Cultivating An Abundance Mindset

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Many women believe they can't be successful moms and have thriving careers. Yanet felt this fear when pregnant but found inspiration in her coaching clients doing both. In this episode, Yanet Borrego empowers you to shatter limiting beliefs and embrace abundance by cultivating an abundance mindset. Today, you will learn to overcome the fear of juggling motherhood and business success. She will also share her insights into the concept of an abundance mindset, how it fuels achievement and strategies to cultivate that mindset. Learn to reprogram your mind to see opportunities everywhere. Join Yanet Borrego in this powerful episode today!


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Cultivating An Abundance Mindset


When I found out that I was pregnant, I thought of all of my coaching clients because something that I've coached most of them, the ones that are moms on, is this limiting belief of, “I can't be a great mom and thrive in my career or my business at the same time.” Funny enough, they believe that about themselves, but they are doing the thing. They're being amazing moms already. They are thriving in their careers and businesses.

I thought of all of them and all of the evidence they have collected that they can do it all. Whenever I got pregnant, I immediately felt this fear. I’m like, “How am I going to be growing this baby and growing this coaching and speaking business at the same time?” Some of them may not know it, but at that moment, they were my biggest inspiration and evidence that I could do it all. I can be an amazing mom. I can have a pregnancy. I didn't say amazing because pregnancy is full of uncertainty, but I'm enjoying it much. The first part was an adventure, but I'm finally enjoying it. I'm excited to be a mom. I could be an amazing mom and continue growing this beautiful business.

One of my goals in 2024 is to have my second, sixth-figure year as a business owner while having this baby soul coming into this world and being a mom. I can do it, and I'm excited, but it can be scary at the same time. When I suddenly felt this, it wasn't a belief, but it was like a fear that came up that I had seen many times in my coaching clients, and we have coached through that. When I felt that, I was like, “I have to do something about it.” I also have a B, this abundant person who can have it all, and that creates a business and babies at the same time.

One of my coaches gave me this belief to practice. I have it on my vision board. Her name is Cat. Shout out to her. She recommended me to practice. I create babies and money at the same time. It's something that I have on my vision board. It's something that I have as a reminder on my phone. There is a lot of abundance in that statement, even in my vision board. The theme for 2024 is open heart, always leading with an open heart where love and service are at the forefront of everything. Abundance is a byproduct of an open heart.

Embracing The Abundance Mindset

My theme for 2024 is open heart and abundance. With that, I can be all, have it all, serve my best, and continue making my motivation and my driver love instead of fear. In embracing this abundance mindset, something that I started to work on is finding evidence of abundance everywhere I go. Abundance is not only related to money but also to everything, like relationships, love, service, and generosity.

There is a strategy that I use. I'm going to share it with you. I'm excited. Before sharing my strategy, I'm going to share with you my routine to tap into that abundance daily. As I always say, this habit, mindset, and belief is something that we have to choose every single day. This is not about the outcome. This is about the journey.


The abundance mindset is not about the outcome but the journey every day.


I fall off track sometimes. Most days, I wake up and have this book. It's a tiny book. I've recommended it to a couple of friends and coaching clients who need to work on this abundance mindset. This book is called the Abundance book. It's tiny. It's a pocketbook. Inside this book, it has a set of meditations to practice. The meditations are like statements. There are ten statements. You do it four times because there is a 40-day prosperity or abundance plan. They call it the prosperity plan.

It’s a 40-day prosperity plan, where you get to practice these ten statements. First, you practice by writing it down in your journal or anywhere. You meditate for fifteen minutes on this statement, which is all about abundance, and you write down your daily thoughts. That's phase one of what I do. The technique that I wanted to share with you is a powerful one, which is phase two of what I do every single day.

What I do every single day is, in my notes on my phone, I have this folder called abundance journaling. For each day, I open this folder and write the date for the day. For example, today is 4/15/2024. I write it down, and I create a list of all the evidence I've seen in my life around me when it comes to abundance.

The whole purpose of this exercise is to write down the list and the evidence that there is abundance everywhere around you. The whole purpose is to reprogram your subconscious mind to find evidence that this abundance is everywhere. The abundance is not separate from you. The abundance is coming from within you because everything that you notice on the outside is a reflection of what's going on within yourself on the inside.

If you continue practicing, noticing the abundance that there is everywhere in the moments of challenges and lows, you are going to be developing this habit and skill to find a silver lining and to create possibilities out of the experiences that a lot of people think that is limited because possibilities are everywhere.

It's important to train our focus and what we focus on because what I've found through coaching and in general is that most people are focusing on what they don't want. They're focusing on the negative. Therefore, they're experiencing that often in their lives. Whenever you reprogram your mind to find evidence of the opposite, possibilities, and abundance, that's a muscle that you're building to find the answers that you're seeking everywhere you go.

I'm all about taking action. If you decide to create this abundance journal, which is a folder in your phone, whatever phone you have, and to write under each day the evidence that you see abundance everywhere you go, this is an example of what the list looks like. For example, on April 13th, 2024, I wrote, “The nature walks that I go on a daily basis inspire me to create and serve more. Being in nature, there is abundance everywhere. The energy I felt this morning to wake up, do my morning routine and get some physical activities. I felt an abundance of energy. The amount of love I received when Cody, my husband, hugged me this morning while we were in bed was abundant everywhere.”

Dying To Be Me

The abundance of help I received from my mom daily. There is an abundance of ideas because I have many ideas that consistently enter my mind to serve my clients and community even more. The key takeaways and the beautiful story from a book I'm reading called Dying to Be Me and the abundance of value my coaching client received when I went above and beyond to serve her, resulting in her breaking through many past patterns and doing something she has never done before. She started to do online dating. There were many self-sabotaging patterns that were preventing her from doing it. This call was special because she had a lot of breakthroughs. She took action. She's getting out there, which is the most important thing to do.

That's an example of my abundance list from April 13th, 2024. The whole purpose is to reprogram your mind to find that abundance. My question for you is, who do you want to be? What do you need more of? Do you want to be more abundant? Do you want to be more grateful? Do you want to experience more clarity? Decide what one word and goal you have for being that person. I want to be more abundant. I want to see abundance everywhere I go. I want to see the goodness in people everywhere I go.


Define your direction first. What is that one word? Is it gratitude? Is it abundance? Is it fulfillment? Every day, write down a list of the evidence you have found that day to prove that those things are everywhere in your life. You don't need to go anywhere. They are already within you and around you every single day. I hope this episode was helpful and inspiring. This is one of my favorite topics. If you want to learn more about abundance, send me a message, write me an email, and contact me because I want to make sure I'm serving you to the best of my ability. Thank you so much for tuning in, and I'll see you next week.


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Kim, one of my coaching clients, said, “Through working with Jeanette, I've been able to radically shift my mindset in a way I never thought was possible. Each day, I wake up feeling excited about my future and believing in my potential.” If you're ready to believe in your potential, take action, and see progress with all of your dreams and goals you have been delaying, this is your time. I invite you to schedule a clarity call using the link in the show notes. I cannot wait to meet you. See you soon.


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