multidimensional I was started when everything in my life was falling apart. We all have these crisis moments, these awakenings, and dark nights of the soul where you're going inward. It was probably my therapist who started to coach me on this initially about the fact that I wasn't just a recruiter, a daughter, or a mother. I could be all of these things in my fullest expression.

Something that's helped me make peace with that and remember that is trying to continue to spend time getting to know myself because that is a journey that never ends. There are so many other versions of myself and new layers to discover, which is exciting. Also, to spend time doing the things that I love that bring out those different versions of myself, whether it's hiking or baking. My friends know I can bake anything. I'm pretty skilled in the kitchen.

I'm excited. I need to taste that. What is your favorite thing to make?

I make lots of cookies around the holidays. I love to make cakes and things like that. I've been wanting to take a cake decorating class. Doing things that I love helps bring out that playful side of me, the childlike side of me. It helps nourish my inner child and continue to do things that I love and spend time experimenting. I was getting to know who I am and then who I want to continue to grow into.

A conversation that we had was one of our key intentions in this season of life. I would love to continue having this intention. It's having fun. I love what you said about doing. What I'm trying to embrace more of myself is more being, being that as I do anything else but prioritizing the being part of the question, like being fun, flexible, silly, and curious, and then showing up as that.

For me, that has been the key lesson. We are coaches and we care about people. This mental, emotional, and spiritual work is something that we are truly committed to. We provide that safe space for people. How can we embrace that more fun and silly side of ourselves while still being a coach and serious about certain things? Many people would relate to that too.

It's not easy to shift gears that way. We are programmed to be a certain way in certain environments. Even if we're not programmed, we often program ourselves. We tell ourselves that we have to show up in a certain way. I had this thought too because as you know, I'm planning a little pre-birthday celebration. To be honest, I'm not feeling high energy about this birthday. I am approaching my period. I'm tired. It's been busy.

You think about making plans to celebrate a birthday or any special occasion like going out to dinner. You want to bring your "best self." You want to get dressed up and do whatever. I was like, "Can I be okay with being lower energy, more lowkey, and taking this imaginary pressure off of myself to make this super memorable night? Can I be okay with whatever happens and comes out of this evening as it is?"

I feel like we're practicing all these. As we coach our clients, we have to show up with integrity. Have full acceptance of what is and the present moment, knowing that we are going to show up every day differently. We have this perception and expectation that how we show up at our best has to be our every day. It’s maybe for females because we have our hormonal advantage. That's what we call it. Let's be honest, hormones are a thing. Based on our hormones, we feel different ways during our cycle. It's so interesting how it varies to me.

I was telling Cody, "I'm supposed to get my period soon." I love how we're talking about our day. I was telling Cody, "I'm high on progesterone." Progesterone is the happy hormone. Sometimes people call it like that. I was feeling so peaceful. It wasn't happy crazy energy. It was peaceful and calm, at the same time slow and without worrying or hearing anything. That's interesting because usually before my period, I feel this energetic crazy energy of like, "Everything is happening but nothing is happening."

For whatever reason, this is the first time ever that I don't have to worry. I'm like, "Why am I too calm? Why am I not worrying about anything? This is not normal." Isn't that funny how our mind works that we show with accepting what is, even if it's a good thing? There are patterns that we're running all the time. Happiness often is a pattern. Feeling good could be a pattern. The opposite could be a pattern too.

I’m going to give another story. I was in the gym listening to Karol G. You know Karol G. You like Latin music. I was like, "I want to dance." When I looked around, I was like, “No one is dancing. What am I doing?” I caught myself at that moment and I'm like, "Nope, I'm going to be courageous. I'm going to go for it and do what feels right to me." I found myself dancing, not as a crazy person but almost. I didn't even go through this thought process. I was just being that energized and happy energy without having to go through the mental and emotional process of getting there, which I thought was interesting.

