A Revolutionary Approach To Gratitude And How To Use It To Achieve Your Wildest Dreams

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The way we approach life determines our overall experience of it. If we come from a place of gratitude and love, every aspect of our lives—physical, mental, and emotional—becomes even better. We move from a place of scarcity to abundance, providing us the strength and mindset to do what it is that we want to do. In this episode, Yanet Borrego shares a revolutionary approach to gratitude and how to use it to achieve your wildest dreams. From inspiring wisdom to practical applications, Yanet offers us an episode that you won’t want to miss. Let today be the push you need to reinvent the way you approach life, creating a future from the present instead of living in the past.

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A Revolutionary Approach To Gratitude And How To Use It To Achieve Your Wildest Dreams

We are going to be talking about such a transformational, important, and foundational topic, which is a topic of gratitude. Not only gratitude, but we are going to be talking about the scientific defect that gratitude has on you, and also a new and revolutionary approach to using gratitude as an amazing tool to manifest your wildest dreams and to continue exercising and creating your future from the present instead of living in the past. Honestly, the last piece that I said is most of the work when you're working on yourself. It's letting go of the old self so you can align to that identity of the person who you want to become. That itself is the work, my friend.

Operating From A Place Of Gratitude

Let's talk about gratitude. When you think of gratitude and you feel gratitude, you feel a state of wholeness. When you are in pure gratitude, you feel like not a single thing is missing in your life. You are complete, worthy, and whole. When we operate from this state of gratitude, we are operating from an abundance mindset instead of a scarcity mindset. We are operating from a state of creation and being in the present instead of a state of being in survival mode and stress mode. Even to create gratitude in your life, you have to allow that space to happen. When you allow space to happen, you are allowing yourself to create from the present moment.

Thanksgiving just passed. I wanted to create a post, send an email, and record an episode about gratitude because a lot of people talk about gratitude. I wanted to dig deeper into the scientific approach and this revolutionary method so that you can manifest your wildest dreams. If you have been tuning in to the show, I truly love books. There is this book that a scientist from Japan wrote. His name is Masaru Emoto, and the book is called The Hidden Messages in Water. It's a famous book and it's a New York Times bestseller. It's a short book and powerful. I highly recommend it.

In this book, the scientist Masaru Emoto starts to conduct an experiment with water. Let me pre-phrase this, 70% of what we are is water. Not only that, 71% of planet Earth is water. I always say that everything outside of us is a reflection of the inside of us. No wonder the water on the planet is the same percentage that we are because we are a mirror to each other. Nature is a mirror to us and we are a mirror to nature.

Masaru Emoto was interested in conducting these scientific experiments with water because most of us are water and most of the planet is water. There is also this energetic aspect of the impact of certain words and songs in water. He started playing with water. Around a glass of water, he would put certain words. He would sometimes write words like, “Thank you.” He would write negative statements like, “I hate you,” and positive statements like, “I love you.” He would analyze the crystals of water and how they would form after those words were placed in the glass of water.

He did the same with songs. He did the same for him, talking to the water and seeing the energetic effect of those words in the water and how that energetic effect made a difference in matter and crystals formed in water. If you don't know, water forms crystals. If you look at water through a microscope, you can see the form of crystals. You can see how everything is created in a crystal form. That's why whenever we freeze water, ice forms because it's a crystal in a more solid form. He was analyzing liquid water.

After testing different songs, after testing water from different places, after testing negative, positive, and neutral words, the cool thing about this book is that he provides all of the images of how water looks when it's exposed to different words, songs, and places. After a lot of scientific study and data that he collected, he realized that the most orderly, synchronized, coherent, and organized crystals were formed by gratitude and love.

He wrote I love you and love, and the most beautiful crystal forms. He wrote in the water thank you and gratitude, and the most beautiful crystal forms. At the end of this book, he says, “The whole message that water is trying to teach us is that of being grateful and having love for life.” When we think of the highest and most important emotions in the world, it is love and gratitude. When we start operating from a place of love and gratitude, we become more selfless and less selfish. When I say selfless, it doesn't mean not prioritizing or focusing on yourself. That's not what I mean. What I mean is overcoming any fear in order for you to serve the world and create value.

I have this coaching mindset that I teach my clients about self versus serve. Whenever we are working on new projects, whenever we are trying to add value to the world, whenever we are doing something for the first time, our survival instincts take over. Even before you invest in yourself, there is going to be fear. It is normal. Even before you complete a degree or start a new job or business, fear is going to be there.

