Defying Self-Doubt To Achieve The Impossible

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Every goal may seem impossible until you reach the moment where you now achieve it. But how will you move towards your goal once self-doubt creeps in? In this episode, Yanet Borrego brings light into dissipating the clouds on your path toward success by defying self-doubt. She talks about the three tips to defy self-doubt and achieve what you think is impossible. If you want to figure out how to achieve the impossible, this episode is for you! Join Yanet Borrego in this episode today and learn how to clear your path toward success.

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Defying Self-Doubt To Achieve The Impossible

Every goal and ambitious dream we have seems impossible until we achieve it. I'm telling you this because, for every client I've coached, when they talk about their desired outcomes at first in our first session or a clerical, they want that goal and outcome, but they also believe it's impossible to get that goal.

I can think of a client who wanted to attract her ideal partner. She hadn't dated in so long. She said, “Yanet, how is this going to happen? I haven't done this in so long. I haven't had a serious relationship in more than several years.” She didn't know how it was going to happen. It seemed impossible at times until she was there in that moment, and she met her ideal partner, with whom she was happy.

It’s the same thing that happened with many clients that have had. They believe they have this limiting belief that they cannot thrive in their careers and be amazing moms at the same time. In the beginning, they think, “No, you cannot have it all.” Until they work on themselves and they realize they are worthy enough to have all of it.

I can think of many clients and examples. If you are thinking of that goal and dream, and it seems far and impossible, I want you to know that it's not. You, as a human being, have all the resources you need to succeed within yourself. It's not a matter of lack of resources. It's a matter of resourcefulness, and that’s what you have within yourself.

In 2024, I hit four years in my coaching business. Back in 2020, when I first started my business with paid clients, I remember it was October 2019. I was like, “I got certified as a coach back in 2015. In 2019, I've taken a million certifications. I have the coaching skills. I have everything, but where are the paid clients? How is that going to happen? I have no idea.” I have a full-time job, and I want to develop a side coaching business. I don't know anyone who has done it.

I remember hiring this marketing coach. I was taking action, but I was attached to the outcome. I wanted it to happen right now in this moment with the action I was taking. In that moment, it didn't happen. The moment that I surrendered, relaxed into the process and honored the divine timing of when the outcome was going to happen.

Several months later, it was January 2020, someone reached out because I always talk a lot about coaching. Even in my corporate job, I was fully authentic about my passion and purpose. She was like, “Yanet, I know you're always taking certifications and taking your vacation time to do those. You're a coach. You're fully invested. You have a lot of knowledge. Are you coaching?” I'm like, “Yes.” She was my first paid client.

Funny enough, I'm still working with her. It is 2024. This is the third time we have worked together. She's special because she was that hope and data that I needed to know was possible. When she arrived, I started getting referrals, and the momentum started building in my business, but I could have never figured out how and when it was going to happen. Many times, we are attached to the form of how and when we are going to get that outcome that we get in the way of attracting that desired goal to us.

Part of this process of defining self-doubt to achieve the impossible is letting go of attachment to the outcome. It's such a big one. I'm pregnant. It’s almost sixteen weeks. If you have been following the show for a while, I miscarried back in 2022. We waited a year. We needed a break, and we got pregnant in 2023. There were many months that we were taking action. I’m like, “I want to get pregnant. What is going on?” I was so attached to wanting that to happen that it wasn't happening.

When I let go of that pressure on myself and control the flow of the outcome, whenever the outcome was going to come, that's when it happened. I'm telling you this because it doesn't matter what the goal and dream are. At first, it always seems impossible because you cannot see the perfect way to get there. Thank God because the path is not linear, and we never want that path to be linear because the beauty of tapping into that uncertainty of the path is allowing the path to surprise us in ways we could have never seen and didn't know how the path was going to unfold in front of us.


The path is not linear. We never want that path to be linear because the beauty of tapping into that uncertainty of the path allows the path to surprise us in ways we could have never seen in ways that we didn't know how the path would unfold.