You can get to a place where it comes naturally. That's what it is. It comes down to practice and awareness. It's almost uncomfortable when we're trying to put a square peg in a round hole. We're trying to smoosh our authentic self into a space that maybe doesn't fit or vice versa. We noticed that we can maybe put down our guard a little bit when it doesn't matter and we become our internal coach. We’re like, "What can I do to lighten this mood? What can I do to help myself feel better and more in tune with myself?"


As you continue showing up more authentically, you inspire others. Maybe when I go to the gym, there's another person dancing. I doubt it but we inspire more people to be themselves, whatever themselves might be because there is no formula. The only thing you need to do is to trust yourself more. That is a lifelong journey. It takes a lot of practice. Even when you think you have it figured out, we are like an onion. Another layer comes out and then we work on that layer. That's the beauty of life. It's never-ending.

I'm thinking about that corporate environment. Something that has changed since COVID is the dress code. Before the pandemic, the way I dressed for the office was very corporate-y. It was button-downs, skirts, and suit jackets. Now, you see so many people wear jeans every day. You can show more of your personality even through fashion in the workplace because it's not so formal.

We were all working from home in our pajamas anyway. They're like, "It's fine. You can wear jeans as long as you don't wear pajama pants in the office." That has given people permission to be a little bit more comfortable in their skin and not feel so formal that they have to hide parts of themselves, which is beautiful.

I was part of Accenture, which is a company I speak highly of, to be honest with you. I came from a company that was more conservative in its nature. Even though I was myself, there are always parts that you don't talk fully about, even though I tried to be the most authentic version of myself. Accenture was a step for me in the right direction of being even more authentic. As a full-time business owner, my authenticity goes through the roof in terms of embodying myself as a better coach and entrepreneur. In a way, I'm my brand. People need to get to know me, which is different than corporate.

I'm going to give you an example. There is this event that I'm hosting about doing a full moon release, which is a guided meditation. We are going to do some fun exercise and gratitude. In corporate, I would have never given the idea of, "Let's do a full moon release." Maybe I would've talked about it with my friends or coworkers but I wouldn't been in a meeting of 100 people and said, "I have this great event idea. Let's do a full moon release." It's in my mind but in corporate, you filter some parts of yourself.

In entrepreneurship, everyone wants to see who you are. The more authentic raw you are, in a way, the more people trust you because they are like, "She doesn't filter herself. She's the real deal in some way." I've found myself, as I transition from this corporate mindset to an entrepreneur mindset, that I'm questioning a lot of the things that I do and what place it's coming from like a place of fear. For example, I haven't posted the full moon release promotion on LinkedIn because I'm like, "I do corporate speaking engagements. What are they going to think about that?" I'm going to do it.

You've got to.

I'm showing here raw. I'm telling you my insecurities. I'm going to do it because, in my mind, this is who I am. When you hire my business as a speaker or a coach, you get this. There are no layers of myself that I need to hide. This is it. I can speak to corporate people and be highly spiritual. There are corporate managing directors, directors, and leaders talking about God. What is the difference between Christianity, Catholicism, or any religion talking about the full moon and the universe?

On that note, it’s the authenticity in the workplace. We feel like we need to hide parts of ourselves. We second-guess things you're going through because we want to be seen a certain way and be taken seriously. The thing is by not showing up authentically and not putting our true selves out there or sharing our thoughts or the things that we're doing on that authentic level, we're creating more disconnection between us and all the people around us, between the people that we work with.


By not showing up authentically and sharing our genuine thoughts, we're creating more disconnect with the people around us.


If everybody is showing up to the team with their mask on, we're not going to know who's underneath that mask. We're not going to be able to be the most productive or have the best ideas because we're all trying to be a certain thing. This imaginary what, what is that thing? That's fear. Fear breeds more fear. Nothing good comes out of that. Nothing progressive or innovative. It's funny that we're all stuck in this pattern but the answer to what we want and all of the solutions are found within authenticity.

It's usually the opposite of what we think we should do or show up live. It's counterintuitive because we have been programmed to not be ourselves and be disconnected from our source, which is within. I love that comment about connection. Connection with others is a reflection of the connection with yourself. You not being authentic to others is not being in integrity with yourself.