Fear is an indicator that you're going in the right direction and taking the right step. When fear stops us, that's when we have a problem and challenge. Love teaches us to focus on the purpose of that business, job, and creating content. The whole purpose of all of that is to serve and create an impact. When we focus on serving, we become more courageous. When we focus on ourselves, how we may look, and the fear that we're going to feel, we start becoming granular with our feelings and emotions. We don't want to fail. We don't want to be perceived as a failure. We don't want to be judged. When we start focusing so much on ourselves, we forget about the purpose and serving.

When we focus on gratitude and love, we choose to serve instead of ourselves and live in the survival mode of what people will think. What if I don't do it right? What if I make the wrong decision? Those are pure survival and fear-driven thoughts and behaviors. We all have those. The whole purpose is not to have those anymore. The whole purpose is to know that every time we're leveling up and we are doing something new, those thoughts and emotions will come. You have to have greater willpower than your survival conditioning. You have to step up and lead. You have to lead with courage and with love instead of fear.


That's a long explanation for what these books tell us, but it's scientific data on the power of gratitude and the effect it has on us. As I mentioned 70% of us are water. When he put in water words like, “I hate you,” or anger, all of these crystals of water didn't have any order. They seem chaotic. That shows how important words, thoughts, and emotions that we experience are in our bodies.

If we continue experiencing the opposite of love and gratitude, at the end of the day, that leads to this ease in terms of physical health, even when you hear the word disease, which most people interpret it as a physical health or a mental health disease. When you break down the word, it is dis-ease. You are not at ease. You are not at peace. You are not in a state of worthiness and wholeness.

The whole purpose of practicing gratitude backed up by science, and you can read this beautiful book, is to live in a state of creation, wholeness, and worthiness, knowing that you are deserving of what you have in life. You're deserving and worthy of love, and so much more. That's why gratitude is important to start practicing to transition from this mode of survival and scarcity into this mode of abundance and creation, to transition from this mode of selfishness and ego-focused to this mode of selfless, service-oriented, and soul-focused. The soul is always looking for love, service, experimentation, and adventure. The ego is always looking for safety, security, and attention.

The life that is lived soul-based is a life of fulfillment. Let me tell you, this is a lifelong journey, and that's what we are here for. It’s to transition from ego and fear-driven to soul-driven. The ego is not bad. It’s the most important thing. The ego is the thing that drives us, which is great. The important thing is to have a healthy ego, not one driven by fear and arrogance. A healthy ego is good. You're confident and assertive. You know your worth. That's a healthy ego. The most important part is to make decisions and live a life driven by love and not fear. Gratitude is a huge enabler of that.

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Creating Sustainable Change To Achieve Your Dreams

There is this new and amazing revolutionary approach that I've been learning in the last five years, mainly from Dr. Joe Dispenza. He's wonderful. I'm talking about him because I've been listening to twenty hours of his training because I'm traveling to Cancun for one week of advanced and intensive training with him. This training is all about creating sustainable change at the deepest layer within yourself, which is a subconscious layer. We do this by meditation and changing our energy, emotional patterns, and blueprint because a lot of people are emotionally addicted to living in the past. We are emotionally addicted to experiencing the same emotions that we experienced yesterday.

I mentioned this in the last episode. By the age of 35, we are a program that is running based on our past behaviors, habits, thoughts, and feelings. We repeat this program over and over every single day. Most of our lives are lived in automatic pilots and survival mode. His work is all about interrupting that pattern, which is important for me because all the work that I do with my coaching clients is to create sustainable change and transformation so they can manifest their wildest dreams by interrupting those subconscious patterns.

The mind is something that I've studied for the last ten years of my life because the mind is a thing that stops us from living our truth. The mind so many times is a thing that stops us from up-leveling our potential and living our dreams. The dreams we create in this one lifetime, we get to live. I love what he teaches about gratitude. He says that gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership, meaning that when you are in gratitude, you are in a place of abundance. You are in this place of not needing anything or not being attached to any outcome because you know that you already have everything you need. That's a state of gratitude.


Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership. You are in gratitude because you are in this place of abundance.


When you are there, you are in the space of receiving what you have been asking for because you are not obsessed or attached to the outcome anymore. You have surrendered. That's what gratitude provides. Whenever we surrender, that's when things start happening. I don't know if you have heard this example. Women want to get pregnant. It's important for us to get pregnant. We start obsessing over it. Every month, we check. We are like, “We are not pregnant. I want it.” Sometimes, we are attached to that outcome that we get in the way of that happening.

Pregnancy is the ultimate creation. You don't have control of when it's going to happen. You are operating in full uncertainty. Many of us attach so much to the outcome. We get in the way. I've heard many stories. I'm sure you have heard some of these stories too. Whenever the woman gets into a state of whatever, it is not going to happen. She surrenders and lets go of the attachment to the outcome. That's when it happens. That state of flow of surrender is what gratitude provides.