I was coaching one of my one-on-one clients. We were talking about the fear of uncertainty and how she was feeling that uncertainty. She had an emotional charge with uncertainty. Uncertainty wasn't something that she was looking forward to. It was something that she was afraid of. We started coaching on this topic of uncertainty. I was like, “Tell me all of the moments that you have stepped into uncertainty and have had a positive outcome.”

She started listing all of these experiences. Her facial expressions started changing because she realized that whenever we allow ourselves to step into the unknown, it is the only place that we are creating from because the known for us is what has happened in the past. We don't want to repeat the known and predictable. If not, we'll keep getting the same results.

Her face changed when she had this big breakthrough, and realization that every time she stepped into the unknown, the unknown had never disappointed her. Every time she stepped into the unknown, she didn't know what step to take next and was in a position that maybe she couldn't have predicted. Every time, life surprised her.

That's when she started changing the relationship between her and uncertainty because uncertainty is scary. It's something that generates a lot of self-doubt, but it's part of the process. It's a big part of creating a path that you haven't created before, which means getting results, goals, and dreams that you have never had before.

In 2013, I realized I didn't enjoy it, and I wasn't fulfilled by my career in chemical engineering. I didn't know what I was going to be fulfilled by, but I started taking action and gaining clarity. When I got clarity on coaching, speaking, and helping my clients transform, that was my purpose and journey. I didn't know how I was going to align my career with that. I could have never predicted that in several years. After that moment, I had that realization I was going to be a full-time coach and speaker.

The how remains flexible. The timing of when it's going to happen remains flexible. I promise you. If you start trusting the journey more and you start coming back into the present and enjoying it step by step, it's not a matter of if it's going to happen. It's a matter of when because it's going to happen. I've seen this many times with my clients, myself, and friends. It's happening to you.

I want to provide you with three strategies or things that you have to work on yourself to defy self-doubt and achieve what seems impossible. That's why this episode is about achieving the impossible. There is no impossible, but these goals and dreams always seem impossible before we achieve them, That's why I called it that way.

Let's start with the first, worthiness. It is the name of this movement and community because after several years of coaching as a profession and a business, worthiness is the root of every imposter syndrome and every person who has self-doubt. To achieve what seems impossible, the first thing to work on is your worthiness.

When I work with my clients, I call it your subconscious programming, which is the way you feel, think, believe, and behave. In my program, we do what is called a breakthrough session, which is to identify all of your blind spots, limiting beliefs, negative emotions, and all of that baggage from the past that has been holding you down. We release all of those things with proven techniques. You can start with a clean slate.


If this episode resonates with you, I invite you to work with me in my private one-on-one coaching. It is a six-month container where I help you go from playing small, not believing in yourself, struggling with the imposter syndrome, inconsistency, and indecisiveness to having the clarity, confidence, and courage to follow through with your dreams.

When you work with me as a private client, the first thing we do is guide you through an in-depth breakthrough session where we get clear on all of the blind spots that have been preventing you from achieving your goals. We become aware of those. We release them at the subconscious level with proven techniques. I provide you with accountability. I'm like a GPS for you to find the resources and the answers that are already within you because you are powerful.

Kim, one of my coaching clients, said, “Through working with Yanet, I've been able to radically shift my mindset in a way I never thought was possible. Each day, I wake up feeling excited about my future and believing in my potential.” If you're ready to believe in your potential, take action, and see progress with all of your dreams and goals you have been delaying, this is your time. I invite you to schedule a clarity call using the link in the show notes. I cannot wait to meet you. See you soon.

Believe That You’re Worthy

For the purpose of this episode, I want to give you an actionable tip. You can implement it now. You don't have to wait for anything or anyone. One, work on your belief that you are worthy to receive and to achieve that goal and dream. I'm going to tell you how. In order to achieve that goal and dream, who do you need to become? Choose one word. I don't like to complicate things. Simplicity is power. Who do you need to become? Is that worthy? Is that abundant? Is that confident? Whatever that is, in my opinion, there are all versions of worthiness because worthiness is the root cause of everything.