That means that we don't necessarily have a lot of self-respect and self-worth for who we are. The more we allow ourselves to be who we are or whatever that is for you because each person is different, the more worthy, confident, and congruent we feel with ourselves. Therefore, we attract the right people and align ourselves with the right opportunities.

We're not going to get what we want if we're trying to be something that we're not, whether that's in a workplace environment, a relationship, or our business. I'm sure you've had these moments too. You think back to some of your first speaking engagements or workshops. Maybe things didn't have the result that you wanted because you weren't in your authenticity. You weren't fully comfortable yet.

If we weren't showing up in our authentic selves, it's a communication with the universe. The universe only gives you what you believe you're worthy of. If you're not showing up authentically with that belief that, "I'm perfect as I am. I know that this is exactly what people need and who I need to be in these different spaces. That's going to give me the result." We're sending mixed messages out to the universe and they're going to be like, "I don't understand what you want." We're not going to get the results that we're looking for.


The universe only gives you what you believe you are worthy of.


You have to be congruent with how you show up and communicate. I had a speaking engagement. It was a very conservative company. I was talking about assertive communication and decision-making. I went to a nail salon. In my mind, I'm like, "I'm going to have a very nude color, something that is not vivid or super out there." This happens every time, I swear. I go to a nail salon and I fall in love with a bright orange. I'm like, "I like this color better." I decided to go with it.

It's important that people know about the thought process that we go through to make a decision that is courageous. Fear is always going to be there every time we do something against the norm within ourselves and what we think people expect of us. What I ask myself is, "Is my intention good for this event? What do my nails have to do with my intention? Nothing. Am I going to be in full authenticity and be myself if I choose the orange color? Yes, I want to be myself. That's how I'm going to add the most value."

I ask myself, "Is this going to help others be better? Yeah, because if I show up with an orange nail color, there are more people who are going to feel like they can be themselves. They can go bold and vivid." That's the thought process that I usually go through whenever I make those decisions when fear is present. What is that thought process that you go through?

Mine is similar. I ask myself, "How am I going to be most comfortable?" It’s the same thing. Thinking about my time in corporate, I was always a little bit of a rule breaker. I would push the boundaries a little bit but I also worked in conservative environments. I worked in one environment where I couldn't wear any dangly earrings. It was all studs.

It was long after that that I realized I had gotten into this habit of wearing very plain and simple jewelry. I had all of these beautiful earrings that I never wore anymore. I was like, "I want to have some fun." Probably getting dressed for an event, a speaking thing, or a workshop, I'm like, "I can wear these." People know me by my signature gold hoop. People might think I look like Esmeralda in the workplace because they're big and chunky but I love them. They're honestly something that gives me power.

Sometimes I think of it so much as something that's not going to be perceived well but I'm reaching for my power items. What's going to make me feel more myself and make me feel at peace? This is my brand and who I'm meant to be. Give other people permission to show up more authentically with themselves.

First off, we're judging people by what they're wearing, what nail color they have on their fingernails, or what type of jewelry they have in the workplace. Why are we judging people by that? That has nothing to do with their capabilities, their intellectual abilities, or how good they are at their job. I think about those things. How can I be comfortable? None of it matters, anyway.

I love that example so much because funny enough, I had a coaching client. We were talking about this. She was telling me that the first time she started, I don't remember if it was this job or the job before, she showed up her first day with a purple or fuchsia blouse and all colorful. She's an amazing colorful person. This was a state that was cold naturally. A lot of people were wearing gray, black, and a little bit of blue. As she saw that, she felt that she needed to tone herself down. A year later, she was cleaning her closet. When she saw her closet, she had become her environment. Her closet was almost gray, black, and no color at all. That's such a good story to tell.

Sometimes we don't even realize it. That's where presence comes in, challenging our existing thoughts and beliefs, and questioning, "Why am I doing this? Is this what I want to be doing? Does this feel good to me?"