Whenever we are in that state, we are in the state of receiving the things that we have been asking for energetically as we continue taking aligned action. Aligned action means from the heart. It means being aligned with your long-term direction. In my coaching program, I have a framework called RISE. The first step is always to create sustainable change and achieve your dreams. It is reprogramming your mind.

The second step is identity alignment, which is the I for RISE. When we create that identity alignment, we create the long-term direction of who the person wants to be ideally. When I say aligned action, it's aligned with the purpose and direction that you have set for yourself. S in the RISE is for service-oriented and resilient action. It’s action from the heart and purpose. Action because you're being authentic and you want to serve. The E is elevated focus on what you want because most people are focusing on what they don't want. Therefore, they find evidence of it every single day of their lives.

That’s why working on your mind is the first thing that you have to do if you're working on your dreams and getting to know yourself. Getting to know ourselves is the number one priority in this lifetime because whenever you change yourself, you change your life. Your environment is an extension of your mind. Everything that is happening around you. You are attracting in some way, energetically, or even based on your set of beliefs and emotions that you are experiencing every single day.

As Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership.” The more you experience gratitude, the more you are allowing your desired outcomes to get closer to you because you are not getting in your way anymore. You are operating from a place of abundance. The revolutionary approach that he has on gratitude is going to help you if you apply it because I think it's amazing.

He says, which I agree, and this is something that I mentioned many times in my show episodes. We have been conditioned to live in the past. Most of the decisions we are making right now, or most of the things that we do in the day, are things that we have been conditioned to do, believe, feel, and think. When people give thanks and when we practice gratitude, we practice gratitude mostly for things that have happened in the past.

For example, “I'm grateful that I hit six figures in my business this year. I'm grateful for the amazing clients that I've gotten.” We naturally have been hypnotized to practice gratitude from a place of the past. Sometimes, we do practice in the present like, “I'm grateful for this coffee that I'm drinking. I'm grateful for the relationship I have with my mom.” We practice gratitude from the past and the present. Here's the thing.

I told you at the beginning of this episode that the major shift you have to do is to stop living from the past and start creating your future from the present moment. Dr. Joe says, “I want you to start giving thanks for the things that haven't happened yet. I want you to start giving thanks for your dreams that haven't happened yet.”

I'm in the process of writing a book. An example of this would be, “Thank you so much for having published this amazing book that has impacted millions of lives.” That hasn't happened yet. In this process, I also want you to start working on giving yourself permission to dream and create a life from possibilities. This is not lying to yourself by any means. More than the future, lying to yourself would be operating from the past over and over. That is more lying to yourself than the future that hasn't happened yet because the future is your blank canvas. You get to create anything that you want to do in this lifetime.

It's important to adopt this mindset that it's not a matter of what's going to happen. It's a matter of when it's going to happen. It doesn't matter what you're dreaming of. If it's the love of your life, I want you to start thinking about that happening. If it's a pregnancy or a kid, I want you to start thinking it's happening. If it's the business alongside your 9:00 to 5:00 job, it's happening. If it's you becoming a full-time entrepreneur, it's happening. If it's you becoming an amazing leader and thought leader in your corporation, it's happening. Thinking otherwise is not believing in yourself. Thinking otherwise is not trusting in yourself.

Let me tell you something that I've learned about the human being. You have an infinite intelligence within yourself. You're capable of making the craziest things that you don't even think are possible for you. Think about the biggest leaders in this world. Nelson Mandela is the greatest example of this. He spent many years in jail, but he didn't let that environment influence him. He ended up influencing his environment. He became the President of South Africa because he stayed in gratitude most of the time. His creating this revolution of inclusivity wasn't an option. It was a must. For him, it wasn't a matter of if it was going to happen. For him, it was a matter of “When it was going to happen, I'm going to be ready.”

When you practice your gratitude, even if you write it down and think about it, I want you to start doing this, and it's going to feel uncomfortable because this is when you start breaking the habit of your old identity. This is when you start becoming a new self. That new self is going to allow you to create the results that you are seeking because the results that you have been getting so far, whatever they are, are because of the way you feel, think, and act.

If you want different results, you have to change the way you feel, think, and act. If you start feeling more gratitude, you allow yourself to receive more and give more from a place of abundance and love. If you start thinking of gratitude for all of those moments that haven't happened yet. “I'm grateful for having a healthy pregnancy,” even if it hasn't happened yet. “I'm grateful for getting the job of my dreams,” even if it hasn't happened yet.


If you start feeling more gratitude, you allow yourself to receive more and to give more from a place of abundance.