Practice Feeling Worthy

In this case, let's say worthy. I need to become worthy to allow myself to achieve that goal, attract that outcome, stop getting in the way, stop giving my power away, and stop playing small. How do you do it? This is a quick tip. It's proven by science. I'm going to explain that in a second. Practice feeling worthy. It sounds simple, but even though it sounds simple, a lot of people don't do it.

Every morning, choose a time. It doesn't matter. Start small, and you can add up to it. I want you to think of a past situation or vivid memory in your life where you felt worthy. I want you to ruminate on those feelings of worthiness for at least one minute a day. When you start feeling worthy and showing up that way, I promise you, everything around you will start changing. The opportunities and the people that you'll be attracting will meet that level of self-worth and self-respect you have towards yourself. It's practicing feeling that worthiness every single day.

You might be thinking, “Yanet, I don't feel worthy. How is that going to work? It doesn't feel natural to me.” Let me tell you something. It is not supposed to feel natural to you right now. It’s like working out for the first time or resuming a habit. It never feels natural at first because you are building a new pattern in your mind. The important thing is that you practice feeling worthy as best as you can and put it into motion in your body and the way you look feeling worthy.

That's the difference between an animal and a human being. We have the power of imagining. The cool thing is that the subconscious mind doesn't know what's real and what's not. That's why when people have stress or panic attacks like nothing is happening at the moment, they believe the worst-case scenario so much that the body doesn't know the difference between reality and imagination. It starts reacting like it's happening right there.

I've never acted, okay, but this also happens with actors who do a lot of drama. Some of them go crazy because they are on set for many hours, thinking and feeling all of these dramatic situations and scenes. When they go home, many times, their body doesn't know what's real and what's not. This is proved by science. It's called mental strategy rehearsal. In this case, let's call it emotional strategy rehearsal because we are rehearsing our emotions. Whenever you tap into emotions, the mental will start aligning with that. That's why I'm telling you, “Practice feeling.” Instead of telling you, “Practice thinking.”

The deepest level of your subconscious programming is your emotions and the way you feel. Everything else will follow. There are many athletes and musicians who practice the game or a song in their mind over and over. They are feeling successful, and they got it. Because they practice it so much, it becomes a reality. I read an article that says, “Athletes see at least 40% improvement in performance when they use this mental or emotional rehearsal strategy.”

It’s a simple, quick strategy because I know you want to take action. That's why you're reading this episode. I know you wanted to keep it simple because how are you going to sustain something that is not simple at first? Every day in the morning, practice feeling worthy. It's going to be a game changer for your life, but you have to be consistent and show up. If you ever fall off track when showing up, it doesn't matter. Forgive yourself. Get back on track. That's what matters. That's number one, practice feeling worthy, and everything else will start showing up and aligning.

The second one, which I mentioned in the introduction, is releasing an attachment to how and when the outcome will happen. I gave you the story of my first client. When I was attached to getting a paid client, I wasn't getting anything, but the moment I trusted, relaxed and surrendered while staying present. That's when it happens.

Something you can practice with this is coming back to the present moment. That promotion, partner that hasn't arrived yet, goal, muscle gain, business, or boss, whatever your goal is about, whenever you start seeing yourself putting pressure on yourself, I want you to come back to the present moment and focus on showing up the person who would get that goal. 2023, for me, was making six figures in my business. I had to ask myself, “How would Yanet, having made six figures, behave?” She's not desperate for clients and revenue. She's focusing on the present clients and adding value to the people and community, and the rest will come.

We are outcome-focused on the society. What about the journey? We have to enjoy the journey and have fun while doing it. This takes practice. This is not necessarily a conscious process of, like, “I'm going to have fun.” You keep having fun every single day. It's all about being present with yourself and focusing on the steps you're taking versus the 20 steps that you don't know how they're going to look like because that takes you out of you showing up with presence and authenticity.

That starts putting so much pressure on yourself that you stop seeing the way. You start behaving with more selfishness and with less service. In my RISE framework, the S, which is the one that I use for my coaching, is all about service-oriented action. You want to release attachment to the outcome and focus on the people you're serving and the value you're adding.