One question that has truly changed my life is this simple question around, "Am I doing this out of love or out of fear?" Most of the decisions that we make are out of fear, to please others, and to be accepted, even though we don't have a definition for it. Isn't that crazy?

No good decisions are ever made from a place of fear. It's that love ethic. I read a book called All About Love by Bell Hooks. She talks about how there should be this love ethic that we operate with. We lead and act from a place of love. Not just when it comes to our family, friends, and stuff but can we be loving with all of the actions that we take? Whether that's for ourselves, others, within our community, or our workplace. It's very inspiring.

I love the title. It truly is all about love at the end of the day.

That's the answer in every Disney movie. It always comes back to love. We can learn so much from them.

There was one time that I got interviewed in a show. They asked me, "What is the most important advice you would give to someone?" I said something that a lot of people would consider cheesy. Even myself, I'm like, "I'm becoming this cheesy person." I'm like, "Show up with love." They were expecting something more intricate or complicated. Honestly, we make things more complicated but it's all about love at the end of the day.

That might seem like a surface-level answer to a lot of people or a cheesy answer but honestly, it's a great answer. Love is one of the biggest mysteries in this world. We don't know how to have that love ethic or operate from that place because we've all been operating from that place of fear and hiding parts of ourselves. It's a complete paradigm shift for our entire world to even conceptualize leading with love, coming from a place of love, and embracing love. Not just in romantic partnerships but in all of our interactions.

Part of this is that we don't know how to love ourselves. Our relationships are a reflection of what's going on within ourselves.

It starts there. I'd agree.

We are disconnected. There is this exercise that I give to some clients. It's called Mirror Work by Louise Hay, the Founder of Hay House.

I've heard of her but I didn't know she was the creator of Mirror Work. I'm going to have to add that to my list. I've heard of Mirror Work and have done some exercises. It shifts your mindset. When you look at yourself in the mirror and look yourself in the eye, talk to yourself. We're moving so quickly throughout all of our days. We pass by, put on our makeup, and do our hair but we're not looking at who we are. We're not talking to ourselves. That is super transformational. That creates some big internal shifts.

Here's the thing. Looking in the mirror may be a little bit easier for us because we have done a lot of work but let me tell you. Based on my experience, most people look at themselves in the mirror and even say, "I love me." That's the right way to say it. It's so hard. Sometimes I find it so silly. "What am I doing?" I always tell them, "When you are dating your partner, what are you doing? Are you looking at them in the eyes or the other direction?" They are looking at their partner in the eyes. Not only that but they are telling their partner how much they appreciate them and love that person. Why is it taboo to do it with ourselves?

It's like the love languages too. You’re either acts of service or words of affirmation. You can also treat that the same. You can give yourself what you need too. We want it from our partner and it's reciprocal in relationships but it’s a crucial part of getting to know each other and then getting to know ourselves, looking at yourself, talking to yourself, and making that connection.

What is an area in your life that you are working more on embodying that multidimensional self and you're afraid of doing it too? That's how we know it's going to be an amazing example. You're embodying your more multidimensional self but in the process of doing that, there is fear because it's something that you're working on and therefore, it’s something new or not as familiar. You're pushing yourself the boundaries of where you are.

In my relationship, if I'm being 100% vulnerable and transparent, I'm divorced so there's fear of things not working out. I've been in a new partnership for a few years. We've been here a while. This is not something new necessarily but we're both confronting different parts of ourselves. How do we integrate this at a higher level? How do we support each other's spiritual growth?

That was a great definition that I've taken away from this book, All About Love. When you love somebody, you're supporting their spiritual growth on all levels, like who they are and who they want to be. We're all individual cosmic beings. We all have an individual journey and path. When you have a partner, you want those to converge. You want them to overlap in some ways. We'll be on our independent journey as well but how do you integrate them?


When you love somebody, you support their spiritual growth on all levels.


I find myself confronting these societal ideals that I thought I had made peace with. I am such a chameleon. I have this tendency to, I don't want to say fall into line but fall into this deeply ingrained expectation of what it means to be a partner for a woman. That means, "I want to cook, clean, and make sure that all the errands are done." Some reevaluating has taken place. This is a new person. We're living together for the first time. We converged on our households.

