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Ever feel like you're running in circles despite achieving results? In this episode, Yanet Borrego dives into the surprising truth behind feeling misaligned and stuck: it's not always about external factors. Join us as we explore the 4 "bodies" that impact your life - spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical - and how nurturing each one can lead to profound change. This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to break free from feeling stuck and create a life filled with fulfillment.


Yanet helps high-achieving women gain the clarity, confidence, and courage to stop holding themselves back so they can go after what they want unapologetically.


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Do This When You Feel Stuck


At the beginning of 2023, I was feeling stuck. I had this feeling of being misaligned or unbalanced and honestly, it wasn't because I wasn't getting results, it was this internal feeling. I had to go back to the basics and do what I'm going to share with you in order to regain that alignment. Whenever we feel stuck, misaligned, unbalanced, or unfulfilled, it is super important to notice that it has nothing to do with the outside world. Many times we start saying, “It's my boss, my clients, my business, my partner.”

The answer always goes back to self-mastery. It always goes back to your internal state because anything that you are experiencing external to you is a reflection of what's going on within yourself. I love one of my spiritual teachers. He always says, “The Great Depression was a tough period financially for most people. There are people that lost tons of money and there are people that earn a lot of money.” There are always two sides of the coin. Whatever is happening within yourself in terms of your focus and nurturing your internal world, that's what's going to create results at the end of the day.

This is very different from what society programs us to believe because we are programmed to believe that everything that we are feeling on the inside is because of the external world. In a way, we keep victimizing ourselves to show up disempowered to be the victims of circumstances, situations, and people around us. My whole mission is for you to regain your power.

This is normal every now and then to feel like on balance or misaligned because sometimes you go back to your familiar patterns and you need to break those patterns over and over to create your desired future. That's how we reprogram our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is the one in charge of executing all of our desires. This going to help you also to reprogram your behavior and intention to match how you are showing up, the actions, and behaviors that you're taking.

I'm going to explain this super quick concept. In order to create the life we deserve, we need to start understanding who we are. In school, no one teaches us about who we are and how we operate. We have the most advanced technology within ourselves and we still don't know how to operate, which is the subconscious mind, conscious mind, and intuition. Part of what we are doing here in this show and in all my business is to help you understand the divine power within yourself.

Four Bodies

You have four bodies. You have your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical body. I want you to think of these four bodies within yourself as the legs of a table. If the legs of the table are balanced, the table is going to stand and support anything that is being placed on top of that table. If one of these legs is not working well or is on balance, the whole system, which is a table, starts feeling misaligned and losing the original functionality that a table has. I want you to see yourself as this table. These four bodies, spiritual, mental, emotional, and spiritual, are the legs supporting your foundation. It doesn't matter what you're trying to do. It doesn't matter what's going on in your life, it is important that you often check with yourself to make sure that these four bodies are being nurtured.

In 2023, when I was feeling like, “What am I doing?” I feel like my monkey mind is going nonstop. I'm on survival mode. I don't know where I'm going anymore, even though I have a long-term direction, which is very clearly written. I was feeling that way, and I had to go back to the basics of what I coach my clients on. I had to look at these four bodies, “Which one of these four bodies I'm not nurturing right now?” This is one of the first things that I do to troubleshoot misalignment, or being on balance.

Mentally, I was nurturing it. I was reading. Even being an entrepreneur, you have to troubleshoot and experiment, and you have to do all of these things all the time that are very mental. I felt that that body was being nurtured. Emotional, I felt I was doing the work in that sense, but when I look at my spiritual and physical body, I realize that I wasn't investing time and energy in connecting within myself when it comes to these two bodies, spiritual and physical. When you think of spirituality, you are thinking about connecting with your intuition. You're thinking about tapping into the creator within yourself, knowing that everything has a purpose. Having faith and hope that things will work out and thinking that are always working out in your favor even when you don't see physical evidence of it.