That is the work. The work is for you to get out of the way you have been doing things and for you to start embracing more of those dreams and more of that future that you want to create. Gratitude about the past is not a negative thing at all. It's a good thing. If you practice gratitude about the past and the present, I want you to incorporate practicing gratitude for the future moment that hasn't been created yet, but you are creating it through that practice of gratitude.

Do not stop creating your future. If you stop creating your future, you leave it for others to create your path. That may sound easier, but it is the least fulfilling thing you can do for yourself. A life worth living is a life of courage, of you creating what you deserve to create for yourself, and of you giving an example to your kids or future generations that it is possible to dream. Not only that but it is also possible to execute those dreams.

I prefer dying while trying than not having tried at all. It’s important that you embrace that compelling future that you are creating for yourself. Sometimes, clients tell me, “I don't know what to create.” That's part of the work. Start spending more time on your future than in your past. Whenever you see yourself and you have that awareness of, “I'm going again in the past. I'm projecting the past into the future,” that's a sign of the baggage. You can interrupt that pattern by creating a future that you are excited about.

There is a lot of faith and hope in this process because there is no evidence yet. That's the resilience muscle that you have to exercise. That's the faith and hope muscle that you have to exercise. You have to trust that the universe always has your back. You wouldn't be tuning in this episode if there wasn't a message here to trust the universal intelligence within yourself.

Whatever you call it, whether it's God, source, universe, or yourself, there is a beauty of abundant intelligence, making your heart beat, and growing your nails and hair. That's not something you're doing. That's not something you're like, "Please, my hair grow tomorrow by X amount." No, this universal intelligence is taking care of all of that for you. This universal intelligence is the energy, making sure that your heart is beating when you're awake, sleeping, and waking up.

If you are here on this earth now, it's because you have a higher purpose. Your main goal is to figure out what the purpose is. For that, you have to rely more on this area of creation instead of the area of rehearsing your past over because that creates more suffering. I want you to live the most fulfilled and purposeful life that you deserve to live.

Quick Summary

Before I do a quick summary, it is something that you can practice right away because I love turning all this knowledge into action. Knowledge is potential power. Action is real power. If you’ve tuned in to this episode and you don't do anything about it, you're going to keep behaving as you have behaved in the past. Commit to at least applying one thing from what you have heard. That's when you start creating momentum. That's when you start trusting yourself because you are following through. This is something that I coach my clients on all the time. If you fall off track, get back on track. Resilience is always your superpower.

The exercise that you can do is every day in the morning, write down in a notebook on your phone. If you don't have time to write it down, do it in your head. It doesn't matter. The house stays flexible. Do it. It takes one minute to do this. Be grateful, incorporating your gratitude practice, being grateful for a dream that you have about the future that hasn't happened yet. A goal that you have in the future that hasn't happened yet, and you are going to see how you start living more from the present and creating that compelling future in the present moment. When you have a compelling future, you start waking up excited in the morning to create. You start getting inspired to start taking a line action to get closer to that dream and goal that you have. You start taking more action and building more momentum.

Gratitude, as Dr. Joe Dispenza says, is the ultimate state of receivership. The more you're in gratitude, the more you're in a state of receiving what you have been asking the universe for. I hope you enjoy this episode. Here is a quick summary of all of this amazing information. There is this great book called The Hidden Messages in Water by a Japanese scientist who studied how language and sounds have an effect on water.

He found out that the most beautiful, coherent, and organized crystals were the ones that were exposed to the words gratitude and love. You are 70% water, which means that staying in this space of gratitude and love is allowing yourself to be peaceful, healthy, and safe. The more you practice, the more you feel it. A revolutionary approach to gratitude is to start incorporating the future that you want to create in your gratitude practice.


An example of this is the example that I gave about the book. I am in the process of writing a book. It hasn't been published yet. I'm writing it. The whole purpose of writing this book is to empower others to reinvent themselves. Something that I can be grateful for is thank you so much for this amazing book that was published and impacted millions of lives. That is a dream of mine. It hasn't happened yet, but it's not a matter of if it's going to happen. It's a matter of when. I want you to know that I believe in yourself. You are here on this earth because you have a higher purpose. You have to find out what that is for you.

If you are interested in me leading you through the process of my coaching program, reach out. I'm including my clarity call link in the show notes of this episode. If you found this episode helpful, inspiring, and uplifting, make sure to share it with your friends and family because my whole purpose, and I'm sure your whole purpose, is to continue creating an empowered community and a life where people can fully be themselves, prosper and thrive that way in their full authenticity. Thank you so much for tuning in. I hope this was helpful. If you enjoyed it, message me and send me an email. I cannot wait to hear from you. I love you all. Tons of love and gratitude. Have a great week.


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