There's so much that's bubbling to the surface for both of us. It's raw and sometimes it's messy but we're making it through. We're both trying to see this as a learning experience. Everything that we go through in life is about learning and growth. It's not about failure or success, which is often how we see it. It's, "What am I taking away? How am I able to hold onto my values and my authentic self and still meet the needs of the people that I love and show up in the different roles that I play and assume in my life and my world? How do I continue to help these connections grow without sacrificing that?"

Partners are amazing. We love them with all of our hearts. Honestly, the person closest to you is going to trigger you the most because they are your partner. In my case, it’s my mom. Although she doesn't trigger me as much anymore. Maybe I practiced a lot with her but I get it. I feel you.

That brings up a new layer of our self, which is our shadow self. That's a layer that none of us like to talk about. When I'm triggered, this whole new ugly goblin version of myself pops out from underneath the bed.

That is true. We all know that part of us.

I joke that sometimes I can act like a toddler because when I'm hungry, tired, or over it and I've got nothing left, I crumble and need somebody. That's the part of having a partner. We are there to support somebody when maybe they can't even support themselves. Maybe they don't have the energy to make dinner, do things with the kids, or whatever it is. Be able to pick up where somebody needs you to.

I relate to you. I finalized a cycle in my life, which lasted one year. It has been the most difficult year in my life or the second most difficult. In social media, no one knows because I'm like, "The highlights." I'm working on being more vulnerable on social media. Even though I'm very vulnerable when I talk to people, in my shows, and sometimes on social media, I have realized that I can do more of that. There is this successful person but this successful person has a lot of challenges too.

I went through the hardest year because I lost so many people in my life in a matter of a year and a half. I had a miscarriage. Subconsciously, I was going through so much grief. At that time, I was expecting my partner to fill up what was left of the losses in my life. I was going to say it's the hardest year in our marriage but we have been married for one year.

They say the first year is the hardest year of marriage.


There was a point in my life where I was like, "What I need more of is acceptance, accepting my husband for the amazing person he is, and assuming that he always has good intentions." Words of affirmation are one of my first love languages. Cody is a typical engineer. Sometimes in my mind, it's like, "That's not how you say it. You should say it like this."

I try to say, "No. This is not how words of affirmation work. It's this." His intention is good. He's trying. I realized that I was trying to control a lot of things. What I needed to practice more was acceptance and also having fun, being silly, and taking things lightly. Most things that we worry about are not going to have a consequence of death, life, or anything like that.

We went through this challenging moment. He was there for me the whole time. I was struggling. Now, I'm like, "What do I need to practice? Acceptance and fun." That's what I'm focusing on, acceptance of what is, assuming people have good intentions, not bad intentions clearly, and having fun as I go through this process of growth and healing.

I respect trying to focus on acceptance and playfulness. You and I have talked about it too. There's a certain level of tolerance that you have to have when you're in a partnership. You spend the most time with that person. They're going to trigger and annoy you so you do have to have some tolerance for things. That's a practice to expand that.

Let certain things roll off your back. Likewise, we take things very seriously. You're sharing a house, bills, and chores. There's a lot of heaviness with all of those responsibilities of real-life adulting. We need to counterbalance that. We need to have a playful expression and a purposeless play where we can be goofy and silly, be ourselves, and not worry about all the heavy stuff.

You won’t know what's going to be there tomorrow. Life is about enjoyment. That's what we all hear. We struggle with experiencing happiness and joy because it's so fleeting. We're afraid that it's going to go away. If I get this great thing, then something bad is going to happen. There are all types of layers to that and what happens in our brain so find ways to have fun.

Something that helps me is reflecting on death. Life is temporary. One day is going to be the end of the physical body, meaning being on this earth.

We could do an episode all about this.

