“My career is driving my life and I want it the other way around”

2024 achieving goals career development goals Dec 27, 2023

“My career is driving my life and I want it the other way around” shared one of my coaching clients when we started working together. 

Like many of my clients, she felt like she wasn't in control of her schedule, priorities or time. She feel stuck in her career. And she was even afraid of being more successful because she feared it would to eat up time with her child. 

“I can’t even think about growing my family” was a fear that hung over her. She was always motivated by chasing more success but now she felt like she had to choose between success and being a great mom.

That’s because she didn’t feel worthy to set boundaries so everyone else came before her, and she also wasn’t speaking up at work. 

During her breakthrough session, we identified and released subconscious limiting beliefs so she could finally move forward with a fresh start, and not weighed down by the baggage of her past. This was just one part of my RISE Framework where we got clear on her purpose, we uncovered the parts of her mindset that conflicted with what she wanted, and reprogrammed those at the root to make it simple to create what she wanted.

As a result, she 6xed her multi-million dollar sales targets at work and had her best year ever. She did this by working LESS and spending more quality time with her child and her husband, WHILE finally pursuing her passion project. 

You can’t create what you don’t believe you can have. This is why understanding your subconscious limiting beliefs and reprogramming them at the root is so important. 

That’s why in my 1:1 coaching, we uncover where your subconscious beliefs are in conflict with what you want. In this client’s case, it was her belief that she had to choose between her career success and her family.

If you want to believe that you can have both, success and balance, and are curious about how coaching can help you get there, schedule a clarity call in THIS LINK
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