Even when I have workshops or speaking engagements, it's natural for me to think, “I want a lot of people to show up and have a number in mind.” I always remind myself, “I'm going to give my best. I'm going to promote this to its fullest. Whoever shows up, it's meant to show up, and I'm going to give the person my full capacity and serve them.” Sometimes, I call it serve versus self. Instead of focusing on the outcome I want to get, I'm like, “I want to serve and add value. That helps me so much to release that attachment to the outcome and that pressure that we play so much on ourselves.

I asked one of my spiritual teachers this question about attachment to the outcome. His answer was like, “If you are attached to the outcome, there is some baggage there.” That's why, at the beginning of my coaching sessions, I always do a breakthrough session to make sure people start with a clean slate. Baggage is in the past. You didn't get a similar goal, and you're projecting that into the future, thinking that you're not capable. That's baggage.

He also gave me a visualization that I always remember. He put his hand on his arm and attached his arm. When you attach to something, there is no movement. There is no movement of energy or anything. When you detach, you are allowing the nature of the outcome to take place and the flow of whatever is going to happen to happen.


When you attach to something, there is no movement. There is no movement of energy or anything. When you detach, you're allowing the nature of the outcome to take place.


Letting go of the attachment is such a big one. I'll do another full episode on this topic because it is huge, and in the process of defining self-doubt to achieve the impossible, releasing the attachment has been key. Work on that with that technique that I gave you, which is to come back to the present and focus on serving instead of focusing on yourself and what you haven't gotten yet. Focus on serving, which is your purpose. It is a thing that you want to do. Focus on what you want instead of what you don't want.

Find Someone

The third strategy, which, even in my corporate days and my business, has been helpful. Find someone who has done the thing. If you want to achieve a goal or a dream, find someone who aligns with your values the way they do it. It doesn't have to be perfect and it will never match exactly, but it aligns with that vibe, energy, and values that you're looking for. For me, business integrity is important. Integrity with myself and clients. Authenticity and simplification.

Find a person who has achieved that goal and ambition that aligns with your values, get mentorship from that person, hire that person, or do whatever you need to do because that person will help you get there much faster. When I was working on my business, and I had this big goal of getting to six figures, I hired a one-on-one coach who did it. She could guide me through the process.

How she did it wasn't how I did it. We had different starting points, but it doesn't matter. I wanted that knowledge and thinking. The outcome might be different. It doesn't matter, but I'm learning and leveling up. Find someone in corporate. I always found mentors. I always connected with people who had similar values and were way more advanced than me. That served me tremendously.

In business, I'm surrounded by people who are doing way better than me. That's what I want because that allows me to collect that data. Six figures are possible. I did it. Multiple six figures are even more possible. That helps so much. Hire a mentor and a coach. Talk to a mentor. It doesn't matter what you do. Having that person in your life and finding that data that's possible is going to help you get there faster with someone at your side. If it's a coach like me, someone who can keep you accountable, that is priceless. Those are the three strategies to truly define self-doubt and achieve what seems impossible.


When you have a goal or an ambition that feels out of your comfort zone and it feels too big and unnatural, it will often feel impossible, but I promise it is not. When you perceive something as impossible, it is because you don't see how you're going to get there. You are not supposed to know that anyway because if you could predict the how, it would mean that you would be repeating the same old patterns you have repeated in the past. Therefore, getting the same results, and we don't want that. You would be doing what's known to you.

The only way to defy that self-doubt and achieve those goals is to step into the unknown and simply trust. That is not a matter of if it's going to happen. It's a matter of when because this is happening to you. You are worthy. The how and the when always remain flexible because the universe, God, the higher intelligence within you, whatever you believe in, always has better plans for you, and you cannot see that right now, but you have to trust and continue taking action from a place of love and serving. Everything else, if you apply these strategies, we'll take care of itself.

I hope you enjoy this episode. If you did, please leave me a review on Apple Podcast or Spotify. This helped me reach more people and to continue empowering this beautiful community. You can also share with your friends, family, or whoever because together, we can spread this empowerment and worthiness movement more. Thank you so much for reading, and I'll see you next week. Bye-Bye. Take care.


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