We need to come back on this but know that this is temporary. I know Steve Jobs said this in one of his speeches. I didn't understand it as deeply as I understand it now because I've gone through so much loss, which I had never gone through before while being alive. If tomorrow or today was the last day here on this earth, how would you show up? Probably very authentic because you have to enjoy what is left at the end of the day.

As you get older, you think about death and our mortality more. That's strong. Usually, it is when something big happens. There's usually some personal crisis or something lost that snaps us out of it. That's usually when people do have those awakenings and start living more in line with their authentic selves. They realize how short and precious life is.


Do I want to be here on this beautiful planet parading around as something that I'm not and doing things that I don't want to do for people I don't want to be with? No. We don't want to have regrets. We don't want to look back and feel like we've wasted time. Probably my biggest fear is a wasted life. I want to make the most out of my time here and experience everything that I possibly could and can. I agree.

In my mind, I prefer dying trying something, even if I don't get to where I want to go, not dying knowing that I wasted my time. Wayne Dyer says, "I don't want to die with my music inside."

There's so much left to do. I write a lot and I have all of these things that I've written. They're part of a bigger project or book.

Life is temporary and I'm so grateful that in this beautiful life, our souls have connected.

Same here. I'm so appreciative. I think that our meeting was kismet. We were like magnets brought together.

You tell the story. How did we meet? I didn't bring it up at the beginning of the episode.

We were at a networking event at SheSpace. It’s one of our favorite places. I don't think I had ever seen you there before because you were a new face to me. I saw you across the room and there was a little bit of a speaking event. Part of the networking event was to help us be more comfortable with working because networking is for everybody. Find somebody that you have not talked to yet and introduce yourself. Do your little elevator pitch. You went first and when you said that you were a coach, I was like, "We need to hang out, talk more, and collaborate." It was awesome.

I felt drawn to you because you were so authentic. You have an energizing vibe about you. When you spend time with people that energize you, that's how Kimberly is.

I am a manifesting generator so if anybody's into the human design of things, I make sense.

I'm a manifesting generator too.

I bet you are. That makes total sense.

As we finish this amazing combo episode on embodying our multidimensional self, remind our audience what you help people with and how they can find you.

I help busy women, mothers, and entrepreneurs stop stressing so that they can focus and flourish in all areas of their lives, be it their careers, relationships, personal lives, or business. It's all connected. We move through self-doubt. We work on mindset, confidence, and goal achievement. Those are the sweet spots and it's beautiful. I love helping my clients take them from where they are to where they want to be. They're so much more empowered after.


Entrepreneurs must learn to stop stressing so that they can focus and flourish in all areas of their lives.


You can find me and connect with me on Instagram @Kimberly.Brook.Smith. You can also listen to my podcast, The Empowered Resilient Woman. Those are the main places. I do a lot on Instagram. The podcast has been my baby. It’s another great experiment and a lot of fun. I would love to connect with anybody. They can also visit my website, EncompassCoachingServices.com.

Check out Kimberly's stuff and everything about her because she's an amazing person and a coach. She can help many people to live their dreams and be their authentic selves which is the most important thing in life. Kimberly, thank you so much for being here with me. I appreciate you. I'm so lucky to have you as a friend.

My pleasure. Anytime. I feel like this is the first of many more collaborations. I'm going to have you on The Empowered Resilient Woman Podcast, though. We're going to be continuing to work together but thank you. It's been so fun.

Thank you so much. To our audience, please, if you enjoy this show and you resonated with our conversation and our story, share this with a friend, your family members, your partners, or whoever may benefit. Our main mission and vision is to empower others to continue serving so we can truly live a life worth living. I'll see you next time.


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About Kimberly Smith

Kimberly Smith is a Mindset and Resilience Coach and the founder of Encompass Life Coaching. She is a native New Yorker, proud Houstonian, truth seeker, mental health and DEIJ advocate, mother, yogi, and dachshund lover.

Through coaching services, speaking, and writing, Kimberly helps ambitious women, mothers, and entrepreneurs stop stressing and focus, so they can flourish within their careers, families, businesses, and relationships.

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