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We become aware of those and we release them at the subconscious level with proven techniques. I provide you with accountability. I'm like a GPS for you to find the resources and the answers that are already within you because you, my friend, are powerful. Kim, one of my coaching clients said, “Through working with Yanet, I've been able to radically shift my mindset in a way I never thought was possible. Each day I wake up feeling excited about my future and believing in my potential.” If you're ready to believe in your potential and take action and see progress with all of your dreams and goals you have been delaying, this is your time. I invite you to schedule a Clarity Call. I cannot wait to meet you. See you soon.


For me, that was such a big moment because I knew that the spiritual body within me was not being nurtured. How did I start nurturing it, right? I started meditating more and more consistently. I'm a spiritual person. I don't subscribe to any religion, but I am inclusive of all. I believe in the oneness. I pray to Christ, Buddha, and plants. Everyone is included in this party. For me, it was meditation and prayer. I do prayer too every now and then. In that moment, the inclination, I felt the intuitive heat to meditate and pray more. I started doing that consistently every single day on the spiritual part. On the physical one, I wasn't exercising.

When I talk about exercising, I'm not talking about like, “Let's go all in into high-intensity interval training,” or anything like that, even walking, like moving your body, being active. I remember when I realized this, I did end up hiring a trainer. 2023 was a pivotal year for me to build my tribe and build this team of people that represented my foundation. I have my business, my business coach, my physical, trainer and my mentors. It was all about this beautiful foundation that sometimes we need to reconnect to. physically I started being a lot more active. I finished walking for 45 minutes, my dog Monk and I came back and doing this episode.

Nurturing Your Bodies

The physical part is one that doesn't naturally come to me, but I work on it every single day because it's one of those parts that I feel the most resistant to. That's why I decided to break the pattern every single day, go back and have a walk in nature or do some jumping jacks or squats. It doesn't matter. When I started nurturing these two bodies, spiritual and physical, because as I mentioned, mental and emotional were pretty solid. I started feeling completely different. I started feeling more aligned. I started tapping back into my purpose, connecting intuitively into what I was doing, into what I was creating for my community and my clients. This is something that I think we don't necessarily think about it that way. We feel when there is a misalignment or when we don't feel balanced, but sometimes we don't know how to troubleshoot it. If you're feeling that way, what I would recommend is I want you to write down spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.


I like my clients to start assessing, “Which one of these bodies am I'm not nurturing? If I'm not nurturing 1, 2, or 3 of them, the table is going to be feel unbalanced.” You're going to feel unbalanced. For spiritual, in terms of practices and nurturing this energy, I love meditation and prayer. Those are my go-to. I'm going to do another episode of meditation because I think it's powerful for mental. I love reading. That's my favorite part of one. I love reflecting on my belief system. The mental is all about beliefs. It's all about the analytical mind. It's all about learning and growing in that sense.

Meditation always helps with emotions because it's a great way to regulate emotions. For the emotional part, for me, it's also getting in tune with the emotions that I'm frequently feeling. It's incredible because your emotional body determines how you show up and the results you get. The emotional body is the subconscious mind. It's one of the most important to work on. What I do is I define, “What are the top two emotions that I'm feeling pretty frequently? What are the top two emotions I want to feel instead?”


Your emotional body determines how you show up. It determines the results you get.


I do what I call an emotional rehearsal. Every morning I start rehearsing the motions that I want to feel if it's fulfillment or joy. I'm rehearsing abundance, which is very much related to joy because it's the abundance of everything. Emotional rehearsal can be truly powerful. You know what the physical is. It is being active, walking in nature, doing high-intensity interval training, doing yoga, or whatever gets your body moving because you hold so much tension and many suppressed emotions in your body that it's important for you to release.

It's important because the more aligned you are with each one of these bodies, the better you're going to feel. All of these are interconnected because they are part of you. I hope this episode was super helpful. I want to hear from you. Send me an email or message on Instagram and LinkedIn. If you truly enjoy this episode, I want you to share it with a friend or family who is maybe feeling this way and they don't know what to do. Starting here, which is basic, but a lot of people don't understand even how they work is going to have a major impact on your life. Thank you so much and I'll see you next episode. Bye-Bye.


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